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Author: Marilyn Rose

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Bringing to you every Monda & Wednesday a new podcast filled with knowledge on how to prosper, produce and power up your life. Welcoming all females and males to the podcast so we can all learn, grow and create a positive impact in this world while redefining what true wealth means to us now and for future generations.
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Our parents are our first teachers in life - and in my case, it was my mom who taught me so many things that helped me get through life and business. This episode is so close to my heart, because I am going to talk about three life lessons that my mother helped me understand. Today, I want to share:✨ My story growing up and how my mom raised me.✨ A story that reflects how we embraced the abundance of life regardless of the materials we possessed.✨ Lesson #1: Just always have enough.✨ Lesson #2: Keep learning.✨ Lesson #3: Navigate your own path. 🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one! 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose *note: this does not change➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
Do you use Instagram to create engagement and build relationships with your potential clients? What are the best and creative strategies you can use in a pretty saturated market like Instagram?Jillian Leigh shares her entrepreneurship, marketing, and Instagram wisdom. Jillian helps entrepreneurs build a personal brand, attract dream clients + monetize their passion with clarity and ease. I met Jillian in Clubhouse, and she instantly sparked my interest when I learned about her journey and how she grew her online presence organically. Jillian will get to share:💖 How she shifted from corporate to entrepreneurship, and her branding story.💖 How she grew her Instagram account.💖 Her lessons she learned from growing her Instagram.💖 What was her beautiful childhood story and discovering her why.💖 How and what to share in your stories.💖 Her Instagram hacks and content tips.💖 How she taps into her creative side.💖 What she is creatively working on now. 🎧 Thanks for listening and see you at the next one!Connect with Jillian!➡️ IG: @jillianleigh.ig➡️ Clubhouse: @jillianleigh  🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose *note: this does not change➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
So there you are, building your followers and your community slowly. You tirelessly create content and make sure you create relationships with your followers. Then one night, you find your account deactivated and/or banned. All your followers, content, and conversations - GONE.Sounds familiar? This happens to a lot of social media accounts, big and small. As a business owner who uses social media to reach out to potential clients, this can be a big blow. This is what inspired me to bring this topic to light, and help you create a list that is yours and will not depend on social media followings. The tips I give here are so simple but often not used effectively to build your own email list. Make sure you have your pen and paper ready and listen to this incredibly important topic!I will share how you can secure your email list through:✨ A story of my friend and the horror she experienced with her IG account.✨ How to create an optimized mini-bio for your social media accounts.✨ Think, amplify, and create a solution to your ideal client’s problem.✨ Prime real estate, positioning, potential, and your call to action.✨ A tech trick that you can use to make your bio pretty and optimized!✨ Be your own height women/men and showcase your accomplishments.✨ Making a clear, congruent call to action. 🎧 Thanks for listening and see you at the next one! 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose *note: this does not change➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
Do you feel like your life is lacking? Are there missing pieces but you can’t seem to figure out what you need?Today I want to address what most women experience in life and in business. I will share three things that you can work on in your life in order to feel more content in your life. I want to share this podcast so you can feel more content and have a life that is better than before. Today, let’s talk about...✨ The three things lacking in your life.✨ Why we have to put in the work, both the internal and external work.✨ Improving your skill set will benefit you and your people.✨ My thoughts on sales and how to shift our mindset about it.✨ The ability to create internal contentment by being, and not seek external validation.✨ Why your mindset is so important in being content in your life. 🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one! 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose *note: this does not change➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
