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Author: Elizabeth Flynn

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From maidenhood to motherhood and beyond WILD WMN is a holistic podcast exploring lifestyle, wellness, creativity and community for women at all stages. Join Elizabeth, mother, artist, healer and discoverer as she explores what it is to be a women in the modern age. The discussion will range from women's health to spirituality, feminism, relationship, creativity and living. Each week Elizabeth will explore the truth of the moment, often inviting wild women to share in the discussion and curating a special line up of guests and co speakers. WILD WMN is a platform for truth telling, soul searching and women's empowerment. If you enjoy please SUBSCRIBE and visit WWW.WILDWMN.COM
104 Episodes
17. Not quite due

17. Not quite due


In this episode of the WILD WMN podcast, Elizabeth shares about her journey towards birth, before her baby is actually born. After waking up to a gush, Elizabeth believed her water had broken however she didn't go into spontaneous labor. A few days later, contractions were still not progressing and this led her on quite the journey of awakening, release, and letting go. Listen to this podcast to find out what happened!
In this episode, Elizabeth welcomes Jenn Morse onto the WILD WMN Podcast for a second episode. They talk about growth and flow, shifts and changes, downloads and up-leveling, and the opportunities and curveballs that 2020 has thrown. During the pandemic, Jenn traveled on a soul journey and now guides others on this infinite path. Find Jenn on Instagram @silver_and_citrine or at www.silverandcitrine.comIf you enjoyed this podcast please SUBSCRIBE and give us a positive 5*
Join Elizabeth as she speaks with Vanessa Hernandez of Lava to Stone about energy work, spiritual guides, Tutu Pele and spiritual awakening. Vanessa Hernandez is a powerful being with an incredible story to tell and Elizabeth chats with Vanessa about her personal journey. If you would like to work with Vanessa please reach out to her at or on Instagram @lava_to_stoneIf you enjoyed this podcast please SUBSCRIBE and give us a 5* positive
In this episode Elizabeth shares about her pregnancy and planning a homebirth with a toddler present. She speaks about fears, expectations and mental preparation as well as the letting go of control that needs to happen in the last trimester. If you enjoyed this podcast then SUBSCRIBE and give us a positive review!
In this episode of the WILD WMN podcast Elizabeth shares about when everything goes wrong. The last week has been a shit show and it feels a little like a doom spiral but Elizabeth shares about how she's moving through it and trusting in the universe's power of recovery. She also shares about her choice to step away from social media, to live in the present, whilst cautiously planning and optimistic future. Being a human is hard, being a mom is hard .. in this podcast Elizabeth shares all!If you enjoyed this podcast please SUBSCRIBE and give us a positive review!
In this pregnancy update, Elizabeth is 32 weeks pregnant and shares about the unknowns, the fluidity of gender, the speed of a pregnancy with a toddler, and the "plans" for the birth. She also speaks about the rite of passage and initiation into Mother to Multiples and why support is still important in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and beyond pregnancies. To join Elizabeth's WILD PREGNANCY support group that starts next Thursday 6th - enroll here. Please follow Elizabeth
In this special episode of the #wildwmnpodcast Elizabeth speaks with Lauren LoGrasso, a multi-passionate creative, singer and songwriter, podcaster at "Unleash Your Inner Creative" and creative producer of Girlboss Radio, The Goop Podcast, Meaningful Conversations With Maria Shriver and more. Lauren is an inspiring wild wmn with a fierce drive and passion for creativity. She dives into what it means to be a multi-passionate creative, finding her path, what it means to be authentically herself and so much more. Find Lauren LoGrasso online here or on Instagram @laurenlograsso  Her new song Freakshow will be debuting in September! If you enjoyed this podcast please subscribe and give us a 5* positive review. Follow us @wearethewildwmn www.wildwmn.comand #wearethewildwmn #wildwmnpodcast
Facing shadow and uncertainty in the age of COVID and how actually going there helps. We need to face, not bypass our fears in order to prepare ourselves for the shifts in reality.
In this episode of the WILD WMN podcast, Elizabeth speaks with Jenny Fenig, intuitive coach, fierce wild wmn, and homeschooling mama about doing less to make more, finding the balance between work, life and motherhood, especially in the wake of the pandemic, freedom and creativity. Jenny is an inspirational leader with a passion for helping others and now believes her calling is a magic maker. Jenny has an upcoming Magic Makers coach certification program which you can find here and offers free resources here.Find Jenny at or on Instagram @jennyfenigIf you enjoyed this podcast please SUBSCRIBE and follow Elizabeth @wearethewildwmn or
In this episode, Elizabeth explores loss, three years on from the death of her father. She explains how in some ways this pregnancy mirrors the last and also the way grief works in time and space. Elizabeth also shares about her solar return, being in the 3rd trimester, and her plans for the future.
7. Solar Return

