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Self unLimited - Stories of the Brave
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Self unLimited - Stories of the Brave

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Stories from brave people changing their own workscape by becoming Self unLimited. Hear individuals share their story with Helen Palmer, creator Self unLimited and Founder of Questo. A limited series of episodes released when we discover someone with a great story to tell.
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Em Ruzvidzo shares about her experience of taking a month-long sabbatical from work. It was a time of introspection that helped her gain valuable perspective for what comes next in following her passions. It's not the first time, she's taken time out from work. She learnt in her 20s from her aunt about the value of rest to prevent burnout and maintain alignment with one's purpose.
Troy shares about his personal experience of an experiment to have 30 conversations in 30 days. It's just one of the ways he makes it a priority to connect with others in his workscape because he values deep, meaningful interactions. In his experiences lie insights for enhancing one's networking skills, fostering meaningful connections, and understanding the broader impact of relationships on workscape success.
Logan sees the beauty of life through a unique lens shaped by his love of nature, puzzles, and the connection he finds in playful experiences. He talks with Helen about his interests, sliding door moments and agency. He shares how he crafted an autobiographical game, which is a deep dive into pivotal events and decisions that shaped him. He demonstrates how he embraces vulnerability, introspection and the human spirit's capacity for growth. Learn more about his tabletop game at and his work with game design colleagues at Amble Studio (
Ingrid Jones shares with Helen her transformative journey into daily journaling. She reveals how this practice has enabled her to deeply examine her emotions and reactions, offering her valuable insights for personal growth. Ingrid shares some highs and lows of her life, illustrating how journaling has become a crucial tool for self-understanding and emotional resilience. She offers a taster session for those who want to try out the journalling framework she created and follows. Learn more at
Phoebe dances literally and figuratively between Samoan and Western cultures embracing both in her professional world. Her unique way of working is harmonious movement with the rhythms of nature. Drawing on indigenous knowledge, she embodies a gentle consideration of herself and others in her workscape. She moves forward despite fear, towards things that bring fire to her belly. And as a result she has done, and is doing, very interesting and enterprising things with her life. Like the enterprise Living Koko - learn more at
Ali (SU Ambassador) and Helen (SU Founder) celebrate the 50th episode of the series with a special session. They explore what is means to each of them to be intentionally kind and do acts of kindness in their workscapes. They muse about and unpack what kindness could mean in a work context as they seek a meaningful definition as the basis for writing a personal workscape policy on kindness.
Niko gives us a peek into how he created his diverse workscape where he creates marketing content in the automotive industry. He loves cars - they are his passion! His active involvement in various racing activities, draws attention and showcases his talents ... and readiness to walk through doors that open. One of those doors was hosting a podcast series called Car Talk - The YTG Podcast (found on all good podcast channels). It is an ideal way for him to share and fuel his passion alongside his own business Niko French media. Find more of his work at
Samantha shares her journey of self-discovery and employee empowerment. She's a self-starter and a content creator and this attracted a potential employer. Her content creation activity enables her to express her creative self and to help people through her passion for productivity with Google apps - which she didn’t want to lose in being an employee. In exploring the new employment opportunity, she navigated the complexities of potential conflicts of interest and preserving her rights to her intellectual property. She has insights to share about how she achieved a harmonious blend of self-fulfilment and professional commitment.
Stuart riffs with Helen about taking a personal approach to knowledge management in their workscapes. There are shared stories about gaining knowledge from the experiences and interactions with others, and the value of sharing knowledge to learn. And some interesting tangents taken in curiosity, including emotional aspects of knowing, learning, creating and sharing.
Elisa Dominique Rivera shares how her creative writing fuels her day-job and her day-job fuels her creative writing in symbiotic relationship even though they are not strongly related. Her writing is an important part of her voice and well-being so she's made it an intentional part of her broader workscape. She shares about what that involves and how she makes it work. Read one of her published stories here: Elisa recommends these places for creative writing support: and
Rhys Paddick is a man with a mission - mixing being an educator, artist and entrepreneur on business ventures with a creative collaborator. He's using his talents to stimulate conversations (aka yarns), and new customs at the intersection of culture and organisations in Australia. He shares with Helen about how he's not been following a plan - his path has been organic as he follows what he loves and where he believes he can have a positive impact. To learn more about the Acknowledge This! training, visit
Kate decided to shift to the perspective of her workscape … her career, being a series of experiments. This liberated her from an unhelpful perspective of failing, to give more room to her emotions and to expressing a more authentic self. She shares with Helen about her year of fun and the learnings that had unexpected flows in and through her workscape.
Will Snow, an employment lawyer, provides an enlightening perspective on employment law and employee-employer relations. He explains how employment law plays a role in shaping an individual's workscape, and what you can do to influence your workscape experience for mutual benefit. He also shares useful thoughts about the nuanced aspects of shaping a workscape, that benefit from an approach that isn't always legally-driven or legally-led.
Rebecca's workscape included tangling with a major medical situation. This had her reflecting on limitations and directions. With such a challenge, she found herself using techniques learnt at work to nimbly navigate a way forward without having all the answers to her questions. She shares with Helen wisdom gained across her whole (and long) workscape.
Theresa is a serial entrepreneur. She's had the opportunity to recruit and work with many people in her entrepreneurial ventures. She's observed and learnt about the mindsets and skills that are necessary for people to thrive when working in a start-up. She talks with Helen about these things so budding entrepreneurs can prepare and check for themselves about whether this is a path they might want to take.
Ket Patel loves cultivating communities. It's this desire to connect people and possibilities that led him to behave entrepreneurially - to create value for others regardless of whether he was employed to do so. The way he thinks and acts is very Self unLimited and he was doing this long before he heard of Self unLimited. His workscape is rich with stories of what he's done, and dreams for what he'll do next as he leads himself while being an employee.
Jasmine Malki doesn't have a singular career path, she's mixing it up in a portfolio career where she's consciously attending to and activating her strengths. She's on an ongoing journey to test out possibilities, explore the nuances of what gives her joy and fulfillment in work, and live her life to align with these. This gives her great energy and enables her to be effective, productive and valuable wherever she contributes her talent and experience. It just so happens she once did that working part-time in two different disciplinary areas in two different organisations. She's an example of what's possible when there's open eyes and open conversations with your employers.
Jen Holder was re-evaluating what was happening in her workscape, and what she wanted to do about it. She choose to use the Value Exchange Ledger activity to help her figure out what questions to explore, and what answers made sense. She was literally e-valu-ating what value was important and getting attention. She started with herself, and expanded this evaluation to hold important conversations with two organisations in her workscape. It was a game-changer for her.
Michelle Fotheringham 'escaped' from corporate life to work in the professional gig economy. She also created the means for others to join together in doing such work, providing an alternative pathway for organisations to access great talent. She explains about her creation, Werkling and shares advice for individuals who might take their own path to becoming a Werkling. It's a very Self unLimited way of working! Learn more about Werkling here:
Jacqui Williamson took an intentional break as she finished one gig in her workscape, and contemplated what next. She explains why she did this, what she did and what steps she's taken previously in her workscape to make such break-taking possible. She challenges the status quo about having 'empty' spaces in her 'resume'.