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Author: Michael Hofer

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This is the podcast network for Christ Community Church from Columbus, GA. We have various different podcasts from youth ministry topics, family ministry topics, devotionals, discipleship material, community group discussions, Sunday Morning Services, and more.Each different topic has its own logo. Look for the Logo of the topic you are wanting to engage with.
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In this episode we discuss the idea of humility for Christ followers. We also talk about the tension of racial reconciliation in our country. What is our responsibility as Christ followers when reaching across the isle of race? Our special guest this week is African American Lead Pastor Derrick Shields. Pastor Derrick is the Lead Pastor of Christ Community Church in Columbus, GA.
We are a Podcast that talks about and family culture from a Jesus-centric World view. On this episode we talk with our summer interns Noah Owens and Tymothy Hofer. We also talk to one of the three current Bishops of the Free Methodist Church USA, Bishop Keith Cowart. We talk about the future of the church, how families can disciple in this social distancing climate, and the question: Where is God is answered.
This week we celebrate Christmas.....wait what......I mean Easter! We talk about why Easter maybe the worst secular holiday but most important religious holiday of all time. Pastor Mike shares his most mind numbing sign moment of the show's run. We also have our final though: What is your favorite holiday moment in your lifetime. 
This week we have our joy and sigh moments as Noah Fan Boys over a YouTube star, Evan hates the British, Pastor Mike talks about bowling in the nationals, and Mrs Kristen tolerates us all. We talk more about Anthem of Hope, this week we tackle the importance of community for mental health. We have our final thought: If you could make a trip to any moment in history where would you go?
This week we talk about sign/joy moment, weird flex but ok, we educate the youngins on Sandi Patty, we continue the series Anthem of Hope about depression and anxiety, and we have our final thought: Top Five Cereals of ALL TIME!
SORRY ABOUT THE SECOND HALF AUDIO, OUR MIC CORD WAS UNPLUGGED!This week we discuss the issue of depression, anxiety, dark thoughts, and self-worth. Our first discussion in this series we answer the question: Counseling or Nah for Jesus people. We also have our Joy moment of the week and our final thought: What three movies are you most looking forward to in 2019?
This week we talk about the idea of being double minded: Who do you trust with your future? We bring back our joy/sign moment and our final thought: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE: Disney or Pixar
This week we talk about why donuts are the BEST, we also have our sigh/joy moments, Pastor Mike hits the effects button, and Being Faithful in the Little Things! Our Final thought: One Movie EVERYONE should watch before they die. Special Guest Ryan Wommack and Silent Tym
This episode we talk about how a leader needs to be disciplined and discipline. will understand......Leadership! We also talk about why President Trump needs to grow up, and its not about his policies, we also talk about going to a convention, and our sigh/joy moments! We have our final thought: What is one thing that you do that no one really knows about you.....a guilty pleasure. 
We have been in a series on Leadership. What does it take to be a Godly Leader? This week we dive into the idea of Endurance.....running the race to the end. Do we endure even in the down time? We also have our sigh/joy moment of the week, great pranks, and our final thought: One thing you would put on you bucket list?
First Episode of the second season: 2019! This week we talk about Leadership! What does it take to be a leader? This week we zero in on responsibility. We also have out sigh or joy moment of the week, a tip for family time, and a final thought: We play True or False
This week Pastor Cedric Hill and Pastor Mike Hofer talk about the expectation that came with the Triumphant entry and how sometimes our expectations about Jesus are not what we thought they were, but Jesus is always greater than our expectations. We discuss Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem to begin Holy Week. Have you ever had an expectation about God that wasn't realized how you thought it should be, but it turned out pretty great anyway?
This week we dive into the last part of our sermon series on The Calling. After four great weeks of sermons about The Intro, our Abilities, our Passions, and our Context, we have put it all together with: The Sweet Spot. What does it mean to put our abilities, passions, and context together to serve God in the here and now and in our Sweet Spot? Pastor Cedric Hill and Pastor Mike Hofer keep the ripple going from this past Sunday's message on today's The Ripple Effect. You do not have to listen to our past sermon series for this podcast to make sense, but if you want to catch up on this series or any other of our past series go to and listen to all of our archived Sunday morning messages. 
This week on our journey through the New Testament we stop off and talk about the cross and being born again. Why the cross? What does it mean to be Born Again? Join un as we go on this 13 week Discipleship Journey through the NT and look at the big pillars of following Jesus. 
This is a podcast about how to ripple the effect of the Sunday morning message throughout the week. How can we continue the ripple that God plants in your heart and soul on Sunday morning through the message throughout the week? Subscribe, Like, and Share!This week we discuss the idea of Context in our Calling. How do we live for Jesus in the here and now where he has placed us today?
During this next 13 weeks we are digging deeper into the New Testament and bringing out key elements that the disciple should understand. This week we ask the question: Why does Jesus coming as a human matter? The Incarnation is such a big scary word, why does it matter?
Over the next 12 weeks we will be taking a journey to become more like Jesus. We will look into the entire New Testament and dig deeper into some of the basic principles of the faith. This is the introductory episode to this journey.
We are in the week of Identity! Who am I in Christ? We go through the scriptures: Gen. 1:27, 1 John 4:4-6, and John 15:1-5. Through these scriptures: Who is God telling you that you are in Him? Join us reading through the You Version Bible App reading plan: Switch each day. 
We kick off our daily At HOME series with Pastor Mike. This week's topic is: Our Identity In Christ. Read John 1:12, join us on the You Version Bible App in the reading plan: Switch. Also trivia, fun, and prayer! Stay Home, Stay Connected.
We are going to begin to put our Wednesday Night Pursuit Community Sermon Series' up online. This is our second week in our Anthem of Hope series. This week we talk about three different struggles that we face that can cause depression, anxiety, and unhealthy thoughts about self-worth. Sin Struggles, Suffering Struggles, and Identity Struggles are the three struggles we deal with and how do we handle them? Hint: The Holy Spirit is a BIG DEAL!
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