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Author: Addison Corbin & James Chapman

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Welcome to your peer to peer podcast! We are focused on getting you over the first steps in business. We do this by talking about what is going on in our careers and by bringing on top notch guest that are killing it in all fields!
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The boys go into what makes a winner. It' s all about the continued effort and the law of averages. James Chapman @jdchapman84Addison Corbin



Today the fellas go into talking about money! We all have had some sort of experience with money. Today James and Addison talk about their experiences, tips, and thoughts. You will find out that there are a lot of different ways to manage and use money. James Chapman@jdchapman84Addison
James and I are back on the mics dropping some stuff going on this week in our careers and lives. The two topics we cover are leadership and vulnerability. We go into the weeds on how you can't be a good leader without being vulnerable with yourself or you team. James Chapman@jdchapman84Addison
On this episode we brought in a new guest and listener into the podcast. His name is Nick Branon he owns Hero Roofing in Newnan, Ga. He has brought his business from the ground to 1 million plus sales. When talk with him he goes into the importance of small goals, hiring, staying customer focused, referrals, and bringing value. Nick BranonHero RoofingWebsite: yourroofhero.comPhone: 833-321-HERO (4376)Facebook: @yourroofheroGoogle: Chapman@jdchapman84Addison
Okay today we had on Josh Morton ex navy seal, american hero, bad ass, dog trainer, people trainer, creator of the Morton/Method and  owner of Canine Tactical. Josh walks us through coming home from the military, life, importance of perseverance and visioning your future not matter what is going on.  There is a lot of great information in this one. We wanted to bring awareness to what he is doing with canine Tactical and what solutions he has come up with to make our communities and schools safer for the ones we love. Josh Mortoninsta: @caninetactical246™Eudoris®James Chapman @jdchapman84Addison
Looking back on the past year we have had a lot of guest on, but one of them has really brought some major keys when it comes to perseverance and mindset. That guy is Ryan Lange and we have him back on today to bring some more to our grinders. Ryan Lange is an entrepreneur and long distant runner. He has done multiple 100+ mile runs and has finished every one of them but ONE. His last run left him on his knees.... literally.Ryan explains his story and what he has learned from this experience.Ryan Lange@langerunshttps://www.livegenz.comJames Chapman@jdchapman84Addison



This isn't one you'll want to miss with JP Dinnell. You've heard JP on the podcast before on episode 50, this time around we go more in to the weeds about life, work, balance, and getting the most out of everything you do!JP DINNELL@jpdinnell@echelonfrontonline James Chapman@jdchapman84Addison
Today I am talking about the confersation I had with a mentor of mine about reaching your limits and the thoughts it brought up for me. I hope you are able to pull something great out of this to test your limits as well. James Chapmaninsta: @jdchapman84Addison Corbininsta: addisoncorbinemail:
Today James and I go into it a little deeper with a guest we have had on before Danielle Grant! Guys this is a good one, we talk meditation and mindset. How it has helped us over the past year and somethings you can be doing today to grow into a better person tomorrow!Danielle Grantinsta: @iamdaniellegrant the mind vibe podcastJames Chapman insta: @jdchapman84jamesc@insuredbycig.comAddison Corbin insta: @addisoncorbinaddison@addisoncorbin.comThe Grinder's Facebook page Instagram page@thegrinderpodcast
Guys and Gals we have an awesome guest on today. Tim Stout! From MMA fighter to owning gyms, a large real estate company, now an author. Tim has a lot of great knowledge to bring to almost anyone that listens. I have had the awesome chance to not only get to know Tim but to call him a friend. If you are on to make excuses Tim will be able to show you that no matter what the excuse is you can go after whatever the hell you want. Let us know what you think! Leave a review!Tim StoutInsta: @timstoutrealtorweb: Book: Forged in fire  James "the flowy haired" Chapmaninsta: jdchapman84Web: insuredbycig.comAddison CorbinInsta: addisoncorbinWeb:
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