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A show for Real Estate Agents who are tired of running their business using strategies and methods that don't feel right. If you're looking for ways to be more authentic, more effective, and more aligned - this show is for you!
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Episode 1 of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur PodcastAre you an entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur or simply just someone looking to create a business and life they love? Then this podcast is for you!I'm all about learning and teaching, which means, if there is something that impacts our businesses and our lives, its on the table for discussion! No fluff here! Get ready to learn, ask questions and to get excited about the opportunities that lay ahead for you.Interested in learning more - visit my website at
Are you ready to create a business and life you love? Then this podcast episode is for you! Whether you are at the beginning stages and only just thinking of ideas for your business, or are already in the midst of creating and launching your business - this roadmap is a game changer! There are many activities that are involved in creating and launching a business and I've simplified these into 5 key steps! This roadmap will ensure you aren't missing anything critical, and it will serve as a guide to help you navigate the waters so that you stay on track to business success! To make it a little easier for you, I've prepared a little resource guide, which help to get those creative juices flowing and really help you identify how you want your business to look. Show notes and Guide can be found at
Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? What you are meant to be doing and creating in your life and in your business? This episode covers 5 key questions that will help you uncover your passions to help you create a business and life you love.Please visit for show notes.
Work-Life Harmony

Work-Life Harmony


Do you struggle with finding balance in your life? I have a secret to share. It doesn't actually exist!In this episode, I share with you a new mindset and practice to work towards, called Work-Life Harmony.Get rid of guilt, learn to be present and truly enjoy the life and business you are creating!To learn more, listen to the podcast. Show notes and Free Work-Life Harmony Guide can be found at
Welcome to episode 5 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast.  Today we are talking all about Time Blocking and how to stay productive even when you are taking some time off.... like when the beautiful summer weather hits!One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face is with time management.It is so easy to procrastinate when fun is on the horizon! When the summer weather hits, we long to be at the cottage, sitting outside, or enjoying a drink on a patio somewhere.  But, when you are running a business, you really can’t afford to be doing that - at least not all day every day.This episode is going to shed some light on where you should be focusing your time and energy in your business using a time management strategy known as Time Blocking. In this episode, I walk you through how to categorize and prioritize your business activities - giving you access to a roadmap to design YOUR perfect schedule.  With 4 simple steps, you will learn the importance and the how to's of planning for downtime, so you remain productive and profitable!  For show notes and to download your free Time Blocking Template, visit
Welcome to episode 6 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast.  I'm back from a wonderful trip with my daughter, and to be honest, I'm finding it hard to get my head back in the game again!Have you ever been there? Where you've taken time away from your business for a holiday? Or maybe you were just knocked off your game due to stress?  This episode shares 4 actionable and easy ways you can regain your motivation and re-ignite that spark! And, as I always do, I give you my personal insights and experience into what works for me!Here's a quick snapshots of the 4 steps I discuss.Step #1: Our bodies own Feel-good chemicalsStep #2: The magic of Tidying-Up.  Step #3: Your Peer GroupStep #4: Your WHYVisit for more on these helpful tips!
Welcome to episode 7 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast and today you are in for a treat!Today's guest is Vivian Risi, President of one of the largest independently owned Real Estate Firms in Canada, and author of "Yes You Can - it all starts with you!" (.... and who also happens to be my mom!)Join our conversation as she shares the inspiration behind her new book, and why she believes that each and every one of us can overcome the obstacles that stand between where we are, to where we want to be.Vivian's insightful and honest reveal of her experience is something that anyone (from all ages and stages) can relate to.Bonus: Vivian also shares what trait she believes is the key to entrepreneurial success!Head on over to for more!
Welcome to episode 8 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast. One Size doesn't fit all! At least not when it comes to marketing!Your business needs customers, and your ability to attract them is key! But, how do you get the attention of your target clients, cut through the noise and get them to raise their hand and identify themselves? One of the biggest traps people fall into is thinking that EVERYONE is their target client. Well, I'm here to tell you, that if you want to get people to like and trust you - they first have to get to know you! And you need to get to know them!In this episode, we talk about the power of niche marketing and why creating an Ideal Client Profile is the first step in creating meaningful content that will not only cut through the noise and capture the attention of your future clients, but how it will transform how you market and conduct your business. Tune in and learn from real life stories of just how powerful niche marketing can be.  And download my FREE GUIDE on how to create your Ideal Client Profile which will help you to not only speak to the specific needs of your future clients, but will empower you to create meaningful content in your marketing strategy.  Visit for show notes and link to download the FREE guide!
Welcome to episode 9 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast!Today I'm going to share 7 business lessons that most people learn when it's too late!We all have unique experiences and beliefs that shape our definition of success.  Maybe you were told to "keep your nose to the ground and stay focused on your work". Maybe you were told to "aim high and reach for the stars".  Maybe you believe that success only comes with "hustle and grind and sacrifice. " These7 Lessons will not only help to re-shape your vision for success, but will ensure you avoid costly mistakes that will not affect your business, but your health and wellbeing as well.Tune in and enjoy!
