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Author: Mark Hayward

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This podcast will interview entrepreneurs, business owners, career-ists, and authors. We will delve into their journey to success, key life milestones and go deep into their area of expertise. There will be a focus on the start-up period of these entrepreneurs to gain insight for my audience. Get ready to learn from others successes and failures.
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A feature length episode with Will Nitze, who is Founder and CEO of IQBAR.  We talk about his passion for psychology and neuroscience, inspired by his degree, which was fascinating. Will learnt many things from his first sales role in software, he learnt transferable skills like email, notes, compelling pitch and excel, which helped him through his career in business. Will talks about the best piece of advice which was “build something or sell something” which drove him to build IQBAR. We have some fun talking about his experience in national chess tournaments. The inspiration for his nutrition business with his chronic brain illness, symptoms included brain fog and headaches. The key to his recovery was good food, sleep, and nutrition. His current diet is low carb, less bread, pasta and rice and only complex carbs like leafy green vegetables. This diet he believes has helped him recovery from illness. His bar business is to help doers be the best they can. Interestingly, Will built his bar business through crowd funding not external investment. Will talks about his experience in product orientated businesses. Support the show (
Part 2 of the interview with Chris Marhefka, we talk more about his current role at CEO of Training Camp for the Soul. This program was that thing that changed Chris’ life in 2019, he was a client initially and is now CEO with the founder of the business. This program is to teach how to create real transformation in your life.It teaches the client how to see their lives like a movie, you may be the main character, but this course teaches you to maybe be the writer or producer of the movie. This is a powerful activity to view your life in a different way. Whether it is relationships, purpose, work, health, self-confidence, or self-judgement Chris can rewrite the programming in our life. We inherit a lot of this from our parents, or culture or government, or religion but the belief that this isn’t fixed.  Chris talks about the role of the inner child in your life. Your understanding of life is very personal and based on your inner child. We then talk about the role of masculinity as a positive - protector or negatively – destroyer. One practical exercise to do now is to slow your breath down, not full mediation but slowing the breath down. This can regulate your nervous system, and it can tell your body that it is safe. It can give you space to reset the switch to rest rather than stress. This is a fascinating conversation about transforming your life. Support the show (
A feature length episode with Chris Marhefka, who is CEO at Training Camp for the Soul. This is a two-part episode, first episode about Chris’ education and business career and the second one is more about his current role. Chris started a degree in finance and business, which was a default major, not knowing his true path. At graduation he was planning a corporate career but in 2008 the job was removed, and he had no career. He then joined a local wealth management business but didn’t enjoy the suit environment, so he left without a plan. He knew he wanted to start a business, so he started a gym, Chris enjoyed helping people, leading groups, personal training and grew this into a business. He built it as a tribe by organically growing and making connections with his fit family. Chris then started a meal preparation business which rocketed. He created the business with a proof of concept, then a website and had paid customers in 7 days. He then started business coaching, but his story changed when he was married. For 2 years Chris felt he was missing something from his life and had no fulfilment in his business. He attended the Training Camp for the Soul course and was taught to gain control of his life. Chris and his wife went around the USA in a RV. Through the journey he felt his relationship with his wife was going in a different direction. Both parties didn’t want to be in a relationship and not be their true self. This was massive forgiveness time for both of them. Chris felt he needed lightness, a slower pace in life, and play in his life. His life needed to base on passion not obligation.  Chris and his wife broke up and started different projects. This podcast was massively powerful for me, it made me think about my life, purpose, and fulfilment. This can bring change in your life too.  Chris is now creating his own light in his life!Support the show (
A feature length interview with John Briggs, founder of Incite Tax.  We start with his business which does a few different things including help grow wealth by tax saving, cashflow management and bookkeeping. John has found in his experience entrepreneurs often want to ignore tax and cashflow. John explains that he thinks we are conditioned that tax is too complicated, so they ignore it.John has written the book called Profit first for Micro-gyms and he employs the Profit First for his business and his clients. Incite Tax has a mission to give entrepreneurs work life balance without burn out. We discuss the importance to have an accountant and tax advisor for an entrepreneur’s business. We then talk about his job experience, his first job he worked for a greedy and lazy employer. They spent all their income on expenses, there were no boundaries on their cash. His second role was fascinating to see how not to run a business. These two stories will be powerful, I promise. Support the show (
A feature length interview episode with Jason Osbourn, CEO of Impact for Leads. His business is working with businesses, coaches, consultants, and advisors using LinkedIn and generating leads. Jason believes that LinkedIn is under-utilised in 2021. Most people still think it is a CV website. Most people try to use like FB and Instagram. The best way to use LinkedIn is to use it as online version online networking event. Networking is different to posting and it is important to build rapport on LinkedIn. LinkedIn should be a long-term game to build credibility. Jason has a LinkedIn leads methodology:1) Laser focussed 2) Expertly connect 3) Add value 4) Direct and close 5) ScalingJason studied his degree in finance because he loves it and is a big maths person. His career when from sales, and business development to helping speakers and then coaching people. He has lived in Texas, Ireland, and UK. Support the show (
