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This is where you Ask A Black Woman anything but... You betta be ready for a real answer!
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Is there such thing as Black Church Culture Appropriation? Hmmm...
Catching up with supporters!
Response to Paladinah

Response to Paladinah


Catching up with supporters!
It’s been a long time. I shouldn’t have left you... trust me I have good reason. But I’m back! Lemme catch y’all up😊
So I got a selfie with Mr Bobby Brown this past Saturday and had to check a chick about her dumb comment about him
ASK A BLACK WOMAN Podcast Premier Pt 1. It's Vday 2018 so The MouthPeace wants to talk about the hit Bravo show "To Rome for Love".
It's Women's HERstory month and I'm a DV survivor, so lemme know if you think DV would exist in InWakanda? Why or why not? How can we transfer remedies from our African utopia to remedy this issue?
In this 44th episode, The MouthPeace sits down with Misty Monroe, creator and performer of the dope one woman show, “Unapologetically Black “. This candid convo about code switching, flip side of Black pride and standing down in the face of white maleness and much more is a must listen!
The unpopular perspective about Charlemagne and Rape
The MouthPeace chops up with sista Kendra MacDonald on her career as a film producer and director and how her faith influences her calling.
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