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An international disc golf podcast, located in Europe. Bringing the best of disc golf to the world, with interviews, news, tips, small talk and more from two disc golf loving guys: Dean Schaub and Jørn Idar Kvig.
43 Episodes
The biggest tournament in Europe is happening in June, and the international registration have started. So we have decided to do a feature podcast series every month with the Tyyni general Juha Kytö, to talk about the tournament, the preparation, the news and the names. This bonus podcast is sponsored by Natural Born Disc Golfer and Tyyni.Thank you to our Patreons who makes it all possible, please consider supporting us for less than a euro a month. Support the show (
With 2020 coming to an end, Dean and Jørn Idar look ahead into 2021.We also talk about our new commentary role, which will expand into next season, a major without international players and we argue why all national championships should be held at the same time. We want to thank especially our Patreons for making the podcast possible, they got this episode first. Feel free to be a part of the gang, and support us for less than a euro a month. Support the show (
DGPT to Norway!!

DGPT to Norway!!


For the first time, the Disc Golf Pro Tour is coming to Europe in 2021. So naturally we had to talk to PCS Sula Open, the new Norwegian disc golf juggernaut who has been selected to be THE tournament to watch. So we had a talk to one of the organizers, Jonas Tangen Hoff from Langevågen IL Diskgolf, one of the two organizers of the tournament. Knowing the quality of the regular EuroTour Sula Open, and the execution of PCS Open, we are all looking at a treat of a disc golf event in world class judging by the talk with Jonas. Big thank you to our Patreons who are making this show possible, if you like what you hear please consider supporting us for less than a Euro a month.  Support the show (
With 2020 being what it is, the new plans and development of EuroTour had to be postponed. So we talked to Matěj Verl, the tour manager for PDGA Europe. We talked about the effect Covid-19 has had on disc golf, for good and for bad. About new plans for 2021, the growth in European disc golf, and his goal to make the tour a way of sustainable income. We are sorry for the audio problems on this recording. Make sure to follow us to get the latest news from us - the show (
There are some people that seems to have extra love for disc golf. Some people that not only love throwing prefect flights, but also love to see other golfers throw them. Some people that help people find the sport, and making sure it grows. Some people that want to give athletes a place to thrive, grow and compete. Some people that are so hooked on disc golf, that they are willing to use the majority of their free time to help disc golf in every way possible. Some people that gets stuff done. There are not many of these kinds of people, but they make a huge impact on their community. Yes - maybe even their whole country. Like Ben Smith from Canada, a man that have installed more courses than we have aces. That help the sport grow by bringing some of the best players in the world, to his tournament. The man featured in the JomezPro documentary Throw Canada. And this man sat down with Dean, for an inspiring talk. Thank you to our sponsors Natural Born Disc Golfer and Latitude 64 for making the show possible. And of course to our awesome Patreons, whom without this show would not be possible. Please consider supporting our work for less than a Euro a month, and be able to win prizes on Patron. Support the show (
#16 - Disc Golf Dilemma

#16 - Disc Golf Dilemma


With all the things going on - finally a new episode with Dean Schaub and Jørn Idar Kvig!AND we introduce a brand new segment!And this time we give a little insight to our bag, and the wildly different ways of putting them together. We also talk about the news that PDGA are starting to open up for some sanctioned events, which makes Jørn Idar happy since he is in one of the only two countries they will do it. We give away discs AND set up a new giveaway, give you some practice tips and moreThank you especially to our Patreons, who have helped us invest in brand new equiptment for Dean to record. We would love to have you as a part of if for less than a euro a month, check the show (
How much have disc golf media developed the last few years?A lot!So we welcome back two time guest Alexander Brett Williamson, managing editor for UDisc and PDGA writer. He talks about his process, the development of COVID-19 on disc golf and he also reveals a brand new UDisc feature. In itself worth a listen!Thank you as always to our fantastic Patreons, for making this show possible!Also a big shout out to our sponsors Latitude 64 and Natural Born Disc Golfer, for helping us promote European disc golf!Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and giveaways. Support the show (
Dean is back with another great talk with the Estonian Bazooka: Albert Tamm!They go all out disc nerding, talking about the many aspects of discs. And of course a talk about Alberts new signature disc - the Latitude 64 Opto-X Recoil. But they also touch on things like the mental game, becoming one of the faces of Latitude 64 and Alberts all out personality. Make sure you follow Albert on his Instagram. HUGE thank you to our Patreons, that make this show possible. So feel free to join the gang, for less than a Euro a month. of course our sponsors Latitude 64 and Natural Born Disc Golfer!Support the show (
As the season kicks of we decided to have a talk with one of the most charismatic and happy players on tour: Eric Oakley. We talk about life on the road, his plans on getting to Europe and more. We also give away two discs to our Patreons, as a thank you for their support. If you want (a really good) chance to win a disc, support our work on for less than a euro a month.  Also big thank you to this episode sponsor Natural Born Disc Golfer and Latitude 64. Support the show (
How did Tyyni go from being a small amateur event, to the biggest tournament in Europe? And what is the though process behind it? This is another bonus episode with the Tyyni general Juha Kytö, where we go through the history of Tyyni. This bonus podcast is sponsored by Natural Born Disc Golfer and Tyyni. Thank you to our Patreons who makes it all possible, please consider supporting us for less than a euro a month.Support the show (
#14 - Ready for 2020?

#14 - Ready for 2020?


