DiscoverUnique Harmony LifeStyle: Balance, Belonging and Beauty from the Inside Out
Unique Harmony LifeStyle: Balance, Belonging and Beauty from the Inside Out
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Unique Harmony LifeStyle: Balance, Belonging and Beauty from the Inside Out

Author: Dr Sweta: Sacred Story Teller

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Sacred Stories, Meditations, Visualizations to invite more Peace,Harmony and Unique Expression to Your Life
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Recently, someone once called me the Queen of Re-Invention 👸🏽 With a title like this, it may not seem like it, but I’m actually terrified of change. Change is uncomfortable, even if it’s for the good, because it’s so uncertain. One of my clients once said “even if it sucks at least I know what to expect” For many, we reach a place where the pain is worse than the fear and you allow in uncertainty or are forced to. I’ve learned what makes uncertainty so scary is the “I got to do it all and do it alone attitude.” In other words, believing we are not supported - raise a hand if you know anything about this 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Like many of you - I have been through some major disappointment and heart break in my life. When life knocked me down I pushed through. I didn’t exactly have the support or tools to be held through it. But at various points in my life I was desperate enough to receive (always been a giver - sure you can relate) and my life transformed. Speaking of change...last year my pastor interviewed me for our church/spiritual community Mosaic. He has now moved on and our community is going through a major transformation. But before he left, he interviewed me about my story. He was surprised to hear who I was just a few years ago when it came to trust and faith! I couldn’t think of a better day to share this with you being that it’s Good Friday (Jesus sacrificed), Passover (jews liberated) and Hanuman Jayanti (Hindu deity of strength) and a potent Full Moon These religious and cosmic stories/days are meant to provide inspiration and keep us in a space of faith but applying it to real life ...oh so hard! Plus there is so much change in the air. In fact, I am going through another death/rebirth and it’s manifesting as a chest cold but Im navigating it with a lot more grace. I hope my story offers that to you as this interview takes the journey from scared, attached, practical professor Sweta to who I am now ( a little less scared and attached and a lot more faithful 😉 If you want to learn more about my work visit
In this podcast interview Dr. Sweta: Life/Career/Soul Coach & Story Weaver interviews a client and shares specific stories on how to follow your heart & soul whispers when you don’t know how to. Dr. Sweta & Dagna talk about: 1. Taking a leave of absence from your job without knowing your next step 2. We get into the details of what to do during Uncertainty 3. How to give yourself space to reconnect to your soul & step into possibility 4. How to build trust for the process 5. Why honoring your needs and unique energy/essence is vital to not losing yourself 6. How to cultivate a courageous mindset to honor your heart desire even when there is a lot of fear & “should’s” 7. What you need to create a Life on your terms To learn more about Dr. Sweta and her Dream Catcher program visit
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