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Author: Fr. Mark Suslenko

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The weekly homilies of Rev. Mark Suslenko, Pastor SS. Isidore and Maria Parish in Glastonbury, Connecticut.
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"The teaching of God is being one in three is truly a remarkable, remarkable fact That brings the immensity of God's presence and the creative power of God's presence home to the simplicity of my soul. So as much as I kneel before the majesty of God, I can at one in the same time, also reach back out to God and call him 'Abba' or 'Daddy'. It's truly remarkable. And in searching for this God who now has a face and a personality, I began to focus not so much on what I need to do that God wants as much as who I am." - Father Mark
As we ponder the feelings of anger, despair or hopelessness, doubt, and fear or insecurity, we begin to realize that, in their own right, they do have positive usefulness for how we negotiate life. It's when these feeling are allowed to control and dominate us that they become destructive.This is as true for us today as it was for the disciples in Jesus' time. And, like the disciples, we have a secret weapon to help us from being overwhelmed by these feelings: the grace of the Holy Spirit.Father Mark talks about the benefits of opening ourselves to that grace, allowing the work of peace and love to be done in and through us. Listen to this week's homily in its entirety!
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