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In the show this week, we discuss...·         New features arriving in Teams·         Call Quality in the Client·         What is SATIN?·         Music Mode in Teams·         Certified Devices versus Professional Equipment·         Teams + NDI + OBS·         Stream to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and More DIRECT from Teams – but why?
It's all about Microsoft Teams Rooms and the Hybrid workspace in this episode. We talk not just about what you'd do pre-hybrid work, but how things need to evolve for the future; what new technology is around now, and what integrations you need to include in your meeting room planning.
On the show today, Jay and Steve discuss hybrid work, and return to the office (again!) - including:·         Is there a push to return to the office?·         Question for listeners: Did you really digitally transform?·         Is Hybrid work a technology or business problem?·         Overcoming the business issues·         Technology needed to support Return to the Office·         Hybrid working and why it’s so important
In the latest show, Steve and Jay talk to Microsoft Master and CEO of Perfrax, Gary Steere, to talk about user experience monitoring in Microsoft 365. Gary's spent countless hours examining how to monitor Microsoft services from the outside in, and has a deep understanding of how Microsoft 365 hooks together. On the show, he shares his knowledge and experience with us to understand why you'd monitor Microsoft's services, what you can glean by using the built-in reporting and how to monitor the service itself. 
In today's show, Michael van Horenbeeck, Microsoft MVP, joins Steve and Jay to discuss Microsoft 365 security. Michael discusses his book on the topic and we learn about the biggest risks to information security that organizations face today, how to begin securing against threats in your Microsoft 365 tenant, and how to monitor and manage threats.
In this week's episode, we're joined by Mike Weaver from Quadrotech to talk about the new Teams APIs available, and to hear about the new Exchange native tenant to tenant tools work in the real world. We also hear about how tenant migrations have changed and a remote workforce is driving more automation.
In this episode, Steve and Jay meet up to discuss the impending retirement of Skype for Business Online, and what that means for CCE and Skype for Business Hybrid. Steve quizzes Jay to find out how smaller and larger businesses in different scenarios should approach moving their voice systems to the cloud
In this week's episode, Steve and Jay are back recording in person and discussing a topic that comes up regularly in Office 365 discussions. Do you need to backup? Things have moved on since we last discussed this on the show and we'll cover some of the reasons why you might need backups, mitigations built into the service and how to look at some of the claims made by backup vendors eager to sell their services.
In this episode we talk about the various ways to secure data in Office 365 - using Microsoft 365 tools. In the show we talk about AIP, MIP, Azure RMS and the associated tech you can use to keep content secure - and when to use it.
In this episode we consider what your next steps with voice and meetings should be if you've implemented Teams rapidly, or have implemented primarily for PC to PC & mobile calling and meetings and want to go to the next level. We discuss:What your next steps should be..What are the options available for smaller companies?What do larger enterprises tend to do?Are meeting rooms extinct? If not, what are the use cases over the next few months for using Microsoft Teams Rooms - from real life experience.
On the show today, MVP Chris O'Brien joins us to discuss Power Apps. We cover topics including:What's included in the Power Platform?What's a citizen developer?How quickly can someone build their first app?What are the types of apps appropriate for Power Apps?What did people use to build apps on Office 365 before Power Apps?What makes a fully functional Power App?What are the different models of application?When should someone consider using premium functionality?What are some of the newer features and functionality available?What is the Common Data Service and when should you use this instead of SharePoint?What are some good use-cases for building apps?How do we deal with governance?How do we deploy applications to users?
In the latest episode, Steve and Jay are joined by GSX's Jean-François Piot to discuss how to gain insights into the type of issues remote workers might have when using Teams and Microsoft 365 away from the the office. In the show we discuss:How we understand the different types of connections people have, be it WiFi, wired connections or even mobile connectivityPeople using Teams in unusual settings and what these areWhat has happened with rapid deployments of TeamsWhat are the challenges this has brought?What do we have inside Office 365 and Teams to identify these problems?How can we use the free product offering from GSX to identify issues and gain insights and trends?
The show this week comes from quarantine, and the first time Jay and Steve haven't been able to meet up in person for a coffee and chat to record. We've been working with Teams since it's preview release and have needed to switch gear to consulting with clients remotely over the last few weeks. In the show we share how we've been coping, how to help your colleagues, our tips for running remote consultations and workshops, the best devices to use and what we've seen work well to keep your mental health OK.
In this week's show we're joined by Greg Taylor, Exchange Product Director at Microsoft. In the show we talk about Exchange Online and Exchange On-Premises and cover the following topics and more...Is anyone left on-premises? And are people still deploying Exchange Server today?Exchange 2010 was going to out of support on the 14th of January – but has been extended to October. Why?What are the new features coming to Exchange Online?Did you expect Exchange Online to be so successful?
In today's episode, Mike Weaver and Doug Davis from Quadrotech join us to discuss what happens before and after you migrate to Microsoft 365. Topics include:Pre-Migration IssuesWhere do these come up?Straightforward deployments and migrations – 1-1 migrations from existing environments, where is it easy?Where does it become complex?Post Migration management challengesWhat’s the challenge with managing after migration?Do you need a target operating model?How to you keep up with changes to the cloud?How do you monitor stuff?
In this week's episode, Jay and Steve are joined by MVP Vesa Nopanen to talk about First Line workers and Microsoft Teams. We discuss:What is a First Line worker?What do Microsoft offer for this type of employee?What's useful in Teams for First Line workers?Before Office 365 not many businesses bought licensing for these employees - is anything changing here?Can we customise the experience in Teams?Is it simply build it and they will come?How did Vesa get involved with working with First Line workers?How do you customise an adoption approach for this type of employee?What does "good" look like?How do you use and scale champion networks for First Line workers?How can we make things sticky for First Line workers?How do you deal with resistance?How do you measure success?
In this episode Steve and Jay are joined by Microsoft's Sean Wilson, to discuss how to accelerate your enablement of Microsoft Teams. In this show we talk aboutWhat's offered by Microsoft to help thisWhere you should consider startingWhat Sean sees as the role of IT in thisHow Microsoft Partners helpWhere Adoption and Change Management fits and how 5 different generations in the workforce impacts thisThe transition of the role of AV teams in the Teams world
In episode 37, Steve and Jay get together at Microsoft Ignite to discuss the CQDv3 - the Advanced Call Quality Dashboard and why you should be using it with your Microsoft Teams deployment. In the show we ask - What do we mean by call quality and what does it apply to?If Microsoft are providing it as a service, why is it our responsibility?What's different about this version of CQD?How real-time is it?What reporting and drill-down does it give us?Everything has AI in these days - does CQD?What can it integrate with?
In Episode 36, Steve and Jay talk to Petra Thomas, Emily Kirby and Lesley Montgomery from Microsoft IT about their move to Teams Only mode from Skype and Teams Islands mode for over 200,000 people. We cover what Teams only mode is - and why you should consider moving to it, the challenges Microsoft encountered with their own move and what we can learn from their approach.
On the show today, we're joined by Ilya Bukshteyn from Microsoft and Adam Jacobs from Poly to talk about new features announced at Microsoft Ignite - Cloud Video interop and Direct Guest Join. Listen to the show to find out a bit of the history behind where we are today, where the future is headed, what the experience is going to be and much more.
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can you edit out the annoying "ur-ur" grunts?

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check out my blog covering the different types of ATP.

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Matthew Levy

check out my blog covering the different types of ATP.

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