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March 1, 2021. 8. ••• 0:00 - 13:55:: Max, Mara, & Bridge Family Community; Girl Scouts & Healing Memories; Neurological Repair By Airwaves; Esther's Approach & Level-Headedness; Cait Hardlypie's Purim Party Collaborative Celebration Practice & Ever-Evolving Understanding; Chag Purim Samayach; Beruchah At Shekhinah ••• 13:55 - 50:00:: Happy Saint David's Day from Max, Evan, and This Intuitive Mishkan; Intuitive Anchor & Our "Broadcast Delay"; One-Full-Quarter-Welshness and Welsh Expansiveness; Generational Trauma Amidst Colonialization; Daffodils & Leeks; Dafydd Y Gareg Wen (David Of The White Rock); Strengthening Singing At The Cusp Of Death; Recovery From Environmental Illness & Toxic Injury; Songs About Dying; Eisteddfod, Eisteddfodau, & Intuitive Social Welsh; Celtic Concert Practice; follow & for more; also; Toolset Functions; Platform Solutionstorms; Etymology; Tolkein-Level Sorrow; We Take Up Our Harps To Express Love While Dying And We Travel Into A New Kind Of World; Continuations, Part Of The Same Growing Tree; Honoring Death & Honoring Song; Physiological Conditions For Neuroplastic Change; Going On Or Dying; Intuitive Public Radio & The Intuitive Community Network; Safety For Survivors Of Severity; Navigating This Universe Of Possible Deaths; Are You "Too Dying" To Be In Community? We Make The Material We Are Living In ••• 50:00-50:40:: Dafydd Y Gareg Wen As A Dirge Called Misalignment ••• 50:40 - 54:19:: Alignment & Embodiement Practice (As Close To Live As Any Of Us Can Get) & A Joyful False Start • 54:19 - 56:09:: Dafydd Y Gareg Wen ••• 56:09 - 1:10:05 Celebration, Vocal Pedagogy, & Medicinal Musicality; It's Really The Sound Of The Person; Same Different Davids; Saint David's Yartzeit; Henry II & An Archbishop Beckett Re: Melt-Downs & Bruised Friendship; Considerations Of History; What Is Most Core To Us And At Our Root? Here Is How We Sing Music And Share Food; Intuitive Public Social Community Druidry; Make Us A Wrap • Gratitude, Blessings! • • • •• --- Support this podcast:



7. • This is Intuitive Public Radio Episode 7 Volume 2021 released March 11. These recordings were made between February 24 and February 28, 2021. • This Joyful Programming Asynchronously Anchored By Community Co-Hosts Max, Mara, Jim, Evan, & Collaborating Intuitive Invisibles • • Please support: • • • & the work of Jill Hammer: • • 20210311-142823 • More links and easter eggs at: •°` --- Support this podcast:
This is Episode 6 Volume 2021 and you are listening to Intuitive Public Radio: Intuitive Mishkan, February 24, 2021. Join us in the mishkan today and all week for vigil, story sharing, and nutritive kindness to earth, celebrate, manifest compassionate action, and integrate this full moon time. Each day February 24 through March 2, 2021 at 12p Eastern, our Intuitive Public Radio facilitates our joining co-host Max Megan Elizabeth Morris, honored Intuitive Invisibles, and beloved others in community caring, prayer, circling, collective intent, brave helping, holding strong space, and supportive conversations together --- efforts near and deer to us. ••• (each day at) 12p - 5p Eastern | 5p - 10p GMT | 9a - 2p Pacific | 10a - 3p Mountain ••• February 24, 2021 through March 2, 2021 ••• Asynchronously Anchored by Max, Evan, and contributing Intuitive Invisibles ••• 💸 Donate to support: • ••• 📩 Email as needed: ••• 🧠 Join our chat at @IntuitiveCommunity on Telegram messenger to participate and contribute: • • 20210224-022044 • • •°` --- Support this podcast:
Jan 27, 2021. Disability Aid Network! Bridge Family Group celebrates this Intuitive Public Radio Volume 2021, Episode 5. Max & Jim touch base on the great value of a Massive Musical Multiplayer 24/7 Survival Walkie-Talkie Disability Aid Network --- thank you, Intuitive Public Radio. • • • ---20210127-194257, 📝💌  • 🌊✨ • 📻🔡 • 💞🎶 --- Support this podcast:
Jan 24, 2021. Intuitive Public Radio Volume 2021, Episode 4. We are in the business of offering privileged professional resourcing to survivors of the most violent intersections. •  We take a person off the street and give them immediate access to a marketing and media co-creation team, community support, tool sets, and tech to ensure their economic success. •  Any Survivor in a location where we can collaborate with one another has immediate emergent benefits often otherwise non-existent, so we are offering immediate value to each one of us, any person in our locations, and individuals who are in the most severe circumstances that we might encounter or interact with. •  This is why --- any time you might feel despair or hopelessness for any reason --- please remember that IPR has been striving to communicate. Please allow us to offer you these solutions. ---@evanjacques, @maxmorris, & @intuitivepublicmedia • • • ---20210124-164921, 📝💌  • 📻🔡 • 💞🎶 --- Support this podcast:
Jan 24, 2021. Intuitive Public Radio Volume 2021, Episode 3. Please help us sustain our infrastructure; please help us safeguard and protect the work of these severely affected survivors.   Your assistance restores and facilitates basic survival income for those experiencing the very most violent and invisible intersections.   We are able to improve our safety if we have any access to small amounts of money.   If we are disallowed our own income streams... if we are disabled in and around our communities... if we are excluded from resourcing... we are not allowed to survive; we are mandated to be tortured to death while others fail to notice or explain it away without being willing ever to talk to us or to respond to our desperate cries for relief from suffering.   We are remedying this situation with your help.    We're so grateful to those of you who have contributed already, who have recognized that immediate emergency action is needed in and around all our communities.   This prevents suicide, premature death, and human trafficking.   Please start out today by helping us fund Bridge Grant 001. You can find more information at   This grant provides immediate resourcing to 3 of our bridge families who have been surviving terrible circumstances. (This includes mine. ---@maxmorris)   This grant helps to get immediate relief into the hands of survivors who are experiencing violence that other people need more information about.   Letting us die at these intersections keeps everyone else from benefiting from our lived experience.   We don't want that to happen.    That's why the Intuitive community knowledgebase is being built out continually for sharing between all interested communities so that we can all be safer immediately.   It's hard for me to know what I just said because I am in such extreme pain without my medicine.    Our other families in this Bridge Grant 001 have similar considerations --- where there are very basic needs that are not being met because the way our society has structured was not really meant to get those needs met.   If you ask disabled and severely disabled people anywhere in our vicinities you will find similar stories.   This is why we need Intuitive Public Radio and the efforts of our Intuitive community network to ensure kindness, inclusion, and physical safety for all those striving to care and help one another most successfully. Support: • • ---20210124-113513, 📝💌 --- Support this podcast:
Jan 21, 2021. Intuitive Public Radio Volume 2021, Episode 2. Considering Spiritual Cannibalism (And Its Embodied Opposites) with Michón Neal and Max Morris: ---20210121-132848, 📝💌 --- Support this podcast:
Jan 17, 2021. Intuitive Public Radio Volume 2021, Episode 1. Barucha At Shekhinah: today, "2 Water," this workflow in relationship flowing. 4 Shevat; the rebirth and renewal of trees; dreams take on forms more easily; outside my window, still with the flurries. Music blessings by Max and Hildy. Thank you for please supporting our Bridge families:  ---20210117-171639, 📝💌 --- Support this podcast:
January 16, 2021. Intuitive Public Radio Volume 2021, Episode 0. Will you breathe peacefully with me?  ---20210116-154303, 📝💌 --- Support this podcast: --- Support this podcast: --- Support this podcast: --- Support this podcast: --- Support this podcast: --- Support this podcast: --- Support this podcast:
Find Trevor Ring and Community Cultures at and We find new ways to bridge emergent strength every day on this Intuitive Public Radio and today our conversation leads us back (most nourishingly) to living microbial foods. --- Support this podcast:
Meditation - Max & Hildeguitar (Weather Warming) - May 1, 2020. April 2020 Artwork & music by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris Intuitive Public Music, IPR  --- Support this podcast:
Being The Environment - May 1, 2020. April 2020 Artwork by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris Intuitive Public Music, IPR  --- Support this podcast:
Poverty & Contradictions - May 1, 2020. April 2020 Artwork by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris Intuitive Public Music, IPR  --- Support this podcast:
Community Trauma Recovery - May 1, 2020. April 2020 Artwork by Max Megan Elizabeth Morris Intuitive Public Music, IPR  --- Support this podcast:
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