“It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat.” - Theodore RooseveltToday I want to talk about having the courage to step up and talk about things that may become too uncomfortable for others. This is what I experienced in Clubhouse, a new platform where you can host talks or forums. This experience also reminded me of the beautiful quote of courage by Theodore Roosevelt.I want to share a story of...✨ A beautiful quote that inspired me as I am making this podcast.✨ My interesting experience in Clubhouse.✨ Why Clubhouse is an amazing platform to speak and impact people.✨  We have the choice of who to listen and not listen to.✨ Why you need to choose courage over comfort and why you need to be prepared.✨ Do whatever you want to do, experience the fails, and keep going. 🎧 Thanks for listening and see you at the next one! 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
How do you step into your role as the CEO of your business? What mindset should you have as a CEO?In this podcast, we are graced with the wisdom of Shawna Brea, an expert in providing a simple structure and process for tapping into your true CEO self so you can build your business on a strong foundation that feels good and creates the fInancial success that you deserve.Shawna will share her story about…✨  Shares her story behind her shift from business route to entrepreneurship route.✨  How her education and her MBA helped her in her service.✨  How women in business can be more comfortable in the world of finances.✨  The foundational structure you should have in place when stepping into your business.✨  The biggest objections women may have in stepping up in their businesses.✨  Three most important CEO tasks that move the needle.✨  How to get comfortable in making sales.✨  The most important team managing skills you need to have.✨  How to create a work-life balance.✨  How to step into your different roles throughout the day. 🎧 Thanks for listening and see you at the next one! Connect with Shawna!➡️ Website:➡️ IG: @missceomindset➡️ Facebook: Miss CEO Mindset 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose ➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
What makes a person an effective leader amidst chaos and crisis? What can you do to help your people have balance in their work and personal life?Today we have an amazing leader, Christine Nielsen, CEO of Contrast Results Group shares her story of leadership amidst the chaos and challenges. Christine has over 20 years of experience in transforming and driving a variety of businesses forward. She is a master coach and an expert at helping organizations and individuals achieve greater levels of performance and success. She is also the host of the Contrast Results Podcast, which is all about giving advice that can help you kickstart your best business yet.Today, Christine will share her wisdom with us and talk about:✨ How Christine landed in Toronto and her daring experience when she started her career.✨ How Christine discovered her purpose and how it affected her passion in making an impact on people and businesses.✨ The number 1 obstacle that most people face when it comes to leadership.✨ Why leaders struggle when faced by challenges, chaos and crisis.✨ How to lead a team through conscious leadership and great relationships.✨ Her daily routine that helps create harmony and avoid burnout.✨ Christine’s amazing journey in competitive hockey and how it made an impact in her life.✨ How her leadership coaching career started and the challenges she faced.✨ What you need to have to utilize your voice and bring your message to the world. 🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one! Connect with Christine:➡️ Website:➡️ IG: @coachcofficial➡️ Facebook: Christine Nielsen (coachc)➡️ LinkedIn:  Christine Nielsen➡️ Podcast: The Coach C Podcast 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose *note: this does not change➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
Have you experienced going through struggle after struggle in your personal life, relationships, and your business? Where do you get the power to move on and become a better version of yourself?Today we have the gorgeous and inspiring Glenda Kroll, who will share how she overcame her struggles through self-love and finding the right people who helped her be who she is today. Glenda is a dynamic relationship expert, successful businesswoman, real estate investor, and upcoming author.  Glenda shares her beautiful story about:✨ How Glenda started her career, how she found her passion and her extraordinary experiences. ✨ Glenda’s personal experience in her relationship and divorce.✨ Releasing your anger and learning how to forgive.✨ How she got through the challenges of being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and a businesswoman.✨ How she prepared herself from another failed relationship.✨ Glenda’s quick tips for those who are struggling from a similar experience she had.📣 Look out for Glenda’s exclusive invitation for you to join Harness Your Personal Power Facebook Group!🎧 Thanks for listening and see you at the next one! Connect with Glenda!➡️ Website:➡️ IG: @iamglendakroll➡️ Facebook:➡️ Twitter: @IAMGLENDAKROLL➡️ YouTube: I AM GLENDA KROLL 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose ➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
