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Catching Up with Conner and Nick

Author: Conner Cayson

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Nick and Conner meet every Friday to discuss their week’s journey in entrepreneurship as well as news from around technology, startup, marketing and personal growth industries.
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This weeks show with Conner and Nick kicks off with the realization that Nick hasn’t really been sick the past year even with traveling the world. Conner on the other hand had a cold this week which derailed some of his work. The guys also discuss the start of the XFL and their doubts with its long term success. They end the show talking about podcasting, some of the tools they use, and the difficulty in getting started.
This week Nick and Conner are talking about working remotely because Conner is about to spend a month abroad and Nick has been doing it for over a year now. We are also talking about the launch of the Moto RAZR flip phone and whether we are interested or not.
This Week on Catching Up with Conner and Nick we are talking about the launch of Founders Live South Sound and the winners of their first event, The Pod Works, a kid friendly coworking space design for momtrepreneurs. We think it’s a great idea and something we haven’t see before. We also touch on our thoughts from last weeks Super Bowl.
This week we remember the late, very great Kobe Bryant and his lasting legacy. We also make very brief super bowl predictions and Nick announces some unique offerings at Founders Live to help startups ramp up to fund raising.
Nick and Conner have one of the more politically focused shows here on the Catching Up Podcast. This week in Seattle, we had 3 shootings happen within 24 hours in a small area of downtown, with one injuring 7 people including a child. The show reflects on those times and how people are quick to react to their environment when these things happen. King County residents will also be able to vote with their smart phone in February and Nick and Conner disagree whether this is a good or bad thing.
Welcome back to the show! This weeks episode is all about Snapchat and a little bit of Tesla. This week, Conner received an email for a beta app called Snap Spotlight. It’s a partnership app with Snap Inc that will allow users to publish their snaps to a timeline allowing the public to see them, creating opportunities to go viral. This weeks episode focuses on whether or not this can help Snap grow again and catch up with Instagram, Twitter and now even TikTok. We also look at the Tesla stock price and their recent All Time High and discuss how that’s been happening.
For the first time ever, after two years of doing the show, Conner and Nick record the episode while sitting in the same room. This week Conner and Nick reflect on the changes in a year and how weird it is to return to the place this all started. For news this week, we talk about an article from the Harvard Business Review that shows the Average Age of a Successful Entrepreneur is 45 years old and why it feels like that number should be more like 25 or 30. We also touch on an article that talks about the difficulties Amazon has related to their employees speaking out against their role in climate change and being very politically active. Thank you for watching the show, check us out at and to learn more about us.
It’s been awhile since both Conner and Nick recorded the episode from the same city, but alas both are back in Seattle for the month. This week Conner and Nick reflect on the end of 2019 and what they have planned and are excited for in 2020z
With the year coming to an end, Conner and Nick look back on the last 50 weeks of 2019 and the changes that have happened. At this time last year, we were both sitting in a coffee shop in South Lake Union talking about this day. Since then, Nick has spent every day of the year traveling around the world and is currently in Argentina. Conner also has changed his company and his direction has shifted a ton from where he thought he would end up a year ago. Thanks for listening, please shoot us a message or leave a review if you enjoyed the show
This week Conner and Nick connect Seattle to Buenos Aires, Argentina when Nick is currently stationed. For the first time ever, Nick attended one of his FL events but couldn’t understand the pitches because they were all done in another language. Also in the show, Conner and Nick discuss the new Tesla Truck and the news of Google Founders stepping down from their day to day roles.
This week’s episode of Catching Up finds Nick Hughes in South Aftrica and Conner in Seattle. The conversation revolves around Nicks adjustment to a new city, the food he’s been eating and what he’s been staying away from. Nick also talks about being in a different country on Thanksgiving
Episode 068: What happens when the primary payment platform for the country you’re living in goes down? This week, Nick hit two of the biggest road blocks over the course of his year long trip around the world. Last weeks check in found him in Zimbabwe, and he was planning to go to Nigeria this week. However, some Visa issues created a hectic moment where he had to change plans quickly. Also, his primary payment processor was down for an entire weekend. Find out what he did about these two speed bumps in this weeks episode of the Catching Up Podcast.
