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Author: Jason Roberts/Andrew Gadomski

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This is a podcast focused on the Talent/Recruiting technology market. Every week, industry veterans and practitioners in the field bring their thoughts on news and hot topics in the recruiting space.
30 Episodes
HR Tech Preview

HR Tech Preview


Andrew and Jason walk through what HR Tech looks like this year.  Fully online.  Completely free.  Join us as we point out must sessions and tech that has our attention this year.
The Allyo/HireVue acquisition has taken a bit of heat in some of the HR tech press with some seeing it in a negative light.  We couldn't disagree more!  Andrew and Jason spend this podcast talking through HireVue and Allyo's capabilities and the impact of this acquisition from the perspective of current customers and frequent buyers.  Spoiler Alert...We're pretty pumped about this combo!
Andrew and Jason talk through emerging best practices in Covid era technology for HR.  What are the most tech forward companies in the world using and how are more traditional companies adapting?
Jason and Andrew talk about HR Tech marketing in a world with no conferences.  Leads are hard to come by, conversations are easier, and closing a deal...well, thats a real problem. Program note:  We were a little delayed getting this out, so just imagine yourself stepping back in time about 30 days when listening.  
Jason and Andrew talk through their experiences in the recruiting industry in the last two economic downturns and what recruiters should know to weather this storm.  They also talk about the impact this time is having on small businesses...including nearly every HR Tech company.
Join Andrew and Jason as they talk through the way companies are adapting to the Covid-19 outbreak and the ultimate impact on the job market and hiring.  We call out some winning strategies, tech to focus on, and random Star Trek references.  and yes...we know its a really long one.  Give it a don't have anything better to do.
Join the brilliant Madeline Laurano for our final discussion coming from the Ally booth at HR Tech.  
We have a solid mix of topics for you today including Jason's new role in the industry, the value of independent analysis and CEO's going to jail because of bad HR policy.
Andrew and Jason have a great conversation from Allyo's booth at HR Tech with the great one himself...Doug Berg.  We talk zap, tech entrepreneurship and learn what it's like to be an international man of mystery.  You won't want to miss this one!
Jason and Andrew discuss the FTC complaint filed against HireVue, the value of validation, polygraphs and even some beanie babies.
On this episode, Jason and Andrew are joined in the Allyo podcast booth by Adam Godson to talk technology, RPO, and the value of competition.  
This is a special episode recorded in Allyo's booth at the Venetian during HR Tech with one of our all time favorite industry luminaries, Kevin Wheeler.
We had the privilege to conduct a series of interviews from Allyo's booth at HR Tech this year in Las Vegas.  In this episode we have Tracey Parsons speaking as one of the premier experts in our field on the topic of Candidate Experience.  Enjoy!
Andrew and Jason take a look at the reality of the bot market, who the major players are, and what they have to offer.  Of course, with these guys there are some data deep dives and talk of an interesting trend in the hourly space...Work today, get paid today.
We're Back!

We're Back!


Andrew and Jason are back and talking about Tableau's acquisition by SalesForce, Google's acquisition of Lookerr, ZapInfo is tackling some of our biggest problems, and some other stuff too.
In this episode, Andrew and Jason prove the ROI of a tech stack, talk about SAP's acquisition of Qualtrics and discuss scams in HR Tech.
Andrew and Jason are back from a long hiatus with an HR Tech debrief, VR talk and the HR side breakdown of SAP's acquisition of Qualtrics. Enjoy!
HR Tech Preview

HR Tech Preview


Andrew and Jason walk through some of the best and brightest they expect to see at HR Tech in September. Listen for top companies to check out and a top 10 list of the worst names in HR Tech.
Andrew and Jason discuss the most important metric for a recruiting organization. If you had to pick one, what would it be? There is also quite a debate on how sourcers should be measured. Does the same metric apply to both sourcers and recruiters? Spoiler alert...we don't agree!
We are back from our travels with bit of a mixed bag this time around. SourceCon Budapest happened and there is a new role for recruiters. Stick around to the end for a quick Solo review where Andrew's mom drops in for a bit.
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