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Star Realms Minicast

Author: Paul Salomon

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Almost daily segments on the White Wizard deck building game, Star Realms.
76 Episodes
Wherein I give some updates and we discuss the newest tournament format dreamed up by Ean Teague, Agent Seto.
Wherein I recount a strange experience with the app and wonder about resolving card conflicts.
Wherein we dive into the new arena format and breakdown some of the strategies and game changes.
Wherein Paul finishes up school and prepares for a massive mega round robin and brainstorms ideas for a giveaway contest.
Ep 70: Birthday!!

Ep 70: Birthday!!


Wherein I turn 35 and play some star realms to celebrate.
Wherein we dive new are arena and see how crazy things are this week. I take 3 runs at this baby and learn a thing or two.
Wherein I discuss strategic changes and considerations when playing Star Realms with physical cards, and I run a tournament at Geekway to the West.
Ep 66: IRL Tournaments

Ep 66: IRL Tournaments


Wherein I prepare to run my first star Realms tournament at Geekway to the West 2018, and we discuss the methodology there.
Wherein we work through your comments and strategy tips for tackling this Maximum Warp arena format!
Ep 64: Maximum Warp

Ep 64: Maximum Warp


Wherein we discuss the new arena format and give it a try. Day 1 struggles are on display.
Wherein we congratulate Agent Seto for beating me to get his 100th trophy star, and Emil Geiger comes on for a live play, his first ever play with Colony Wars
Wherein we discuss and analyze the strategic options when playing with Ruthless Efficiency in the arena.
Wherein White Wizard Games CEO, Rob Dougherty, joins me on the Minicast to discuss the Arena and announce the new arena format for this week!
Wherein I meet another Star Realms player face-to-face for some tabletop Realms.
Wherein I move through several somewhat disconnected, almost frivolous call-ins and quickly give my thoughts.
Ep 58: United Heroes

Ep 58: United Heroes


Wherein we study the new United Heroes expansion.
Ep 57: Rushed Defenses

Ep 57: Rushed Defenses


Wherein we discuss this week’s arena format and scenario, which cards have increased or decreased in value as well as overall strategy when bases go straight to play.
Wherein we check out the newest update to the Star Realms App, the Arena.
Ep 56: Explorers

Ep 56: Explorers


Wherein we discuss Explorers and consider their use and relative value.
Wherein we discuss intentionally buying cheaper cards than you can afford.
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