DiscoverBreaking Free Of Emotional Bondage
Breaking Free Of Emotional Bondage
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Breaking Free Of Emotional Bondage

Author: Gaylen Beardsley

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Severe emotional problems keep millions of people in bondage and prevent them from carrying out the most simple, necessary, social functions in life. Unless the chains of this type of bondage are broken, there is little hope for a normal, active and functional lifestyle. Most people, with these debilitating emotional problems, do not know that there are proven, non-traditional, types of therapies that have shown to be more effective than drugs or traditional talk therapy. These therapies can, and most often do bring freedom and relief from the trials of emotional bondage if they are pursued faithfully. These podcasts discuss the types of emotional bondage ranging from Phobias, anxiety, eating disorders to PTSD and everything in between, as well as the types of therapy that can often be the pathway to discovering emotional freedom. Give us a listen and be sure to send any questions you may have to or visit our web site
7 Episodes
Episode #1

Episode #1


This is the initial Podcast Episode that kicks off the program by explaining what will be covered in the upcoming episodes and basically what one can expect experience experience during the programs future.
In this episode I cover several of the many types of Social Anxiety Disorders. Giving some of the symptoms and effects not only on the emotions, but on the physical as well.
Describing three different types of emotional therapy.
This episode explains what a trapped emotion is, how it operates and why it becomes trapped. It includes two short clinical examples of the successful release of a trapped emotion that totally released the client from the future effects of the negative emotion.
This segment talks about our anxiety over the perceived need to be responsible over situations we have no control over
What we think is right, and what we really do is sometimes not the same thing.  Are we always doing what we believe in?  Most likely not.
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