There are so many entrepreneurs who find themselves struggling from health issues, lack of energy and focus. Today we have Dr. Jenny Tufenkian, MD., a Board certified Naturopathic Physician, Functional Medicine Educator, entrepreneur and an amazing mother rolled in one. She specializes in empowering people to rediscover their core vitality, which we will get to talk about in this episode. We also get to talk about coffee, mindset practices, sleep, and more health tips for busy entrepreneurs like you!Today, Dr. Jenny shares her:🥦 How she discovered that she wanted to be a doctor, her amazing journey in medical school, and her vision for the whole world.🥦 Her thoughts on caffeine and its alternatives.🥦 Dr. Jenny’s tips on keeping her focus.🥦 How she shifted into being an entrepreneur and creating an online course.🥦 Dr. Jenny’s 3 vitality tips to make you feel better and her ‘engine check’ method.🥦  You’ll also get an exclusive sneak peek on Dr. Jenny’s online course! 🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!  Connect with Guest:➡️ Website:➡️ IG: @drjennytufenkian➡️ Facebook: @DrJennyT➡️ Online Course: Get Healthy, Stay Healthy Online Course 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose ➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
How do you handle rejection in your personal and business life? Today we are going to talk about rejection, understanding where it comes from and how you can shift it into something more positive in your life. I will also give you special steps or toolbox that you can use whenever you feel rejected.Today, we will talk about:💃 Knowing that not everyone is going to like you, and that is okay.💃 Loving yourself first and then others, and handling your traumas and emotions.💃 Recognizing that you will have haters and rejections and you will feel self-doubt.💃  Have a loyal circle of people in your life.💃 Shifting your state from where they are to where you want them to be.💃 Make the people around you feel special and seek genuine connection. 💃 Understanding where the hate is coming from and how you can handle it. 🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one! 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
Ladies, if you ever felt super active for a week and overwhelmed, anxious, or not living to your fullest potential the next three weeks, this podcast episode is perfect for you! Today, I will be talking all about our hormones and brain health, and how it can affect our business and life in general. I will also be talking about my own story and a cool book that helped me understand my own health more. Today, we will dive into:✨  Why I want to have a deep talk about hormones and brain health.✨  My personal story about my brain health, my period, and how it affected my life and my business.✨  I will share a great read for you that talks about the awesome research on women’s hormones.✨  A little summary and my invitation for you to share your own experience with your hormonal and brain health. 🎧 Thanks for listening and see you at the next one!Links Mentioned:In the FLO: Unlock Your Hormonal Advantage and Revolutionize Your Life Book by Alisa Vitti 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose *note: this does not change➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
In this podcast, Nick Fulton gives us a sneak peek at what biohacking is and how it can help your body become stronger and healthier. Nick will share how he got into biohacking, his awesome sleep hacks, and his favorite tools to have better sleep patterns. You’ll also get to hear some bulletproof coffee tips that you can start adding to your morning routine.Today, he shares with us:🔬 How Nick started with biohacking and what it’s all about.🔬 What goes on in the body when you go nocturnal and some sleep hacks.🔬  The impact of blue light on our body and how we sleep. 🔬 Protecting your body from blue light and blaring alarms.🔬 The Oura ring and measuring your sleep.  🔬 Nick’s view on bulletproof coffee, fats, collagen, ghee, and using mushroom.  🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose *note: this does not change➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
In this episode, we are joined by Saiyyidah Zaidi, a High-performance coach, and best-selling author. Saiyyidah is going to share her life-changing journey from being an architect to a high-performance coach, how she uses her coaching skills to help other people understand themselves better and progress. Today, Saiyyidah will talk about: ✨Her journey of changing her career, from being trained as an architect to becoming a high-performance coach.✨How she utilizes her coaching skills in helping individuals and organizations understand themselves better and be the best version of themselves.✨How she overcame her own hurdles in different events in her life while helping other people with their dilemmas.✨AND her view of genuine wealth.📚Book Bonus: Get a sneak-peak of what her new best-seller book “RESULTS: The Arts and Science of Getting it Done” is all about and how you can benefit from it!**amazon affiliate link  🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one! Connect with Saiyyidah Zaidi➡️ Website:➡️ Facebook:➡️ IG: ➡️Amazon: 🌹Connect with Marilyn Rose➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
