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Author: Viv Jones and Maria Hoey

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1 mum, 1 mom. Both OC transplants from either side of the pond; united by our love for comedy, family life, blogging and all things Harry Potter.Laugh along to our musings about love, life, what it's really like to be a parent, and how much we love cake!If you're looking for a fun listen with an injection of serious and a side order of sweet, you just found it! We're podcasting the S@*T out of motherhood.Viv and Maria Music credit to
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This episode is sponsored by the wonderful people at Malaysian Palm Oil. We’re dispelling some myths about certified sustainable palm oil today, showing you ways you can support certified sustainable palm oil, explaining why boycotting palm oil isn’t the answer and learning some ways to live a more sustainable life. If we don’t take care of the earth, who will?! Find more info on MPO here:
Viv and Maria are being separated by 5000 miles of land and sea! We thought we’d record one last episode together before Viv moves back to England. Obviously the podcast of dreams will continue but we won’t be recording face to face for a while. Enjoy our final hurrah! 
Join us for our very first episode of They See Me Mommin' We share our parenting fails with you. Prepare for laugh out loud stories involving major tantrums in fancy stores and ER visits. It's shameful but honest! We also touch on social media parenting and why we owe it to each other to be honest about what parenting is REALLY life (spoiler alert, it's hard!) Music credit
In this episode we talk of the ways we have taught out kids about kindness, and how we are kind to ourselves. It's something we think is so important, which is why we are making this one of our flagship episodes! We talk about kindness adventures, random acts of kindness and how much we love the movie WONDER. Music credit
We wrote questions for each other so that you can get to know US better! Some are serious questions and of course, some are funny! We also share our mom life hacks, favorite gadgets and best items from the king of stores; Trader Joes! Portos Bakery: Bentgo lunchbox: InstantPot: KitchenAid: Artisan Mixer Qeepsake App:
We did a photo shoot. The outcome was both beautiful and horrifying! We discuss our awkwardness in front of (and behind) the camera. As a mum it's easy to lose your identity so we also discuss a bit of mummy self care and what we do to help us feel more confident. You are never 'just' one thing. You are many things! Music credit Affirmation cards from Mama Roo and Boy (they are sweary!) Photo Bloopers on our IG
Isn't it though? We share our daily mom struggles with you. Turns out parenting is WAY harder than they told you in the movies and kids don't always behave like angels. We realize parenting isn't all unicorns are rainbows and unicorns don't fart glitter.
We talk about pregnancy. The highs and lows, the joys and sorrows, cravings and weight gain. Both Maria and Viv suffered hyperemesis which is a medical condition that results in extreme sickness. Watch out for Maria's stories of pregnancy related depression and how her nose grew huge! We also go into the differences we felt between our first and second pregnancies. Line of the episode comes from Maria: "Our lives are changed, so are our hearts and our mental state!"
We have some hilarious stories about our quirks and the quirks of our children. Ketchup phobia? Yep. Inability to be late? Yep. Kids who obsessed with paper? Yep. Karate kid fanatics? Yep. Kids who carry about Mommy's shirts? We got it!
Shout out to all the besties out there. We talk about awkwardness as a teen, the struggles of making friends now we are parents, how an introvert made friends in a new country and how we met each other. We share our top tips for making friends now we are mummies! If you want to find your closest Moms Club or MOPs group check out these links:
We are children of the 80s. What was it like growing up in the 80s and 90s? Come reminisce with us (or learn from us depending on your age!) about the hair, the make up and the cell phones we remember from growing up! How did people survive without the internet?! Parenting has changed so much since we were children - step into the world of us early millennials!
We talked about parent fails in our very first episode, but let's be real. They were not the only fails we ever had. We share some more of our parenting low points and fails. If I do say so myself, there are so super funny ones in here. If you liked our first parent fail episode you're going to LOVE this one.
We reminisce about traveling pre kids, go into depth about traveling with kids and share our tips and tricks. Listen on to hear some of our suggestions of great places to travel to with kids (and some grown up only destinations!) We've got some travel stories to make you laugh because it's us and that's what we do!
S1 Ep 12: Mom Brain

S1 Ep 12: Mom Brain


Every felt like you were suffering with 'Mom Brain'. The struggle is real! Listen to our Mom Brain moments, in this final episode of the season. Don't worry, we will be back in the fall with an awesome new series!
Mom Burnout

Mom Burnout


You know that feeling when you are JUST DONE?! We talk about Mom burnout this week, and we are so burned out that we didn't even realise we were over a week late with this episode! We know we ar not alone with feeling like this sometimes. The mental load on women of our generation can be very hard to navigate. We. Are. Tired. You are not alone Mama! 
Your favourite Mum podcast has returned and we're funnier than ever! This week we're discussing our summer and some of the crazy parenting moments we experienced!
Ever wonder if some of you mom worries are too much? We talk about our neuroses and realize our worries are normal and we all have them! From choking to toy storage to ketchup phobias, we discuss it ALL! The life vac which Maria discusses can be found here:
We have our very first podcast guest. We interview the fantastic Lincee Ray. Lincee is an all round girl boss. She has gone from being in the oil and gas business to being an author, podcaster, journalist, blogger, Bachelor Expert and all round awesome lady! We talk about life, love, living in The South, sturdy crackers and of course, the TV phenomenon that is The Bachelor.We talk about her book Why I Hate Green Beans: And Other Confessions about Relationships, Reality TV, and How We See Ourselves. If you haven't read it yet, you must. Lincee write with such honesty, but she is also hilarious. can fid Lincee's book here:
We can't claim to be Happy Potter fans without talking about our love for all things HP. In this episode we talk about how we have been able to impart some of the things we love onto our children. Spoiler alert - they are Potterheads (and we couldn't be prouder!) In true TSMM style, somehow we end the show talking about 90s fashion. Also if you need to find a way to get pen out of a sofa, we happen to have a story about that....Wanna come see our LIVE SHOW with Leeann and Michelle on 11/17/18? Buy your tickets here: you are listening after the show, We're very sorry. You missed an extravaganza of fun!)
Maria and her BFF Missy have know each other since they were 11. Safe to say that Missy is an expert in all thing Maria and they are hilarious together. Missy used to be a social worker and she's now an all round momspiration, graphic designer and writer for East Texas Moms Blog.If you want an insight into the life of Maria, the self confessed 'cool nerd' then this is the episode for you. Seriously, it's hilarious, they are hilarious, we're all just hilarious!If you haven't heard the story of the Dorothy Hamill haircut then listen on. You won't regret it! 
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