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The Sportsmen’s Nation is a collection of outdoor hunting podcasts for the die-hard sportsman. These podcasts are jam packed with fun and educational information about whitetail deer hunting that will not only help you in the field, but help scratch the itch when you can’t be in the tree stand. Nine Finger Chronicles, Land & Legacy, DYI Sportsman, Transition Wild, and Southern Ground.
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On this Podcast, I talk with Andy May about all things archery with a bow hunting focus. Most people know Andy as a meticulous, detail oriented deer hunter, but his mindset works the same with archery. He actually started archery before becoming a bow hunter. We discuss various things on the equipment side of bow hunting, from his arrow building process to releases, peep sights, broadheads, vane configuration, proper stabilization, and bow fit to minimize the amount of pin float that you see at full draw. In addition to the equipment side of archery, we also talk at length about the mental side and the shooting process. Having struggled at times with target panic in the past, Andy explains exactly how he activates his release now based on advice from several professional shooters. Certain circumstances like fast shooting opportunities or high winds can create minor differences in how he activates the release, but everything stems back to a achieving a reliable, high-confidence shot. One thing Andy does that many people could likely benefit from is record data from most of his shooting sessions. That allows him to track trends over time to determine which combinations of gear actually provide the best forgiveness, instead of basing opinions on other reviews or good/bad days at the range.  DIY Sportsman is Powered by Simplecast
On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan continues the conversation about deer hunting on river bottom ground with Kyle Bridges. Dan kicks off the show by sharing the details of a recent scouting mission on river bottom public ground. He talks about what he found and how he plans to attack the property this upcoming season.On this second part of this episode, Dan continues the conversation about hunting river bottom ground with guest Kyle Bridges. Kyle talks about a piece of river bottom ground he hunts in Oklahoma. The guys chat about how deer move through their properties, how the deer use the river, where they bed, and where they suspect the food sources to be.You may find this episode interesting if you hunt or have access to river bottom ground. Enjoy and good luck! Nine Finger Chronicles is Powered by Simplecast
There is nothing more important than sharing our love and passion for the outdoors with the next generation.  This week we discuss what we have tried to do to introduce our own children to the outdoors and also why we feel it is so important to introduce children to the outdoors.  We also discuss the importance of not setting your expectations too high and keeping their experiences enjoyable.  We even mention a few failures we have had despite our best intentions. Ohio Huntsman is Powered by Simplecast
This Spring has been one to remember from chasing turkeys to burning down the roads on consulting trips. Two recent trips took Adam to the hills of Central Pennsylvania and Matt to the lakes of Minnesota. These two northern regions created some important field observations and similar management strategies. When traveling and working in different regions of the country it is important to recall the significance of each area. There are no cookie-cutter situations where all the techniques work the same and the climate conditions are similar. On our trips, we both recognize that woody browse is so incredibly significant to understand and produce, there are various ways to accomplish this. For Adam, timber harvesting was critical and being executed routinely. On the other hand, TSI and shrub plantings were the recommendations for Matt in his region. Without a doubt, principles of habitat management don't change, however, each and every region must be studied and examined to produce the best habitat that is suitable for wildlife. is applicable.  We hope you enjoy learning about the management opportunities that each region has even if you are from other portions of the country. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand Land & Legacy is Powered by Simplecast
Back on the road again, Matt and Frank discuss a recent trip to the heart of deer country in SouthEast Kansas. Working with new landowners is always enjoyable, but these two, a father and son, have an incredible work ethic and desire to improve habitat the right way. They aren't looking for quick fixes, they know the work before themis going to be tough, but rewarding. So we developed a plan for them to use in transforming a simple travel corridor into a deer holding and hunting mecca. This 120 acres of an abandoned homestead is the only cover around for a large area. Two large creek systems flow through the farm north to south that is surrounded by native pastures and dotted agriculture fields. You can see as it lays by examining and aerial that this farm would be attracting deer along this large corridor. However, that is isn't satisfactory, the goal is to maximize each and every acre! So we are going to expand existing corridors, create new ones running east to west with the existing cover andslow deer down as they hit the farm by creating new food resources and superior bedding. I cannot wait to get the success photos back from these two! This farm is ready for an overhaul and these two landowners are just the pair to do. #ForLoveoftheLand  Land & Legacy is Powered by Simplecast