Welcome to episode 10 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast!Today's guest is Desiree Tomanelli, a Realtor in the Toronto area who openly shares her experience with going from a career in teaching, to finding her niche in real estate.Desiree describes herself as an "open book" and shares about the challenges she faced and what she did to overcome them.  Desiree provides a fresh perspective on what its like to start in a new business, and how mindset plays a role in business success. She offers advice to others starting out, tips for those trying to find their niche and offers her perspective on what worked for her in achieving business success. To connect with Desiree, head on over to:
Have you ever noticed that some people are easier to talk with than others? Have you ever been in a situation where someone totally misunderstands you? Have you ever wondered what you can do to help create more positive and effective interactions with clients, colleagues and friends?Understanding your personality style and how this affects your communication style, is one the best places to start! Different personalities have different ways of communicating, and when you are working with people, it's important to not only be able to identify what type of personality and communicator they are, but it's equally important to be able to identify your own style.Why?Because effective communication begins when we deliver a message the way the other person needs to receive it (not the way that is comfortable for us).In this episode, I explore the DISC framework for understanding personalities and reveal the 4 personality styles and how they relate to communication. Get ready to learn about your own profile and how you can adjust your style to match the people you are with! Better communication = Better results!
Welcome to episode 12 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast.Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a famous musician? Today's guest, Tom Wilson went from school drop out to musician to music agent to real estate What do all of these have in common?Tune in to the interview as author Tom Wilson and I talk about his memories as a famous Canadian musician, how he went from nothing to fame and success, and the lessons he learned about business.For more information on Tom and his new book, head on over to
Welcome to episode 13 of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast!Today's special guest is Kevin Cochrane, Co-Founder of Enriched Academy. A Dragon's Den success story - Kevin shares his expertise and experience with money management. Financial literacy is important no matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey. And, it is more than just making money and saving money!Tune in and enjoy a candid conversation, delivered with humour and honesty and practical tips you can implement right now to help you get out of debt and build the wealth you dream of.For more information, head on over to
Welcome to Episode 14 of the Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast!How effectively do you use your time? Todays episode is recorded from my car! It's casual, unscripted, and the highlights and lessons of my recent week.Today we chat about knowing your "why", personal branding, communication and giving back. I also dive into a bit of a rant on authenticity and social media.Tune in and let me know what you think!
Are you thinking of starting a team? Currently managing people and experiencing challenges? Welcome to Episode 15 of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast! Today’s guest is Victoria Theriault, Founder of DISCover What Works. As a certified DISC, Tique and GIA Analyst, as well a certified Team Facilitator, Victoria specializes in building leaders and teams through job profiling, communication and the application of DISC analysis. Victoria’s experience in real estate sales, team environments, management roles and now as a solopreneur working in a business she has created from passion and purpose - Victoria shares with us her valuable lessons in entrepreneurship, as well as the key indicators she believes to be at the core of every successful team.Victoria and I talk about DISC profiling, and how through the application of DISC analysis, you can not only identify who you are as a leader, but who your ideal candidates would be for your growing team.If you’ve started thinking about wanting a team, are in the midst of growing one, or managing an existing team with some challenges and difficulties, then you will want to tune in to this episode!For more information about Victoria or to find ways of connecting with her, please visit
Do you have the courage to pursue your passion? Today’s guest did! Tune in to find out exactly what that journey looked like for her!Welcome to episode 16 of The Lifestyle Entrepreneur Podcast!Our special guest is Suzie Durigon, Founder/Curator of JustCrumbs. Suzie is a chef, kitchen coach, blogger, author and creator of the #BakeItForwardProject.Today we talk all about the meaning of food, finding your passion and having the courage to pursue it. Suzie shares her personal journey into entrepreneurship, the importance of social media and how aligning with her passion for food and helping others has influenced her success.She even shares a few tips on how to get more comfortable in the kitchen, and how to create delicious meals without the hours of prep! A definite time saver for busy entrepreneurs!!For more information on JustCrumbs visit
If you listen to one thing today, let it be this! Join my conversation with best selling author and parenting expert, Alyson Schafer and learn all about the “good mom myth” and how the pursuit for perfection in your family, your relationships and your business are costing you.Alyson Schafer is arguably one of the most notable speakers when it comes to parenting and family relationships. She is resident expert on The Marilyn Dennis Show, Global Morning, The Parenting Show and CBC Radio as well as the expert for HuffPost Canada. If you are someone who is working hard at building your dreams but guilt keeps getting in your way, then this episode is for you!For more information on how you can connect with Alyson, head on over to
The number one thing to strive for in life and business is Excellence!Welcome to episode 18. Today's special guest is Negotiating Expert and Lifestyle Entrepreneur Suze Cumming.Suze is the Founder of the The Nature of Real Estate and Canadian Director of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute. She is a mom, a former international level sailor, national level adventure racer, a marathon runner and an extreme mountain bike racer! If anyone has an appreciation for living life to its fullest and creating a business through excellence - Its Suze. Join our conversation where Suze shares her expertise and perspectives on negotiating, relationships and how the key to success is through the pursuit of Excellence. Suze is a prolific blogger and speaker and shares a a plethora of content on her blog. Head on over to for links to follow Suze.
Are you ready to harness the power of vision boards to achieve the happiness and success you are dreaming of?Whether you believe in Law of Attraction, the Power of Focus or believe in the power of brain - vision boards work!In this episode I walk you through the mechanisms that help to explain how and why vision boards help us achieve our goals, and I share with you a step by step guide to getting started. Still not a believer? Tune in as I share my own personal success story and one of my workshop participants. You have nothing to lose, only dreams to create!For more information on how to get started, head on over to
Every success story has a defining moment. The moment where you decide to do things differently. A moment of pivot. My special guest Maria Kritikos, author of Girl With a Plan shares her story of "riches to rags" and how the power of mindset helped build the resilience and courage she needed to lean into her passion and purpose of helping others. From having it all, to losing it all, to rebuilding her life from the ground up - Maria's story will inspire you. Maria shares her tips for mindset, and ways that you too can work through whatever struggles you are facing, to find the success you are dreaming of. For more information on Maria, please visit
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