How do you take control of your finances? Melissa Houston, CPA, creator of the CFO Money Method and host of Think Like a CFO Podcast, shares her amazing tips on how you can empower yourself with your finances. She shares her own story in her budgeting and how she helps women and business owners control their money and create their own money method.Today, she shares her story with us:💰 How she started coaching and empowering women with their finances.💰How she handles her own finances with her husband and why it is empowering for women to gain control of their finances.💰Why money is an emotionally charged subject and how to control your emotions.💰How to navigate your money goals.💰How to keep personal money from their business money.💰When and how to pay yourself in your business.💰Managing your fear of numbers.💰Where to start gaining control of your finances.✨ Bonus: Melissa shares her tips and tools that you can use to get started with your budget, student debt tips, and more!🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!Connect with Melissa:➡️ Website: ➡️ IG: ➡️ Facebook: ➡️ LinkedIn: ➡️ Podcast:  🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
And that is a wrap! 2020 is a doozy and has brought so many changes in the world and also in my personal life. As we look forward to 2021, I have gathered some lessons I learned over the past year and the changes I want to happen for my personal life and my business. I also to talk about my thoughts on consistency and how I plan to stay consistent in my personal life and my business in 2021.Today, we will wrap the year with these three thoughts:✨  Having a clear vision and intention for what you are doing.✨ Acknowledging your emotions and your energy to avoid burnout.✨ Creating a bigger "Why" for yourself and your business.🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
Founder and CEO of Aspyr Fitness Sandy Rowe says, “I have nothing to lose” on pivoting her business to go online amid the COVID-19 crisis.Today, she shares her story with us:✨ The ups and downs of starting her own fitness + Lifestyle business✨ How she navigated through this crisis for her business✨ How she manages her own personal fitness while helping others✨ The benefits of integrating exercise in your daily life🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!Connect with Sandy Rowe➡️ Website:➡️ IG: 🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRose
Anthony Trucks, a motivational speaker, coach, and author, joins us today to discuss how to: ✨Close the identity gaps from who you are now to where you want to be✨Serve Humanity at a higher level✨Shift your Identity✅ AND bonus tips on how to make your marriage stronger!🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!Connect with Anthony Trucks➡️ Website:➡️ IG: @anthonytrucks➡️ Podcast:🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynnRoseEmail: for access to the 14 day free trial of our membership 
In this episode, our guest Nadine, a Social Media, and business coach, also the founder of Social Shells, shares her journey from a 9 to 5 job to creating a life that she loves, and is now living in.. Wait for it.. Bali!She talks about:💃🏻 How she adapted to the freedom lifestyle and start her own business💃🏻 How planning and systems create freedom💃🏻 Her social media Life vs Life💃🏻 How to be influential without being an influencer🤩 BONUS! Here's a link to her free training: How To Become A Social Media Manager!🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!Connect with Nadine➡️ Website:➡️ IG: @blonde_seashell🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynnRose
Hey there, wealthy women! We’re in for a really great episode today and we’re joined by Karen Peña, Founder and CEO of Organic Guidance.Today, she shares:✨How she transitioned out of working in corporate America into the cannabis and hemp space✨How her company Organic Guidance started out✨How CBD can help entrepreneurs✨Benefits and possible side effects of CBD✨Exciting updates on her new product launch on CBD infused Tea✨Her challenges in becoming an entrepreneur and how she overcame it🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!Connect with Karen Peña➡️ IG: @iamkarenpena➡️ IG: @organicguidance🌹Connect with Marilynn Rose➡️ Website:➡️ IG:
In this episode, we are joined by Leslie Thornton, who helps working professionals gain clarity and take their health and weight loss to the next level with hypnosis.✨She talks about her own experience and struggles with weight loss and hypnosis✨The power of the mind and how to rewire your brain to change your habits✨Utilizing hypnosis for your food relationship✨AND her journey of using her expertise to start her own empire🎧 Thanks for listening and see you on the next one!Connect with Leslie Thornton➡️ Facebook Group:➡️ Facebook:🌹Connect with Marilyn Rose➡️ Website:➡️ IG:➡️ IG: @iAmMarilynRoseEmail: for access to the 14 day free trial of our membership 
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