Freelance writer, Sarah Engstrand went on a journey writing an article outside of her normal scope of life.  She wrote the article “Hunters See Their Hobby as a Food Source Amid COVID-19 Pandemic”  Not a stranger to food and the culinary world,  she understands the language of feeding self and others she took the opportunity to talk to several hunters and anglers about their wild food supply.  Noticing the shorter the food chain, the less that these food shortages had an effect.  Join Nick as he talks to a non-hunter who has noticed the bright side of acquiring your own meat.Show NotesSarah Engstrand is a Freelance writer, editor, and Public Relations consultant for restaurants in Hong Kong.  She covers many subjects in her writing, and lots of exotic locations.  She undertook the task of writing about hunters and their wild game harvest.  With the quick development of the covid virus pandemic and soon after, a meat shortage, her story took a slight turn to how the shortage had little effect on folks who are self-reliant when it comes to meat.  Not only was she able to grasp what we do as hunters and why we do it, but that it doesn’t go without a lot thought and concern for the game we chase.  She had understanding of seasons and tags, but was enlightened to how much conservation plays into our lifestyle.  She also found it fascinating, as small of a community that hunters and anglers makeup of the whole population, we are semi separated into our own “tribes” of thoughts on what animals to take.  None of this is news to those who hunt and fish.  However, folks who do not are feeling the effects of these shortages, and are taking notice of that having connection where their food comes from might be something they change in their own lives. Sarah’s Article: Huntavore is Powered by Simplecast
The Pro Talk Outdoors team had one heck of a circus-like turkey season while filming season four of their original series "In A Strut" set to air in 2021.  They ran along some major accidents, misses, a run in with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife, and one TON of fun.  Give this episode a listen to catch all of that, as well as how one set a personal best bird, and another got their first ever.  Hook 'Em or Hunt 'Em! Pro Talk Outdoors is Powered by Simplecast
We're sad to say that this will be the last episode of the turkey season podcasts. Fear not, deer season is just right around the corner! We're going to get back to the grind of deer season prep next week! To end turkey season, Parker and Drew are recapping the recent trip Parker took to Tennessee to hunt public land gobblers. To say this trip was successful would be the understatement of the year. Not only did Parker punch two turkey tags, he had one of the most memorable turkey hunts that has ever existed... maybe ever! He got the rare opportunity to take a white gobbler, a once in a lifetime bird. In episode 79, Parker tells the story of the hunt for the longboard he calls "White Lightening". The guys discuss the tactics, the hunt, and ultimately the experience that surrounded this amazing day in the woods.  Southern Ground Hunting is powered by Simple Cast.
On this episode of the Hunting Gear Podcast Dan and Bob talk about the new gear they have purchased for the upcoming season. Bob talks about his new bow and spotting scope he recently acquired and how he made his final decision. Dan shares how he is in the market for a new sleeping bag, arrows, water filtration system, and new water boiling system.The second half of the episode is about optics. Bob and Dan get in to the details about their binoculars, range fingers and spotting scopes and their thought process when making a decision buy. Hunting Gear Podcast is Powered by Simplecast
Today we are joined by Justin Allen, founder of Woodroad Gear Co. to talk about his high quality, performance based socks that are built for western hunters and outdoorsman. If there is one thing for sure when it comes to mountain hunting, your feet are everything so its important to have a good pair of socks inside your boots. Prior to this episode, I thought socks were just “socks” and I never put much thought into the design and technology, but Justin explains what makes Woodroad Gear different and why they use Alpaca wool in their products. I have been wearing a pair of their socks for a few weeks now and I am really digging their quality, comfort, and moisture wicking ability while hiking for hours in rugged terrain. If you’ll be doing some western hunting of your own this fall, make sure to check them out. For more information or to pick up a pair for yourself, please visit  GIVEAWAY ALERT!!Three lucky listeners will win a gear package of two pairs of socks and a hat from Woodroad Gear Co! Tune into the entire episode to find out how to enter to win! Transition Wild is Powered by Simplecast