2019 is almost over, and we have one more episode for you guys - our longest yet!Players are moving teams, the really big names so far is Paige Pierce and Nikko Locastro. Tournaments are being announced, including Natural Born Disc Golfers NBDG-X, a disc golf experience tour. And talking about tour - we had a good long chat with Matej Verl, the Tour Manager for PDGA Europe. 2020 for the Euro Tour looks really interesting, with a different format, a more progressive program and a solid marketing. Hear more about Matej`s ideas and desires, for what he hope once again will be the most important tour in Europe.  We also have a long good talk with Matej Verl, the Tour Manager for PDGA EuMake sure you check us out on Facebook and Instagram, or on ThePerfectFlightDG.comSupport the showSupport the show (
#13 - Off Season Bonanza

#13 - Off Season Bonanza


What have happened since the last episode of The Perfect Flight?Well, USDG, ISWDG, DG Pro Tour, new EuroTour setup. And more!So much more!Like what the biggest news for Dean in years is. Or what Jørn Idar is doing at the moment. Or our thoughts about the new Latitude 64 stars. About the upcoming season. Come on, we know you want to know, check out this episode. Shoutout to our Patreons, who already have had access to this episode before the public. For less than a euro a month you can support us, and it really makes a difference. And you can win some free stuff, so how about it...?Check us out the show (
The sports keeps moving forward in new and excited direction, and in the last few years we have start talking about disc golf fitness. And there is one person that really have been the spearhead for this move, and that is Seth Munsey.He is the man behind Disc Golf Strong, focusing on helping both pro`s and am`s in building their body to be the best it can be, within the sport. This is a talk about how and why he started this journey. Support the show (
After a very successful start to the 2019 season, Seppo Paju had to drop the President Cup and European Open. We had a talk with him about this situation just before Worlds, and his way back after a tougher tournament at Tyyni than he planned. We also talk about his impressive vlog streak, as well as his new favorite US candy. Thank you to our Patron supporters, a great pro tip from Seppo will be launched exclusively to you soon. Support the show (
This is the 12 episode of The Perfect Flight, recorded after a long Tyyni week. This year we do not talk about the results, the players or the course that much, as the media team of Tyyni have done a great job covering all of that both in audio and video. But we rather talk to some of the more interesting characters at the tournament, that have a big impact but maybe not in the most public eye. So we talked to Terry Miller, The Disc Golf Guy, about Tyyni, his coverage of female disc golf and the development of disc golf media in recent years. We also talked to the media manager at Latitude 64, Johannes Högberg, about how Tyyni is impacting them and how they see the common future together. Shoutout to our Patreons, who already have had access to this episode before the public. For less than a euro a month you can support us, and it really makes a difference. Check us out the show (
972. 972 people will invade the small suburbs of Sipoo, Finland for the third biggest disc golf event IN THE WORLD; Dynamic Discs Tyyni 2019 presented by Latitude 64. So we talked to the man behind the madness, Juha Kyto about it all; the journey, the development of the tournament, the challenges and the excitement that awaits 972 disc golfers in just a few days time. Thank you to our Patron supporters, for under a euro a month they help us make the best disc golf podcast from Europe come to life. For more info about what we do check us out on Facebook og Support the show (
#11 - The Perfect Write

#11 - The Perfect Write


Its been a really busy start to the season, and this is a big summary to grasp.Its been 2 The Perfect Flight Tour tournaments, 3 PDGA EuroTours AND a brand new outro!We got uDisc and PDGA writer Alexander Brett Williamson with us in this episode, and he gives us a look behind the scene of disc golf media. He also talks about how he did re-do his form before last season, and is now seeing the benifits of throwing better. Make sure you check us out on Facebook and Instagram, or on ThePerfectFlightDG.comSupport the show (
#10 - The comeback putt

#10 - The comeback putt


On the premiere episode of Season 2 of The Perfect Flight, Jørn Idar and Dean discuss the beginning of the disc golf season in the USA with a strong European presence, two new manufacturers on the continent, The Perfect Flight Tour, and a Dutch Open side bet! All that and more on the return of The Perfect Flight Podcast!Make sure you check us out on Facebook and Instagram, or on ThePerfectFlightDG.comSupport the show (
This episode is something different, lets call it a spin-off. This is Jørn Idar talking about his passion craft beer and disc golf, paired together in "The Beer Flight". In this first episode he talks about the old beer style berliner weisse, a tart and refreshing style that have been re-discovered and evolved into something new and exciting. And there is a easy comperance to Discraft comes in, which he talks about. So if you are NOT a beer fan, this episode is not for you and you can check back for a regular scheduled episode. But if you are - enjoy and feel free to give some feedback on this new and different way of doing an episode.  Support the show (
This is a really special bonus episode, as Dean announces The Perfect Flight Tour!5 countries - 5 tournaments - one tour. The Perfect Flight Tour is five tournaments in Europe, with some of the most skilled TDs in the game. The tour has a mission of creating a professional tour for amateur players, supported by some of the best companies in the sport. The main sponsor of the tour is the premium producer of plastic, our friends in Latitude 64.The tour will be held in the following places:6th and 7th of April - Copenhagen, Denmark - Valbyparken. TD: Steffen Rise Andersen27th and 28th of April - London, England - Lloyd Park. TD: Tom Lowes31st of August and 1st of September - Oslo, Norway - Stovner DGP & Krokhol DGC. TD: Jørn Idar Kvig5th and 6th of October - AMSterdam Challenge - Amsterdam, Holland - Sloterpark Amsterdam. TD: Dean Schaub30th of October to 2nd of November - NBDG Fuengirola Open -  Mijas, Malaga, Spain. TD: Juha KytöSupport the show (
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