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Author: Franceasca Seiden

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Sex, Magick and Dessert is hosted by Franceasca. She is an award winning filmmaker, writer, curator, alchemystic, clairsentient healer. SMD guests range from visual artists, mystics, writers, witches, healers, sexual health experts and more. We discuss human sexuality, the esoteric arts and all that is decadent, delicious and divine. Off the cuff and raw. We welcome the most creative, naughty, funny and magickal people the world has to offer. Support this podcast:
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Established in Miami in 2004, artist "Alligator Jesus" other wise known as David Tamargo combines his passion for art and design into hand made pieces in small quantities with limited availability. Now with over a decade of experience, he believes in creating pieces that are unique and special, not mass made or commercially produced. Now located in Los Angeles, all works are designed by David Tamargo and handmade in the USA. Bringing clients memorable works of wearable art to their ordinary day. David Tamargo is a Cuban-American jewelry designer and curator his life merges decades of involvement in visual and cinematic arts, music, design, and emerging technologies. He has consulted for art galleries, museums, art organizations, and private clients. (Check out his sites and see the likes of Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Joe Armstrong and many more sporting custom made grillz.) --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Born on Lesbos, Greece, Eurydice is a multimedia artist and visionary whose body of work is infused with a consistent ideological and aesthetic study of female marginalization and objectification, and the dualisms of mind vs. body, of repressed vs. uninhibited sexuality in daily life, as these are influenced by history and displacement. Eurydice Eve is the author of Satyricon USA; A Journey Across The New Sexual Frontier (by Scribner , Simon & Schuster, & Touchstone); of f/32: The Second Coming (by Virago Press); of f/32 (by Fiction Collective) & is at work on her memoir The Lesbian, her novella Eurydice In Her Own Words, & her non-fiction book Speak Sex To Power. A live conversation about sex & intimacy, fact & fear, gender & patriarchy, Body-Mind-Soul. Real Sex, Real Talk. Transformational Education. We aim to launch a new collective language * all-inclusive cultural acceptance of articulate conscious sex. Interviews, news, truths. Be on the frontlines of the Sexual R/Evolution: Speak Sex! Eurydice is the inventor of scribal therapy and the founder of the Institute for Self-Satisfaction. Scribal Therapy is the focused daily practice of writing by hand in order to manifest self-knowledge & self-healing. Eurydice believes in words as alchemical symbols as well as signifiers. She is the author of three books on modern sexuality: Satyricon USA (Scribner), f/32: The Second Coming (Virago), f/32 (Richard Kasak & Fiction Collective II). She also wrote the Sex Files investigative series and advice column for Spin & Gear magazines. Eurydice has taught at the Ivy League Graduate level (Brown U Literary Studies) and at the homeless women’s shelter (Lotus House), in a women’s prison and a Syrian refugee camp. Her career, her philosophy and her daily life are focused on fostering evolutionary social change through personal transformational education. She has mentored hundreds of young people and has coached hundreds of adults into liberational self-discovery and fundamental life change through self-sourced social reconditioning. Eurydice Eve is the founder of The Institute for Self-Satisfaction, a Gurdjieff-inspired non-profit based in Florida, US, & of The Lost Genius Academy, a refugee-supporting NGO based on Lesbos Greece. She has initiated an archival body of women’s oral histories & has volunteered at the refugee camps on her native island & womens’ homeless shelters in Miami. Her Speak Sex Podcast has so far been part of her activist volunteerism in support of amplifying personal liberation. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Experiential artist Victor Wilde cut his teeth and first shared with the world his work in experimental video and public performance art. Victor’s interactive fashion performances and installations have appeared at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Somos Gallery  (Berlin), Tokyo Fashion Week, the Walt Disney Concert Hall (LA), LA Weekly’s Artopia, and the OC Center for Contemporary Art. It is from his art that The Bohemian Society label was borne in Downtown Los Angeles in 2003, where Victor continues to live and work. The Bohemian Society collection is meant to excite and surprise. Each item of clothing, while worn, should inspire the same feelings you get from seeing powerful art. It strives to be thought-provoking and emotional and bigger than itself, reflective of something both hidden and essential about the world; enduring, but of its time. Sex, Magick & Dessert Podcast is Listener Support. We Invite You To Be A Part In the Creation of Our Vibration. Visit, Subscribe, Share at --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Armed with a bold voice, a keen critical eye, and an expanded perspective, Dani Katz established her reputation as one of LA’s edgiest literary talents while writing about art, sex, consciousness, wellness, spirituality and