When it come to having a passion for the outdoors, todays guest is second to none. On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan is joined by bowhunter Lucas Cayko to discuss learning to hunt in the river bottoms of North Dakota. Lucas and Dan talk about how he was learning to bowhunt at the same time his father was, how they went through a similar learning curve, and how they used to hunt as a team to track down and make moves on mature bucks.Lucas tells the story of the "Sunday Buck", a mature whitetail he and his father were chasing when he was 15 that only seemed to be active on, you guessed it, Sunday. Lucas and his dad had an idea that lead them to using the river as an access route to backdoor the area this buck was living. Although they didn't kill the deer, this opened up a whole new way of accessing the public land ground that they hunt, giving them more opportunities and mature bucks over the years. The guys also get in to a good discussion about how water levels affect deer movement, how the deer move between the lower river bottom ground and the higher agriculture fields, and and overall discussion on his strategy. Nine Finger Chronicles is Powered by Simplecast
If you haven't learned yet, we love prescribed fire for managing native plant communities. Fire has so many different elements that impact the result of applying fire to the landscape. It has its cautions, but so do running a chainsaw and applying an herbicide. Take the precautions and use this incredible tool! After two different prescribed fires completed this year on the Prairie Hollow Property, there are several results to discuss. The later burn timing allowed us to specifically target and top kill multiflora rose and many other woodland shrubs such as spicebush. After opening up the canopy over the past few years through a timber harvest and TSI, the growth was impressive, so fire allowed us to reset this growth. It is critical as we discuss in the podcast to have sunlight reaching the ground if you want prescribed fire to produce quality results. If you want or need drastic results, you have to do drastic things! We hope you enjoy learning about prescribed fire and how we use this natural and incredible tool to improve the landscape for wildife and plant communities.  Land & Legacy is Powered by Simplecast
Sit back and enjoy! Yup, we went there and put a bullseye on soybeans!  This week, we invited Kip Adams of the QDMA to discuss how bucks grow antlers. This is a complex subject and one that many folks are severely misunderstood about. The timing is critical to understand when evaluating the driving factors and influences revolving around antlers. Many people are focused on turkey hunting or food plots to slow down and see that antler formation begins during late March or April each and every year. Soybeans in most areas are still two months away from being a beneficial forage and adding value to antler growth. Roughly 50%+ of antlers are developed by mid-June! Think about that the next time you consider how valuable food plots are to growing antlers.  So what then makes antlers grow? Forbs, native broadleaf annual and perennial plant species are the magic that fuels the mind-blowing growth every hunter is enthralled with each fall. Please take time to share this podcast with each hunter, food plotter. land manager, and whitetail enthusiast that you know. Antlers help drive conservation, so understanding them is critical will help improve habitat across the country. Land & Legacy is Powered by Simplecast
When it comes to making a business surrounded around content, selling advertising is one way to make money. On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan talks about his sponsors. Dan discusses what's important when building a relationship with these companies, the importance of company culture where the employees are participants in the activity where their products are used and promoted, and the stories behind Dan's introduction to these products. Nine Finger Chronicles is Powered by Simplecast
Only a few southern states offer opportunities to hunt turkeys until mid-May. This week we're talking all about late season turkey hunting with our friends Andy Melton & David Williams of Longbeard Legends. These Tennessee turkey hunting machines drop some serious knowledge about what it takes to bag a late season gobbler, when it seems like most of them either still have hens or want nothing to do with your calls. Along with guest co-host Adam Crews, we discuss different strategies on how to punch a tag during this last difficult part of the season. Parker brings a scenario to the table about a specific public land gobbler he has been hunting on his trip to Tennessee. The guys break down possible access, how close to get to his roost, what type of calls he should make, and how to predict his possible travel. This is a fun episode with a great group of guys. Make sure to check out Longbeard Legends on all social media platforms, as well as on YouTube. Thanks for listening! Southern Ground Hunting is powered by Simple Cast.
