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Interviews, tips, tricks, advice and news for creatives hungry to succeed. Whether you are a musician, manager, CEO, entrepreneur. This podcast will inspire, inform and educate you.
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Music streaming services are the new radio, and getting on a big playlist can jumpstart your career. This was recorded live at the CD Baby DIY Musician Conference featuring myself and George Goodrich (CEO of Playlist Push).We discuss proven strategies from successful artists and music marketers, walking you through best practices that highlight the benefits for both artists and curators.--- Send in a voice message:
Former triple j broadcaster Dom Alessio does a lot with music. His day job is working with Sounds Australia as their Digital Export Producer. He's also the host of the podcast Other Side Of The Tracks, a regular guest on ABC Radio, occasionally a DJ and partial to hosting an awards ceremony or two.For eight years Dom was the host of Home & Hosed on triple j, Australia's national youth radio station. Starting in 2009, he presented and programmed the show, Monday to Thursday at 9pm, introducing audiences to the future of Australian music. Dom was an early supporter of artists such as Flume, Courtney Barnett, Boy & Bear, Methyl Ethel, Meg Mac, Julia Jacklin, Remi, Sampa The Great, D.D. Dumbo, Gang Of Youths, Alex Lahey and countless others. Dom's career began as a freelance music writer in 2005 before joining Sydney's weekly music street press magazine The Brag as their Arts & Assistant Editor in mid-2006. It was during this period that Dom co-founded the first music blog solely dedicated to Australian music, Who The Bloody Hell Are They. He continues to freelance and has contributed to publications such as The Guardian, The Sun Herald, triple j Magazine, Mess & Noise and Faster Louder (now Music Junkee).http://www.domalessio.com Send in a voice message:
Cherie Hu

Cherie Hu


Cherie Hu is award-winning freelance writer, editor and podcaster obsessed with how technology transforms music and culture. She writes regular columns for Billboard, Forbes and Music Business Worldwide, with additional bylines in Variety, Pitchfork and Rolling Stone. Cherie also hosts the interview podcast Water & Music, which unpacks big ideas and debates at the intersection of music and tech. In this episode Cherie shares her story in her own words, touches on current developments with AI in music, and discusses her involvement with the Music Biz Conference. This episode was recorded in Nashville, Tenessee at i65music.--- Send in a voice message:
Sahil Lavingia (Gumroad)

Sahil Lavingia (Gumroad)


Sahil Lavingia is the founder and CEO of Gumroad, a web platform that has paid out almost $200 million dollars to creators. Sahil shares the story of how Gumroad was created, expands on the challenges faced, he even shares his monthly salary and how much money some creators are making. Sahil is an open book and does not hold back in this episode. What are you waiting for, start! --- Send in a voice message:
Oliver Wellington is the co-founder of - one of the most popular audio to video creators on the market! We discuss Lyric Videos, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, 911 calls and Oliver shares various content ideas to keep your social media followers engaged! --- Send in a voice message:
Bree Noble is a singer-songwriter, podcaster, coach and co-founder of the Profitable Musician Summit. Bree is focused on mentoring and coaching musicians through a step by step program that helps guide musicians through their journey of making a living doing music. In this episode we discuss the Profitable Musician Summit, with 33 guest speakers hosting various workshops, this is essential (and free) for anyone to attend.Find more information about Bree Noble at and sign up for the Profitable Musician Summit at Send in a voice message:
Rick Barker has an extensive career in the music industry. With a start in radio, to managing Taylor Swift early in her career, he now helps artists around the world to achieve their dreams through his MIB Masterclass and coaching programs. Hear Rick's story and insights into his process on Instagram Live, why he treats it and why he treats it like a TV show. Find out more information about Rick at Send in a voice message:
Lance Allen has 500,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and has made enough money through Spotify to pay off his mortgage. Hear his inspirational story in this extended episode, packed full of tips, tricks and hacks! --- Send in a voice message:
Rosie is one half of the undeniably fun and extremely talented electronic duo ‘Feels’. Rosie is also a co-founder of WOMPP. We discuss the lack of Female representation in the music industry, lost luggage, SXSW showcases and much more. You can find more information about Feels @feelsofficial_ on Instagram and WOMPP at Send in a voice message:
JoeySuki (Artist Coaching)

JoeySuki (Artist Coaching)


JoeySuki had a tremendous career as a Producer and touring DJ but realized this lifestyle was no longer for him. In this interview we talk about his personal struggles within the music industry and how he is helping other artists through his Artist Coaching podcast and program.Follow @joeysuki and visit his website Send in a voice message:
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