transformational culture for the LA Weekly, back in its early millennium heyday. She has since contributed to dozens of publications, including Los Angeles Times, Vice, Teen Vogue, Swindle, LA Yoga, Whole Life Times/Magazine and Santa Fe Reporter, as well as Nerve, The Numinous and Reality Sandwich. In addition to her broad spectrum of formal studies and practical experience, including a Master’s Degree in Journalism, Katz has spent the past several years immersed in the study of Quantum Languaging and conscious communication, researching and perfecting the myriad ways, whys and hows that language influences our every human experience. She is the author of Word Up: Little Languaging Hacks for Big Change – a timely collection of simple communication tweaks and tools with massive evolutionary implications that every visionary change-maker on the planet would be wise to read, grok and integrate, immediately. Known as well for her adorable line drawings as she is her wily wordplay, Katz’s illustrations have shown in numerous fine art galleries, and are featured alongside the bulk of her articles, as well as on her Society6 product line. She is the creator of the cult classic, I AM calendar, which inspired her transformational coloring book, Yes, I Am, as well as her animated Planetary Service Announcement series, which features languaging hacks, cultural criticism, consciousness expanding tips and paradigm-shattering thinky-fodder for planetary citizens who give a shit, and like to giggle. Her PSAs have appeared on Z Living, Reality Sandwich, Elephant Journal and The Numinous, as well as her  YouTube channel, which you totally want to subscribe to.  Edited | Iris Beatrix  NOTE : Dani Katz wrote for CNN not produced --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Jana Cruder is Bridging  the gap between Activism & Social Change through:  ART PERFORMANCE, FILM, PHOTOGRAPHY & INSTALLATION. She is an award winning photographer that has captured some of the most well known celebrities, tastemakers and influential people in the public eye. Her work as balances femininity and power. Cruder’s experimental, experiential, immersive, conceptual installations range from the environment, society technology, and how it affects the human condition. In other words our evolution as a global society. We also take an honest journey into her passion as she gives us insight into her experiences as a plant alchemist. And how plant based medicine such as ayahuasca , psilocybin - mushrooms, + others, are used in sacred ceremonies because of their healing properties - that not only can heal anxiety, depression, ptsd but also ancestral trauma. Jana gives a sneak peak into her newest body of work slated for 2021, "Room of Rainbows." The resurgence of interest in psychedelics among medical researchers in the past decade has led to new findings and ongoing clinical trials using LSD, psilocybin, MDMA, and other drugs. But while this research is taking place in clinical settings, an underground—and understudied—community of people is helping others to use plant-based hallucinogenic drugs. In guided sessions or ceremonies, facilitators administer drugs like ayahuasca or psilocybin to people looking to alter their consciousness and improve their mental health. Check Out More of Her Work & Follow Jana Cruder on Instagram for updates. @janacruder @naturalplasticity SEX, MAGICK & DESSERT IS LISTENER SUPPORTED. WE INVITE YOU TO JOIN IN THE CREATION OF OUR VIBRATION (LINK BELOW) --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
SEX, MAGICK & DESSERT IS LISTENER SUPPORTED. WE INVITE YOU IN THE CREATION OF OUR VIBRATION.  (This episode contains explicit content)  Kanso, a professional Shibari & Kinbaku Rope Artist, #Instructor, Performer & Sex Positive Educator . He has studied the human anatomy w• a background in TCM in Acupuncture acquired in China in the mid 2000's. Kanso has long been fascinated with Simplicity of Aesthetics: Art, Culture, Food & Somatic Pleasurable Experiences . After visiting an underground BDSM club in Tokyo, where performances included the ancient Japanese art form of Shibari. He came back to the Bay Area & began a career as Rope Artist. (Shibari simply means "To Tie." Kinbaku means "To Bind.") He is a world traveler with clients that span the globe. He’s performed at San Francisco Folsom Street Fair & Lightning in a Bottle Festival just to name a couple... He has a school & a wide variety of clientele w/ private clients & public demos.  Needless to say in this episode we get down and dirty, & extremely inappropriate. It's not for Gratuitous reasons even if we have a laugh here & there. Our conversation is candid & maybe not for everyone but it’s authentic, & a lesson in the #counterculture of #kink & bdsm. So put away that toxic shame surrounding sex & get cozy w/ the one you’re quarantined with, even if that means a night of self lovin’ aka #masturbation.  When Kanso speaks, you can feel the amount of respect he has for his work, his emotional intelligence & how he holds space for those that seek to release #trauma by these alternative methods. He is refreshingly honest about subjects that most people find #taboo . Listen w• an open heart, mind & educate yourself on "the kink" counterculture & how it can be used as an alternative healing therapy . Loosen up with a glass of wine, because it's sexy time!  