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A podcast exploring the interesting ways art meets popular culture and non-traditional art topics... We look at what art history and visual culture can tell us about the world around us, and how our everyday interests make us excellent art critics. Hosted by Ferren Gipson.
61 Episodes
We speak to Director of Chisenhale Gallery Zoé Whitley about her work co-curating the 'Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power' exhibition and art in the context of Black Lives Matter.
We speak to David Bownes to learn about the history of British railway poster artists and how poster designs developed over the twentieth century.
Writer and classicist James Cahill gives an introduction to mythological themes in art.
Raissa Bretaña tells us how costume designers look to art history to inspire the fashions for films set across history.
We speak to Giovanni Aloi to discover why animals have inspired artists for thousands of years.
Director of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. Kim Sajet discusses the origins of the gallery and presidential portraits. (Part 2)
Director of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. Kim Sajet discusses the origins of the gallery and presidential portraits. (Part 1)
Tarot expert Rachel Pollack discusses the origins of tarot cards and how artists have engaged with tarot iconography since the 15th century.
We took a trip to the Bank of England to find out about the new J. M. W. Turner £20 note and how money is designed. Guests include Chief Cashier Sarah John, Bank of England Museum Curator Jenni Adam, and banknote designer Debbie Marriott.
We speak to Anna Jamieson about early representations of mental illness in art and how this has developed over the centuries.
Animation critic and historian Charles Solomon tells the story of early Disney cartoons and how fine art inspired the films we've come to love.
We dive into the story of vaginas and vulvas in art with the help of Sarah Creed, curator of the newly-opened Vagina Museum in London.
Take a mental journey to the moon with this discussion on how our lunar companion has influenced artists across centuries.
Caroline A. Jones gives a history of the origins of the world's fair and how art factored into displays industry and innovation.
We speak to Bendor Grosvenor, co-host of 'Britain's Lost Masterpieces' to discuss the latest series.
Discover the story of the museum and cultural professionals who joined the Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives program during the Second World War to help protect heritage sites and cultural objects.
We discuss the long history of depicting witches in prints and painting with artist and art historian Deanna Petherbridge.
Michael Ohajuru discusses the journey of the presence of black figures in European art history.
Discover the history behind the UK's (possibly the world's?) online Sculpture Town with guest Kate Harding.
Jon Sleigh draws connections between beauty and power across art history.
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Gary Middleton

Really interesting.

May 31st

Rebecca Grindley

Thank you so much for an interesting, informative interview and I Love watching'Lost Masterpieces..

Jan 24th
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