7. Solar Return


On this episode of the Wild WMN Podcast Elizabeth talks about the energy of the solstice, cancer season, her upcoming solar return and provides a little update on her pregnancy. She also speaks about the pandemic, consumerism and ways to consume, especially with regards to pregnancy. If you enjoyed this episode please subscribe and give us a 5* review.
Join Elizabeth as she breaks her podcast silence and returns to the #wildwmnpodcast. Elizabeth spent a few weeks away from the podcast to listen and learn in a humbling and transformational awakening. Black Lives Matter. Action is important. Transformation is integral to lifting the planet out of the darkness and into the light. Elizabeth for a solstice movement and meditation class here. 
in this second episode of season 4 of the WILDWMN podcast, Elizabeth shares a little life update sharing about her new pup Ziggy-Mars and her history with dogs.If your not that into dogs (OMG) don't worry. The main point of the podcast is to provide insight into the now, the triad of Earth, Moon and Stars and the change we are all navigating. Elizabeth also shares about the importance of rebellion, challenging roles in society and self and activism in fighting for what we believe as a personal being and for our Mama Earth. If you enjoyed this podcast please SUBSCRIBE and give us a 5* review ! Reach out on Instagram @wearethewildwmn, via our contact form on or to Elizabeth at!#wearethewildwmn
Hello and welcome back to the WILD WMN Podcast Season 4. During this podcast episode, Elizabeth talks about the power of presence and the need to go deeper into truth and deeper into self, during this COVID-19 pandemic. Fear is unavoidable however through fear we can heal, through compassion and empathy we can come together and it is only by acknowledging the power of presence, the real raw feeling that we can tap into our truth and move through to something greater. This is an opportunity to rewrite, this is a right of passage, and no that does not make it easy or take away from the challenge or struggle but it does mean with have the chance to transform. Elizabeth also updates about being pregnant during Covid-19 and invited anyone to reach out and share their truth with her if they feel called. If you would like to join Elizabeth and WILD WMN for a New Moon/ Earth Day Virtual Circle on the 22nd April from 7.30pm - 10pm (pst) then sign up here. Please help us by subscribing and giving us a positive review if you enjoyed this podcast.
In this episode of the #wildwmnpodcast Elizabeth shares about motherhood, not only her story but the collective potential experience of mothers across the board, reminding us all that we are resilient and we have the power to transform. She also speaks about her fears as we return to "normal" as the long term implications of the pandemic become more apparent and the opportunity for spiritual growth from light and shadow. If you would like to join Elizabeth for a 5 week WILD PREGNANCY support group starting on May 12th, sign up here.
In this #wildwmnpodcast episode, Elizabeth provides an update on being nearly 20 weeks pregnant, the deep surrender in the now, and why she's choosing to not find out the gender, as well as differences in a second pregnancy to the first and relationship to the body in a second pregnancy. As a doula, mother, and founder of WILD WMN Elizabeth will be hosting a 5 week WILD PREGNANCY support circle + education (virtual) starting on the 12th May from 11 - 1 pst. If you'd like to join or find out more, sign up here. If you'd like to join Elizabeth for a non-pregnancy related Ful Moon Circle and Breathwork with Jenna Reiss on the 7th May, sign up here. If you liked this podcast please SUBSCRIBE and give us a positive review.
In this episode of the #wildwmnpodcast Elizabeth encourages you to check-in. How are you feeling? What's going on? There is a lot going on in the world today so how are you holding space for yourself in the wake of the election and coronavirus spread?2020 is proving to be a year of intensity and Elizabeth also shares about her pregnancy which is currently confirmed at 11 weeks. She shares about the importance of community, stepping up into ourselves and softening, allowing and experiencing everything we are living through. If you enjoyed this podcast please SUBSCRIBE and give us a positive review. Find out more at
In this personal episode of the #wildwmnpodcast Elizabeth is sharing about the music video to James Blunt's Monsters and sharing about her experience of losing a parent and also speaking about her husband's loss. Monsters describes how we feel about losing a parent, particularly as we become adults our selves and our relationship with our parents' shifts to one of mutual understanding and truth. As it is #nationaleatingdisorderawarenessweek Elizabeth also speaks about her journey of recovery with an eating disorder and the essential element of connecting to mother Earth in her recovery. She identified as being an anorexic for 10 years, however her connection to spirit, health and wellness pulled her into the light. If you are struggling with an eating disorder please reach out to Elizabeth at elizabeth@wildwmn.comFind out more at or @wearethewildwmn
Join Elizabeth as she speaks with Laverne McKinnon, inspirational Leadership Coach and acclaimed Television & Film Producer. Laverne is an insightful wild wmn with a creative and expansive history. She has extensive credits behind her belt, acting as the Executive Producer for Netflix’ GirlBoss and co-founding K&L productions. After the birth of her daughter, she found herself navigating a transformation and has since learned to apologetically give herself permission to BE the whole women she is and own her multi-faceted, multi-creative skills. In this podcast they talk about the importance of establishing core values, staying authentic and trusting in your evolution. Laverne speaks about the importance of creating a vision and shares her views on being a leader. For her, being a leader isn’t just about being in a position of extreme power, she encourages us all, especially wmn, to see and honor the leader within and accept full responsibility for the conscious evolution of our world. Find out more about Laverne at www.lavernemckinnon.comor join her for a 5 part A Becoming Women Leadership Workshop starting on the 29th of February. Sign up here and use the code WILDWMN for 20% off. Find Laverne on instagram @lavernemckinnon If you enjoyed this podcast please SUBSCRIBE and give us a POSITIVE REVIEWFind out more about wild wmn at or @wearethewildwmnJoin Elizabeth this Sunday for a WILD WMN fire ceremony in Topanga. Join Here. 
24. Radiant Self Love

24. Radiant Self Love


In this episode of the #wildwmnpodcast Elizabeth is preparing for Valentine's Day by releasing all expectations and cultivating self-love. Holiday times are complicated and thye can evoke deep and complicated emotions in all of us. Make sure you take time for YOU this day of love - for you and your connection to self and planet is what really matters! 
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