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Q & A**: The Podcast by Q
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Q & A**: The Podcast by Q

Author: Q

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No politics. No agendas. No wikipedia. No nobodies. Serious industry stuff and things.
36 Episodes
In this long format podcast, Kevin talks with Alan Rice of Gun Owners of America about the Honey Badger and what GOA is doing to help, the NFA and why it should be dismantled one unconstitutional law at a time, ATF overreaching and abuses, the state of the Second Amendment and at the end, detailed reasons are given as to why gun owners should support GOA, how to use GOAs action alert system and prewritten messages to contact elected officials and why all gun owners should support GOA just like Kevin has.
Kevin talks with Jason about his journey with Feild Ethos, how the company connects their brand to multiple industries, and how he believes Feild Ethos will expand in the future.
Kevin talks with Jay about his journey into the firearms world, sound testing, and what he is up to on
KB and Ivan talk about the up and coming 2020 Coast to Coast Tour. Check out for more information.
Kevin talks with Talon about his journey into the Youtube world, the current firearms culture, and how he came across Q.
Kevins talks about Customer Service, The Silencer Industry, and Form 1 Silencers.
Kevin talks about the history behind AAC and Modular Silencers.
Kevin talks about the value you gain from purchasing Q products and Hunting/Shooting with subsonic ammo.
Kevin talks about muzzle threads, adapters, etc. and Reed Knight.
Kevin talks about great ammo for short barrels and the 9mm HB.
Kevin talks about great optics for the Q platforms, hunting with short barrels, QD sling swivels, and the Under 21 Rifle.
Kevin talks about silencer shoots that he hosted back in the day, sound numbers, and modular silencers.
Kevin explains baffle designs and 3 lug mounts.
Kevin explains the reasoning behind The Fix and what we consider a battle rifle today.
Q & A**: Episode 22 - KB

Q & A**: Episode 22 - KB


Kevin is about to shoot you straight about the industry and all of your questions.
Ivan talks about his past and the possibility of a Coast to Coast Tour!
KB answers questions, from our awesome customers with AL!
Q & A**: Episode 19 - KB

Q & A**: Episode 19 - KB


KB answers questions, from our awesome customers!
Q & A**: Episode 18 - Joe Gaddini, SWR and Grip Pod by Q
Q & A**: Episode 17 - KB

Q & A**: Episode 17 - KB


KB answers more awesome questions, from our customers!
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Ryan Frailey

Oh, and #spaceforcecontracts haha

Aug 26th

Ryan Frailey

These are 2 companies that I wanna buy a ton of stuff from in the coming years. Don’t have the money right now, but the top of my lists are honey badger and a 338 blackout 12.5” Noveske n6... can’t wait to see what you guys make in the future. Just hope we can keep legislation from taking more of our rights. Abolish the NFA!

Aug 26th
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