A feature length interview episode with Nikki Nash, who is an author, speaker, podcast host and marketing mentor. Nikki Nash is a marketing mentor after she left role as Head of Marketing at a tech start up to start her own business. Her business strategy is to help entrepreneurs create leads and find their dream clients. She does this in a few ways including private coaching, online training, and group sessions. We talk about the similarity with being a marketing mentor and a business mentor. People hire people similar to them. We discuss how entrepreneurship is honest not based on colour, creed or religion or race. But people are conditioned for business. Personal brand for business owners is more important than ever, the pandemic has heightened the need for end buyer wanting to know what sellers stand for. People are inspired to spend their money with ethical people.Nikki gives insight into her strategy for marketing which is Hook -> Tell story -> Repeat points -> Then take action. We talk about her podcast which was initially a solo show with teaching on marketing but developed into conversation about business. She loves her podcast and the opportunities it has given her. Nikki talks about previously she was focussed on shifting strategies in your business, and she would move on from idea to idea and never been successful Her mantra now is Do less better!Support the show (
A feature length interview with Louise Bedford and Chris Tate, who are the founders of Trading Game, based in Australia. Louise and Chris have been working together in Trading Game for more than 20 years and have been traders since 1980’s and 1990’s.  Their unique selling point is that they teach new traders all the instruments, over all time frames but with their own trading plan. We talk about the differences between men and women traders. Louise talks about their survey of 2,000 traders which found that women are talkers, over prepare and don’t take too many risks. Whereas men are riskier and tend to over trade. Both genders can be successful as traders but approach it differently. Their community and teaching are important to them, and their support is often not based on trading skills but individual’s emotions. Louise tells me about her ‘Bliss Zone’, where passion meets money. Often the area that people love isn’t going to pay bills. This zone is where love, skill and money exist. I also get a free book writing therapy session, both Louise and Chris talk me through the process to write a book. This was fascinating and helpful for my mindset. Websitewww.absolutebusinessmindset.comPodcast me onLinkedIn - - Support the show (
This is a podcast I am going to talk about the role of mergers and acquisitions in our recent business past.Websitewww.absolutebusinessmindset.comPodcast me onLinkedIn - - the show (
A feature length interview with Steven Hoffman, who is CEO of Founder Space and author of “Make Elephants Fly" and "Surviving a Startup”.Steven has been successful with 3 different businesses; he then took a break and was being asked to help his friends setting up businesses. Steven then thought there might be an interesting opportunity so he set up events, roundtables and started an accelerator in Silicon Valley. His company now has 50 partners in 22 countries and has helped over 100 entrepreneurs. Steven then talks about the biggest companies solving the biggest problems. Steven’s experience is diverse with spending time as an TV executive in Hollywood, in interactive TV show and time spend in Japan for a games company. I then ask which tech will be more impactful AI or Blockchain? Steven’s response is fascinating talking about AI is a universal tech which improves business.  Whereas blockchain is narrow but highly innovative. Find more details about the podcast and my coaching business on: you want to be a podcaster? Sign up me onLinkedIn - - the show (
This is a podcast I am going to talk about 4 Types of Business Growth and 4 Main Strategies for Business Growth. Websitewww.absolutebusinessmindset.comPodcast me onLinkedIn - - the show (
A feature length interview with Lee Caraher, who is Founder and CEO of Double Forte which is a public relations, content marketing and social media firm.18 years ago Lee left a large multinational media company for a year off work. Unfortunately, Lee’s mother was taken ill, and she needed the flexibility to work for herself. She has learnt she enjoys being the boss and she started her agency by necessity not a need to be an entrepreneur. Lee started her company as a pure PR/media company before Twitter or Facebook but as the years went by digital with social medica content became more important. The communications eco system has changed and now she offers many different services.We discuss the difference between marketing and PR. The definition for Lee is that marketing is declaring yourself and places you want to be seen. PR is different because it carries the message for the company, and it is harder to predict. I ask Lee can PR be measured? The simple answer is it is much harder to measure than marketing, but social media has made it easier. Lee tells me about her books, she was impacted by millennials leaving her business and so she did research on workforce and released two books. The trend she found was that Millennials and Gen Z workforce are happier to change roles and jobs. Her message is to help this generation to leave company’s and hopefully come back with more experience and knowledge. This is often different to most businesses approach. As a bit of fun, Lee talks about her love for Jayne Austin fan fiction. She tells me about the fun and entertainment of reading stories based on Jayne Austin’s book. We then have a fascinating conversation about the story of media and news companies in the US and the important role of fact checkers in modern society.Find more details about the podcast and my coaching business on: you want to be a podcaster? Sign up me onLinkedIn - - the show (
This is a podcast I am going to talk about discrimination in business and life. I break it into 3 different areas:1) Race2) Gender3) Social MobilityWe all need to break these barriers down and prevent discrimination in all ways. Websitewww.absolutebusinessmindset.comPodcast me onLinkedIn - - the show (