You may know Clayton Campbell from the TV show Heartland Bowhunter. But his love for the outdoors started well before the TV show was even an idea. Like Dan, Clayton was introduced to the outdoors through pheasant hunting and after spending time with his uncle while in high school bowhunting became his #1 priority.On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan and Clayton talk about how he was introduced to bowhunting, how he struggled in his first couple years, when he became officially obsessed, and the path in to habitat management and planting food plots.Lastly, the guys talk about how he has introduced his kids in to hunting and even gives Dan some advice to keep them interested even when the action is slow. Nine Finger Chronicles is Powered by Simplecast
In this episode the guys talk about navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and how in some cases, stay-at-home has resulted in more time in the woods. You'll learn some interesting statistics about hunter license sales and turkey hunting participation from a recent Outdoor Life article. A recent related NDA survey is also discussed.For more information or to join the National Deer Alliance, visit: visit the National Deer Alliance CWD Resources Center, visit: sign up for NDA's Grassroots Advocacy Center, visit: Coffee & Deer is Powered by Simplecast
On this episode of the Hunting Gear Podcast, Dan talks with Mitch Haifley of Vantage Point Archery about their company history and how they were the first fully machined broadhead on the market almost 15 years ago.Mitch explains how the company started off with 3 SKU's and now has over 50 varieties of broadheads. They discuss the design and engineering process, where they see their brand in 10 years, and why they feel they have a great product.  Hunting Gear Podcast is Powered by Simplecast
On today's episode I have a guest you should be familiar with, Ted Bright. Ted and I did a podcast about his deer season last fall where he knocked down a couple of really nice public land bucks in Missouri. Well, he also had a banner season this year turkey hunting as well. Between birds he killed or called in for his son or close friends, Ted totaled up over a half a dozen gobblers this year. It was a significant jump from previous years, so a lot of what we talked about was exactly what he did this year and how it was different from years past. We talk about several of those hunts in detail. The general style is the quintessential run and gun style of hill country hunting. The turkey hunting style Ted has adopted isn't entire a new concept, but it is one that many people try to employ, especially when hunting larger chunks of non-agricultural land. He's refined his strategy and gear list to carry only the absolute essentials, which we go over as well. I hope you enjoy the episode; I certainly did.  DIY Sportsman is Powered by Simplecast
On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles,  Dan and Bob talk about their upcoming plans for the fall, an update on their turkey seasons, and the different whitetail strategies they plan on using in Michigan, Iowa, and Nebraska.  They even get in to a discussion about moon phases.  Dan has a little bit of a scheduling conflict in October where he has to decide when he plans to make his trip to South Dakota for a Mule Deer and and still make it to Michigan to make good on a promise to hunt public land. Lastly, the conversation turns to gear for a moment where Bob admits he has a little bit of a spending problem when it comes to hunting equipment.  Nine Finger Chronicles is Powered by Simplecast
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Dan Figard

man best way to analyze your hunting property I have ever come across and I listen and study whaitail deer and terrain every single day my life!

Nov 7th


Lacrosse boots just suck.

Nov 4th

Brandon Sikes

Sika came to Delmarva in the early 1900's. Definitely not 1970. Also, they taste nothing like Mule deer when we get them out of MD. Way better than whitetail.

Feb 9th

Jonathon Reffke

great podcasts on turkey hunting, alot of really insightful stuff to keep in mind for early season strategies. Could do without all the religious comments though, not all hunters share your beliefs.

Feb 6th

Chandler Hart

i would like your guys contact information

Jan 31st

Nicholas Markanjevic

Glad to see someone talking about the deer reacting to the flight noise of the arrow and not just jumping the string. literally the first time I've heard a podcast discuss this issue.

Jan 9th

Richie Preseau

what are your thoughts on people not punching their tags after mortally wounding the deer but not finding it and hunting still thanks for your storys

Nov 13th
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