DiscoverLutheran Preaching and Teaching from St. John Random Lake, Wisconsin
Lutheran Preaching and Teaching from St. John Random Lake, Wisconsin
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Lutheran Preaching and Teaching from St. John Random Lake, Wisconsin

Author: Rev. Christopher Gillespie

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St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church & School (Sherman Center) is in Random Lake, Wisconsin and is served by Rev. Christopher R. Gillespie. St. John Lutheran is God's place for Christians to gather around our Lord's Word and be edified by His gifts.

We are a congregation of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). We unconditionally subscribe the Unaltered Augsburg Confession. St. John Lutheran School has been approved for accreditation through the accreditation process of the National Lutheran School Accreditation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.
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08. December 2019Advent 2Luke 21:25-36Judgment falls only on those who refuse to believe there is no judgment. Judgment is for those who choose to stand before a Judge—who no longer has any record of sin— and make their stand on their life that no longer exists. Redemption comes to “whoever calls on the name of the Lord.” (Romans 10:13; Acts 2:21) Heaven is the gift every one of us already has by the death of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world (Rev. 138). Heaven is the inheritance we have in our baptism into Christ Jesus. The church proclaims Christ’s death and resurrection, especially as we eat His body and drink His blood. Redemption is yours in the forgiveness of Christ, His life, and His heaven. Therefore, “Look up and lift up your heads, because your redemption draws near.” AMEN.
Preached on December 4, 2019.
01. December 2019Advent 1Jeremiah 23:5-8For the last few weeks under the "end of the church year" our theme has been Christ returning in judgment. Now as we enter Advent and the beginning of the church year, our eyes look at judgment through the babe in the manger and through the cross towards the judgment. God’s promise is made manifest, delivered to you just as He said. Through his gracious will, you have eternal rest of Christ. In him, you are safe. In Him, you are secure. In Him, you are named His own. His righteousness is your righteousness. Christ is your Emmanuel. He ransoms captive Israel, saving you from the depths of hell. You see God's gracious action—His promised son sent for you—so that His righteousness is your righteousness.
28. November 2019Thanksgiving DayDeuteronomy 8:1-10“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” It sounds sweet and good until you realize what he means. St. Paul is echoing Moses! Give thanks and in everything? Even under discipline, with hardship, in hunger? Even when things get rough, when they don’t go your way, when you struggle, and even when you face death? Absolutely, because in everything God is working faith for you in His Son Jesus Christ!
Class handouts are available at
Class handouts are available at
"Wake up!" Trinity 27 2019

"Wake up!" Trinity 27 2019


24. November 2019Trinity 27Matthew 25:1-13"’ll tell you what I see. I see in you the bride of Jesus, His holy Church, waiting and watching. I see in you, lamps lit with the light of Christ who lightens the world. I see in you, the betrothed and beloved of God, trusting in your Baptism into Jesus. I see Christ’s wholly forgiven bride, keeping watch for His coming, listening to His Word, and even now feasting on His body and blood. I see restored Israel, the new Jerusalem, adorned as a bride for her husband. I don’t see anyone sleeping, but every member of Christ’s church and bride awake, praying His Word, singing the faith, recalling all His wonderful works. I see in you, Jesus doing what only He can do: giving wisdom, oil, and wicks for your lamps."
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God does not need your works to save you. He works everything needed for your salvation himself. The Father gives up His Son unto death for you freely as a gift. By Christ's shed blood all alone are your sins atoned. But your works do matter and they are needed. Your works matter because your neighbor needs them.17. November 2019Trinity 26Matthew 25:31-46
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10. November 2019Trinity 25Matthew 24:15-28The church isn’t really all that concerned with impressive spectacles and buildings, moving hearts to tears, and stirring up generous gifts from impassioned pleas. The church is concerned with delivering God’s kingdom, because Jesus will have His kingdom. The church is concerned with sitting at Jesus’s feet, listening to Him, and receiving from Him everything needed both now and for eternity. And because you are here now, gathered with fellow baptized children of God, listening to Jesus, you really have nothing to fear, for you are Christ’s and He will preserve you to the end. 
03. November 2019All Saints’ DayMatthew 5:1-12The Beatitudes are first and foremost a description of Jesus’ work for you and secondly as blessings that are given to you. These are not commandments but rather descriptions of God’s people with promises attached to them. Let’s not run Jesus’ words today according to the letter but by the Spirit, that is, by way of gift.
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Class handouts are available at Taught on October 27, 2019.
‘We played the flute for you, And you did not dance; We mourned to you, And you did not lament.’27. October 2019ReformationMatthew 11:12-19
Preached on October 20, 2019.
Apologies for the sub-standard audio. Class handouts are available at Taught on October 20, 2019. 
Preached on October 13, 2019, by Pr. Larry Myers representing Lutheran Heritage Foundation.
Taught on October 13, 2019. Class handouts are available at
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