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Author: Shimon Das

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Pretty self explanatory. 🤷‍♂️

It's informal, yet informative.
Voices you recognize, topics you want to know more about.

"What's in a name?", they said.
25 Episodes
Tune in as I discuss about new 16" MacBook Pro, Moto Razr, Sonic Redesign and much more with CLinton Jeff!Topics discussed:- iPhone 11 Pro Max- Pixel 4- New 16" Macbook Pro- Apple Arcade- Nintendo Switch Sales pitch- Apple Care- Samsung Galaxy Fold- Foldables in general- Moto Razr- Sonic Redesign- Sneakers- Lion KingSupport Yet Another Tech Podcast on Ko-Fi: for soundtracks? Check out Epidemic Sound:
Tune in as I discuss about Legion by Lenovo, Esports in India and much more with Suyash Singh, Product Portfolio Manager from Lenovo India.Topics discussed:- New Legion products being launched- CTO (Custom to order) available for Legion and Yoga - Thinkpad- "Rise of Legion"- Realm of esports/gaming in India- Future of gaming (AR, VR, cloud gaming?)- What's next for LegionSupport Yet Another Tech Podcast on Ko-Fi: for soundtracks? Check out Epidemic Sound:
Topics discussed:- Apple Arcade- Apple TV+- Apple Watch -> Wear os, Fitbit, Mi band 4, Pixel Watch, Qualcomm 3100- iPad- iPhone 11- iPhone 11 pro- iPhone 11 pro max- LG & HTC innovating but failing to make a dent- Android 10, Gestures, Skins (One UI, Oxygen OS, etc)- Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri- Apple U1 Chip- Android Beam
Topics discussed:- Brief history about leaking- Waterfall displays on smartphones- Samsung Galaxy Note 10- Future of smartphones, will we stop carrying rectangular bricks in our pockets?- IoT, Google Home, Amazon Alexa- Movies TV series/ video consumption- Books / Articles- Multiple Sclerosis- Mobile Games / Angry Birds Friends- PC Specs / Internal GPU / External GPU- Taking Twitter Private
 Topics discussed:- Asus ROG Phone 2- High Refresh Rate Mobile Gaming- Woes of owning Razer products- Cryptography- Cryptocurrency- Baeond, game based on crypto - IoT, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant Visit and use promo code "shimon" to get 10% off on your orders!
 Topics discussed:- Pixel 3 problems- Ram Boost - Ram Disk- US carrier phone buying- Computex - Taiwan- Qualcomm 8cx - arm processors- Asus Zenbook (Pro) Duo- In Display Selfie Cameras (Oppo, Xiaomi)- OnePlus 7 Pro- Pixel 4- Phone Colours- WWDC- Macbook Faulty Keyboard- x86 vs ARM 
 Topics discussed:- Favourite Oneplus phone- Experience in India- Spice Tolerance- poland weather- 4 seasons- Components for next year's flagship (OnePlus 8?)- DxOMark - Process of Camera build, CTS- MKBHD Blind Test- Pixel 3A flip- Pewdiepie- Indian TV series and movies- Netflix- Game of Thrones- Chernobyl incident affecting Poland- Avengers- Music genre- OnePlus 7 Pro- Shimon Szymon, Same Names?
 Topics discussed:- Galaxy Fold being recalled- Ideal Foldable Smartphone- LG G8 Hand ID- Phones with movable parts (G5 with modular battery)- Oppo Reno- Poco F1- Telephoto vs Wide Camera- Crop Factor in DSLRs- 5Ge- Food talks- Tesla and cars in general- OnePlus 7 (pre launch talks)- Nokia 9 fingerprint scanner fail
 Topics discussed:- Dual SIM (Physical + eSIM)- Mobile Network Providers- Cloud Gaming (Google Stadia & Shadow)- Mirrorless Cameras- Camera Lenses
Topics discussed:- Android Q's Gesture Navigation- Spotify- Custom Guitars- PewDiePie vs Tseries - Pixel 3A- Mirrorless Cameras- Shifting from Android device to iPhones (vice-versa)- Mobile Apps vs Desktop Apps
Topics discussed:- Smartphones launched at MWC 2019- Foldable Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X- Inclusivity & Accessibility in Smartphones- Mirrorless Cameras- Nokia 9 Pureview at BestBuy- Cost of repairing smartphones- Night Sight, one trick pony- THICC BOI Energizer- The rise of premium mid-rangers- ...and more!
 Topics discussed:- Devices to be launched at MWC 2019- Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e- LG G8 ThinQ, V50- Mirrorless Cameras- Penta lens on Nokia 9- Using DVDs in Childhood- Subscribe to PewDiePie?- Current Movies and TV Series
Topics discussed:- Honor View 20- Hole Punch vs Notch- CES 2019- HTC's 2019 Flagship- Case or No Case?- Size of smartphones in 2019
EP9: Google for India 2018

EP9: Google for India 2018


Summing up Google for India 2018.
Bezel-less Smartphones: Notch vs Motorized Camera?
Are smartphones dumb without internet?
Are gaming smartphones really necessary?
Amazon Echo vs Google Home!
EP4: One notch fits all?

EP4: One notch fits all?


Product launches, Notches and more!
EP3: Android P

EP3: Android P


All about Android P! (Pancakes?!)
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