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In this episode #63, we discuss the best distribution strategy for your music. Indeed, Spotify has been testing different ways to help artists upload and submit their music directly on the platform, but what does it really mean? We also review which distributor is best suited for your music release strategy and to stay afloat with your finances! Finally, a few tips for you to beat the game on social media. Thanks for listening!
In this episode, we talk about the outstanding marketing campaign tailored for Lewis Capaldi, which brought an insane amount of new followers across all social platforms for a budget... Not too crazy!
In today's episode, let me explain to you why 100% of the "services" out there, whatever the amount of reviews and "happy customers" they have are fake and pure scams. There is no shortcut to success, it's only a matter of good product, good branding and good marketing. Not a Spotify playlist placement at $200. The jingle of my podcast was made by @spiritraps ! Go check him out!
Marty Neumeier, designer for Apple explained in recent podcasts (TheFutur with Chris Do) what Branding was all about. Branding is not just a logo, it is an attitude, a lifestyle, what and how people consume you as a music artist, you as a BRAND. In this episode, let me talk to you a little bit more about why music artists, singers, songwriters, rappers and bands need to push harder to create and develop great and strong brands.
In this marketing campaign, Fame House used Avochato, a SMS marketing platform, for the album release of BIG K.R.I.T. With this marketing campaign, they were able to make a stronger bond with KRIT's fans and bring more engagement through social media. Let's see how you can apply it to your own campaign.
Many people come to me with this question: "Tony, I invested in an ad campaign for my music on Facebook or Instagram, but it is not working, why?"  As a matter of fact, many people stop making ads after the first one simply not bringing the expected results.  In this episode, I will cover the three reasons why I think your music ad campaign is failing!
Bon Iver, a UK based band released their album in 2019 and were able to make an unique impact in the Music Business due to their marketing strategy.  By releasing one song per timezone instead of the whole album worldwide, they were able to gather excitement from fans all over the world with special offers.  let's review it together and see what you can do at scale.
In today's episode, we take a closer look at Bastille's ad campaign for their song "Bad Decisions" back in 2019.  Bastille, a POP Band from London (UK) decided to make different Snapchat filters in order to gather fans around the world and tease their release campaign.  The results were pretty amazing for a small budget campaign of $1,000-$2,000!
On today's episode, we look at the marketing campaign made for the Bee Gees back in 2019 for the Christmas period.  This is a very instructive campaign for those of you who had previous little hits and would like to bank on Nostalgia. I am also looking at you Retro singers, Country bands and other Jazzmen!  What do you think about this strategy?
In today's podcast, we analyze the ad campaign of a French artist, Amir, who released a song in 2019 called "5 Minutes Avec Toi". For this campaign, the marketing strategy was to target people who were already following him, instead of a wider and unknown audience.  By reaching out to people who already consume his content, he was able to get a ton of impressions and therefore reach a wider audience that was not interacting with him in the first place as well as engaging with ghosting fans.
Can you imagine bringing 155,000 followers by looking at your analytics?  Many people try to make a breakthrough with their music in the world they WISHED they could make a breakthrough. The truth is that Marketing is a science that needs some datas to work well.  In this video, I talk about the strategy used by Afro B for the release of "Drogba", a song that made the hit list in 2019 and how they brought this story to a success adventure!
Dans cet épisode on parle de la WESG Russia qui dévoile les détails de sa finale, de l'IEM Katowice et de l'annonce de ses premiers matches, de Snatchie (Virtus.Pro) qui annonce ne plus avoir la motivation requise pour continuer avec la team, d'Illuminar qui bench oskarish et STOMP, de l'IEM Melbourne et de son cash prize de $250,000, de North qui bench son entraîneur smithR et plein d'autres choses! Rejoins-moi sur Twitter: @tonyvitti
Dans cet épisode, on parle de l'élimination de Team Vitality par Na'Vi qui se qualifient et gagnent la finale du Groupe B au Blast premier contre Complexity, des qualifications fermées Américaines et Européennes, de ce qu'Alex de Vitality à dit qui a été interprété comme "salé" par RUSH et plein d'autres choses! Rejoins-moi sur Twitter: @tonyvitti
Dans cet épisode, on parle de la sombre journée qu'était ce Samedi 8 Février 2020 pour l'esport Français entre la perte des Paris Eternal à l'Overwatch League et celle de Team Vitality contre les américains de Complexity au Blast premier. On parle aussi de Natus Vincere qui élimine définitivement Astralis de la compétition. On s'attarde aussi un peu plus sur qui est Complexity, cette équipe incroyablement talentueuse qui pourtant n'a été que formée récemment! Rejoignez-moi sur twitter: @tonyvitti
Dans cet épisode, on parle de Team Vitality et sa victoire contre Natus Vincere au Blast Premier, des clutches incroyables de RpK, d'Astralis contre Complexity, de Jason Lake et d'une stratégie... Douteuse! Rejoignez-moi sur twitter: @tonyvitti
Dans cet épisode, on parle de la victoire éblouissante de Mousesports à l'ICE CHALLENGE 2020 contre Natus Vincere, des déboires de s1mple, de la médaille de MVP qu'electronic remporte lors de son match contre Mousesports et du match de la journée: Na'Vi contre Team Vitality au Blast Premier! Rejoignez-moi sur twitter: @tonyvitti
Dans cet épisode, on parle de la victoire de Mousesports contre MAD Lions, de la victoire de Natus Vincere contre Godsent, de la finale entre Mouz et Na'Vi à l'ICE Challenge de Londres aujourd'hui, de B Site qui annonce officiellement sa ligue "FLASHPOINT" et un poolprize de $2M! Rejoignez-moi sur Twitter: @tonyvitti
Dans cet épisode, on parle d'une team à surveiller de très près: MAD LIONS! Les Danois ont une jeune carrière esport sur CS:GO qui en fait baver plus d'un et malgré leur défaite aujourd'hui contre MouseSports, prouvent qu'ils peuvent faire la différence au rayonnement mondial! On parle également du Blast Premier et des casters qui relèveront mon challenge lors du match de Na'Vi contre Team Vitality! Rejoignez-moi sur Twitter: @tonyvitti
Dans cet épisode, on parle de: ATK qui annonce un lineup Sud-Africain avec TenZ, Chiefs qui se séparent de leur lineup pour le roster de Genuine, SmithZz qui prend sa retraite de G2 et se lance dans le streaming full time, l'ESL One Rio et son système de classement bordélique et L!NKZ^ qui rejoint les Brésiliens de Isurus! Rejoignez-moi sur twitter: @tonyvitti
Dans cet épisode on parle de: l'ouverture du subreddit CSGOesportfrance, Amazon Alexa et son nouveau skill Flashbang, l'actu esport de CSGO et de la victoire écrasante de FaZe Clan contre Team Liquid en finale du Groupe A du Blast Premier! Rejoignez moi sur Twitter: @tonyvitti
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