Kanso is founder & head Instructor at the Rope Circle. He was first introduced to the world of Japanese rope bondage (Shibari) while visiting Japan 2006 and has spent the many years refining his rope practice and skills. In 2010 he co-created Bondage Erotique with the intent of introducing a more sensual and intimate approach to rope bondage. He has taught rope intensives in NYC, L.A. Atlanta, Dallas, Portland, San Antonio, D.C, etc, and has performed extensively at corporate events, art shows & music festivals across the U.S. He was a regular rope instructor at the SF Armory/ for four years until it closed its doors in 2018 and taught the year-long Shibari curriculum taking students from beginner classes through to advanced rope suspension training.He continues to offer several on-going monthly classes and events in his hometown of San Francisco. He is also the co-founder of BARE (the Bay Area Rope Exchange), which hosts rope parties and puts on highly popular bondage performances at the Folsom Street Fair annually. In 2017, Kanso started the Kiss of Rope with the intention of bringing the art of Japanese rope more into the mainstream, through performance art and private instruction. The aim is to raise awareness of Shibari as a transformational practice that helps build deeper intimacy, connection and sensuality between partners. Kanso_Kinbaku Kanso Rope Artist Kanso 簡素 interview with Kanso --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Safyra is a clairvoyant hypnotherapist with a background in Tao Yoga, NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Qigong, Tantrica and Dance. She is the definition of a mystic and healer in my opinion, and has trained, taught and continues to work internationally with clients in Bali, Thailand, The Middle East, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, New York, San Francisco and online and is based in Los Angeles. She uses the art of dance to activate sacred femininity expressing the power of the body. Safyra is a friend, someone who I admire greatly and have worked with regularly in hypnosis to heal my own trauma, karmic connections, contracts and pre-conditioned behaviors. I have taken classes and workshops with her and have witnessed her innate authenticity in holding her own power while helping others gain theirs. We discuss the origins of the ancient practices of qigong, taoism, yoga, the gut brain, the sacred feminine, bellydancing and much more.  ____________ To book a session visit her site : ____________ We are listener supported so you can share in the creation of vibration by going to  --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
In this episode of Sex, Magick and Dessert I interview Dr. Cara Quant. Dr Quant is an internal medicine physician and founder of Viva La Vulva, an organization that educates on female sexual health and wellness and multimedia visual arts.  We discuss the benefits of sexual pleasure and creativity, pussy oracle "vulva readings," suggested lubricants, a healthy pelvic floor and female ejaculation aka squirting.  "The Art World & The Medical World Together Can Do More Than Seperately." - Dr. Cara Quant Viva La Vulva’s mission is to break down the barriers that stop both men and women from talking and learning about female sexual health in a way that transcends race, culture, age and geography. A safe engaging platform through art and medical expertise to normalize the concept of female sexual health. A driving force of change in the way female sexual health is perceived. Viva La Vulva is a movement created and organized by Internal Medicine physician, Dr. Cara Quant who noticed how men’s sexual issues are regularly discussed in the medical community, but women’s sexual health issues are often overlooked.  She understands that the language of art can be used for education and as a means of healing. She brought together a diverse team of people with a shared vision to bring the idea of Viva La Vulva into reality. “So many things can affect a woman’s sexual health throughout her life such as sexual abuse, pregnancy, stress, menopause, cultural ideals and often times the pain or lack of desire that happens as a result of these life events that are not addressed. Education is the key to overcoming.”  says Dr. Quant. Viva La Vulva Podcast For more info on Franceasca Seiden and SAHA visit Sexual Alchemy Healing Arts and LAiCreatives --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
Kayla Tange talks about life as a Performance Artist, Burlesque Dancer & Stripper + her other personality the humorous & Sexy, Coco Ono. How her work gets personal by infusing audience participation as a creative therapeutic release for all. --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
2.6.18_Intro_ Sex,Magick&Dessert Guest, Disco Dining Club's : Courtney Nichols • 2.6.18_Intro_ Sex,Magick&Dessert Guest, Disco Dining Club's : Courtney Nichols • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC • Courtney Nichols X DDC --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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Rey Ross

In the Harnessing Your Inner Priestess episode the host made a racist "joke" about covid. I left a comment about it on their instagram and was blocked. I wanted to like this podcast, but I don't support racism. Very disappointed not only in the fact that they made the "joke", but also in the fact that when I gave them the opportunity to have a discussion they instead blocked me with no acknowledgement of their wrongdoing.

Feb 5th
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