A feature length interview with Jyotsna Ramachandran who is on a mission to help aspiring authors become published authors. She has helped over 500 authors in 7 years. Jyotsna has built an online business where she helps authors self-publish their books and gives business owners the ability to grow their business by being an author. Jyotsna premium service is her ‘Angel’ writing, this is much more than ghost writing. The angel writer works with author to showcase the authors expertise. The angel writer interviews the author and documents the authors passion about their area of expertise.  The listening skills are so important to portray the authors voice in the book. This is a fabulous service which will help time poor authors. The editing services is so important for Jyotsna’s business, she splits this into four areas1)    Manuscript review round – thinking about content, flow and missing information2)    Copy editing – line editing and suggesting vocabulary and structure3)    Proof reading – missed typos and grammar errors4)    Formatting by designer – editor does another round of editingJyotsna early career was in retail, where she worked as a salesperson in the front of house. She enjoyed this experience but soon wanted to run a recruitment business. She then become a Mum, and this changed her priority away from the recruitment business. This led her to a complete online business in helping authors. Find more details about the podcast and my coaching business on: you want to be a podcaster? Sign up me onLinkedIn - - the show (
I've been asked a few times recently about how to be a podcast guest or podcaster. In this podcast I talk you through the ways to make this happen and how I can help. Websitewww.absolutebusinessmindset.comPodcast me onLinkedIn - - the show (
A feature length episode with Amira Alvarez, she is a business coach and strategist helping high achieving women scale their businesses.Her mission is to help women entrepreneurs grow and scale their business. We talk about how money is a tool to grow in life and do more. Amira’s approach is to integrate freedom with money, life and a spiritual perspective. We talk about how to be financially free; this is different from everyone but her definition is ability to create outcomes you wanted and not be constrained by culture. Amira made a quantum leap in her business, but she describes the steps to be financially free was her recognition to treat herself better. She studied successful people like Richard Branson and Oprah and understood how these people spent their 24 hours in a day. We go deep into her flagship program, the Spirit of Wealth. This program works at every level, she teaches how to achieve order out of chaos and pushing her mentees to push to their edge to maintain growth.Find more details about the podcast and my coaching business on: you want to be a podcaster? Sign up me onLinkedIn - - the show (
This is Mindset Monday and I am sharing my belief that in business you should be looking for a win-win scenario. With clients you should approach deals that the client wins a brilliant product and you win as their provider. Both sides should win, and no-one should lose.  Websitewww.absolutebusinessmindset.comPodcast me onLinkedIn - - the show (
A feature length episode with Tatiana Tsoir, who is Tax and Accounting expert, author, and pivot coach.  We talk about her recently released book her called Dream Bold and Start Smart. She has been called a visionary accountant because she treats her accountancy practise like a business unlike most accountants. The traditional role as an accountant often works in compliance i.e., tax returns which investigates the past however this isn’t what people want, they want to focus on their business for example understanding profitability, cash flow, pricing better and saving money on tax. Tatiana’s first roles in accountancy was in New York in pure accounting roles like bookkeeping which was a rite of passage in accountancy. This is often misliked by other accountants, but she fell back in love with bookkeeping recently with the flexibility it provides for her life. We discuss the way that business coaching has changed her life with her two coaches which have a program together in business and accountancy. She has been able to plan her week, Monday and Thursday working days as an accountant, Tuesday and Wednesday working on book and courses, and Friday’s she takes off.If you are interested in a visionary path of a traditional business this podcast is for you. Find more details about the podcast and my coaching business on: you want to be a podcaster? Sign up me onLinkedIn - - the show (
This is a summer replay from an earlier podcast, I am talking about the importance of consistency in business and life. Find more details about the podcast and my coaching business on:www.absolutebusinessmindset.comDo you want to be a podcaster? Sign up me onLinkedIn - - the show (
A feature length interview with Martin Thomas, who is a wealth management advisor. Martin spent time in army reserves and applied himself which helped his development as a person more than school and college. Martin was an independent financial advisor for 34 years, and we discuss how the industry changed over those years. Martin provides great insight into the business and how he helped people.  A change in industry occurred in 2007 where Martin’s company was acquired by a large wealth management company.  Martin now helps high net wealth individuals protect their wealth, mainly through the stock market. Martin started a personal brand in February 2020 called Martin Thomas Financial Truth. In these videos on Facebook he talks people through potential pain points and solutions. Martin is a keen walker and he achieved the Coastal path walk achievement, which is 870 miles and he did it in 97 days. He did this for charity but personal challenge was important for him. If you want to be inspired then listen to this podcast.  Find more details about the podcast and my coaching business on: you want to be a podcaster? Sign up me onLinkedIn - - the show (
This is a podcast I am going to talk about the importance of goal setting in business life, and how in August it is my mid-year period for reviewing my goals. Find more details about the podcast and my coaching business on: you want to be a podcaster? Sign up me onLinkedIn - - the show (
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