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Author: Loretta Carraro

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Tips to living a more meaningful and fulfilling life.
42 Episodes
Goddess Persephone

Goddess Persephone


Goddess Persephone is the Goddess of springtime, fertility and underworld. In this episode I explain how she can help us during our dark days.
A short guided meditation to help connect you to safety.
Mandalas are a beautiful art and creative process that allows us to express ourselves. Here’s my tips on how and why to create a mandala
In this episode I give you tips on how to connect with the Roman Goddess - Diana
In this episode this may not be the answer you think - what crystals should you use for protection...
No matter what you’re feeling this will help you change and raise your state
Are you an overachiever, have high standards of yourself? Or always trying to grow and progress - then this is for you!
7th chakra: crown

7th chakra: crown


Is the Crown even a chakra? Find out in this episode
We navigate our way through the third eye and include crystals for balancing. How do you know if your third eye is balanced or not?
In this episode I talk about the Throat Chakra and how to recognise imbalances
In this episode I deplore the heart chakra and how we can balance it
Talking about solar plexus chakra and how to balance it using crystals
Everything about the Sacral Chakra
In this episode I delve deep into the Root Chakra and also talk about which crystals you should use to balance it
I’m this episode I’m introducing the Chakra system before we delve deeper into each one
Exploring the benefits of womb healing
In this episode I explain how we all have a core belief that helps determine how we behave throughout our life.
Competition is actually an illusion from a place of fear and as long as you carry this mindset you’ll always feel in competition with others
Reiki is fundamentally unconditional love - as humans we over complicate the simplest things in life. Here’s my explanation of Reiki.
Heart centred work doesn’t just have to be a side hustle! You can have a successful full time business that is a reflection of your soul purpose!
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