Welcome back o another episode of Catching Up! Nick is currently in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe because last week we attended their Founders Live Event. Nick talks about his experience thus far in Africa and reflects on the similarities of the entrepreneurial experience, while also pointing out the huge differences in how society operates over there. On the Seattle side of the world, we had a wild sports weekend with the Sounders winning MLS Cup and hosting a championship parade, as well as a crazy Monday Night Football Seahawks finish.
Ep067: For the first time in the history of this show, Conner will be hosting all by himself. Nick is in Africa this week hosting Founder's Live and isn't able to jump on the phone call. So instead of canceling the show all together, we handed the microphone over to Conner to experiment doing the solo show. Conner started a brand called Find Me in Seattle where he explores the city telling stories and sharing videos about the people, places, food and experiences that make our city interesting. This week Conner visited Oyster New Year by Elliot's Oyster House and also voted in this month's Seattle election. He also talks briefly about the Seattle Sounders hosting MLS Cup. But in true Catching Up style, we want to make sure we still focus on technology, startups and marketing, so Conner has two topics for the week. The first is related to the birthday of Alexa devices. Conner, and many others, received a random package from Amazon this week that contained a coffee tumbler with the writing "Alexa, order coffee" on it. It was a nice gift to receive from a relatively stingy company, but what surprised me the most was the thought about how voice could be the next big search engine. When you say "Alexa, order coffee," what coffee does she actually order? This is going to make branding so much more important, because unless you pay to be the default, you're going to lose a lot of sales unless the customer specifically asks to order your brand. Secondly, we learned about a unique approach to promoting movies by releasing them city by city and promoting them through events and thought it was a really great idea. It's being done by Kevin Smith, and his new movie "Jay and Silent Bob Reboot," is being promoted this way.  We hope you enjoy Conner's solo episode and experiment for releasing a future Find Me in Seattle Show.  Please let us know what you think! 
This might be the most politically heavy show we’ve ever had. Don’t worry we aren’t talking about trump or the election, this week is about politics and technology. Edward Snowden appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast this week and we highly encourage you to go listen to it. We also touch on Twitter banning political ads. On the personal side of the episode we give a big shout out to the Sounders for making another MLS Cup and ask Nick about Halloween in London.
Ep065 kicks off with the story from WeWork this week and their founder Adam Neumann being offered $1Billion to leave the company. Our conversation develops into more about corporate responsibly to its employees and the changes in business culture to provide value rather than drive profit. We also review last night’s Founders Live Seattle event, part of Seattle Startup Week, with the winners and honorable mentions to the companies that presented. Thanks for listening every week to the show, we appreciate you!
Nick and Conner created this show for moments like this. To document the unexpected journey of life from a personal and professional perspective. We mostly talk about entrepreneurship from a professional perspective, but after the passing of Nick’s father this past week, we do the show in honor of him. Nick reflects on the lessons learned from his father and how that pushes him forward to live with purpose and pursue his goals.
Nicks year long tour takes him this month to London! He just arrived and our show almost had to be canceled because he didn’t have WiFi and couldn’t find where he was staying. This weeks episode is a true catching up show just talking about the adjustment to a new city. Thanks for listening, subscribing and sending us your messages.
This week Conner and Nick attended Founders Live Seattle and New York City and they discuss the winning companies from the pitch events and why they thought they won. Nick also ends the show with a big announcement about how his company is working on being more inclusive and helping diverse demographics get started in entrepreneurship
This week’s episode takes a little bit of time to get going as Conner & Nick catch up about their lives in the first quarter of the show but eventually they get into the conversation about the changing music industry and the renaissance that’s happened over the last two decades with the evolution of streaming services. From Spotify and Pandora still shining in the limelight as platforms for new artist to get discovered, we discuss how these services have created a more fair playing field for everyone involved.
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