DiscoverEating Curveballs for Breakfast - Stacie Mahoe
Eating Curveballs for Breakfast - Stacie Mahoe
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Eating Curveballs for Breakfast - Stacie Mahoe

Author: Stacie Mahoe

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A podcast about developing personal power and activating excellence in yourself and others ... and doing so with grace, simplicity, and ease to boot 💕
(this description was updated in Jan 2020, episode 83)
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Sometimes we’re afraid to admit we don’t know what to do or don’t have all the answers or don’t know what the next best step is. But what if that’s okay? I share more on this in this episode. Enjoy!
Rocky is a husband, father, and business owner who helps businesses/teams strengthen their culture and connection through a process called identity mapping. Through this same process, he helps individuals discover the conviction and confidence they need to build the life they want and believe in. Rocky shares what lead him here, lessons learned through life, common issues human beings (and companies) face without the understanding of who they truly are, ONE thing he's clear about and focused on so he can make this year better than last, what you need to give yourself, and more ... Connect with Rocky ... Sent a text message to 4696498441 Web: IG: FB: Linked in: Rocky Garza
Got to chat with Coach Reed for an interview for Impact Nation. Thought you'd enjoy this conversation about the power of our words as parents, coaches, teachers, leaders, how it affects the brain, the emotional state, your relationships, the performance of those you lead. Plus a super simple, yet powerful, shift you can make in your language and communication immediately. All of that is in this episode for you! Learn more about the tools Coach Reed mentions in this episode at
Teaching excellence and an obstacle that we can run into as leaders, coaches, parents, etc. This episode was inspired by a conversation I had with a leader who was experiencing frustration and concern in this process with their athlete because the athlete was becoming rather discouraged.
My best tips for maximizing your time and energy when you have a full schedule, a busy life, a ton in your plate, and “not enough time in a day” to get it all done.
Reflecting back over the past year and beyond and well as the past week, sharing some ideas, some concepts, some lessons learned, some works of encouragement that have been incredibly helpful for me and I hope they will be for you too. Enjoy!
Heyyyy, happy 2019! Just popping in to share updates and lessons learned so far this year :)
This Hawai`i girl is heading into the frozen-ness of the mainland US to be part of some epic events! BUT, as you can imagine, things don’t always go perfectly when heading into these kinds of things. So, listen in to hear about the attitude adjustment I needed to give myself and what that has to do with you :) Enjoy!
Making the tough stuff feel "easier."
Just sharing some thoughts on a few topics that popped up today. Hope you enjoy this episode, feel free to connect with me at
Twists, turns, ups, downs, bumps in the road, and all worth it. So thankful for these real life lessons. Enjoy!
Sharing some thoughts on the state of youth sports today, what it means for multisport athletes, interesting perspectives I heard shared as well as the questions and thoughts it sparked in my brain. Enjoy! :)
No notes. No summary. Everything I have to say today is in the episode. Press play :)
Words lf wisdom that got me thinking. Sharing with you so you can figure out what you need to do to set yourself up for success and make achieving your most important goals inevitable. Good stuff :),
Recurring themes that I've seen coming up again and again as I connect with, and talk to, sports parents. Breaking down some misconceptions about the college recruiting journey, a common issue that blocks performance for some athletes, some mindset shifts around these areas. Plus, various ways I'm here to support you through this incredible, but not always easy journey <3
I took a few minutes to ask my younger kids about sports and how they feel about their older siblings being involved in sports. Heres what they had to say ...
Simple exercise you can to do lay the foundation for actually having the great season you really want. This one is short and sweet. Enjoy!
My expeience with a torn calf, thoughts on training and mindset, mistakes made, and why I've been a little MIA :)
69: Inspired by WCWS

69: Inspired by WCWS


Wow! What a series. Congrats to FSU! There was history made, there were so many wonderful moments shared, so many wonderful conversations started because of the WCWS. You'll hear about heart, effort, coaching, leadership, pitch calling, Kelly Inouye-Perez's awesome video with tips for coaches and more! Enjoy <3 Kelly Inouye-Perez:
Fun chat with Gordon Maclelland from the UK, CEO of WWPIS (Working With Parents in Sport)! I enjoyed hearing Gordon's perspective on being a sports parent, the experience that sparked the development of the Parents in Sport website, who he feels the greatest influence is in a child's youth sports experience, some tips on what to do when your child makes mistakes and/or doesn't seem to be giving their very best effort, and all kinds of other great concepts for parents to keep in mind as we navigate this competitive world of sports with our children. Visit Gordon's website at
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