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After many months of desert wandering… rvatech talks is finally back, now powered by the great and powerful Richmond Tech Council. 🙌🎉😎 What you can expect: episodes every 2 weeks stellar audio quality (we have a sound engineer!) more awesome guests (thanks to the reach of RVA Tech) cool stuff like panel discussions, live event […]
Ladies & gentlemen! Welcome back to another episode of RVA Tech Talks! Check out this interview with David Der, AI & ML guru and co-founder of Notch, an ML consultancy start-up which sold to Capital One, where David currently leads a team of engineers within the Center for Machine Learning. This is an amazing episode–one of […]
Good morning RVA tech aficionados! I think winter is over? Perhaps almost, but snow is on the way, so I’m feeling like the grouchy bat on my friend’s back porch whose photo she took this weekend before I took her bat to the vet (this is not a joke): ANYWAYS, I come with good news! […]
Hey guys! Welcome back to another episode of RVA Tech Talks, where I sit down with the gurus of Richmond, Virginia’s tech scene to talk about cool tech stuff and secrets of their success. This month, we’re back with another episode, this time with Peter Harrison, CEO of Snag (formerly Snagajob). We talk about lessons […]
What's up RVA nerds, hacksters, sculptors in the fine art of technology! Check out this latest episode with agile guru and software delivery black-belt Aimee Palmer. Topics include the basics of getting started with Agile, why Agile fails hard (sometimes), and how Aimee thinks about applying frameworks (of which there are like a dozen).  Enjoy!
Check out this latest episode with Drew Firment, Managing Partner at A Cloud Guru, Alexa Champion, AWS Community Hero, and overall awesome technologist! Show notes: Free AWS Exam Prep Guide (here!), compliments of A Cloud Guru The Big Switch by Nicholas Carr (Amazon) IT Doesn’t Matter (blog post) Getting Started with Alexa (tutorial) Example of […]
Hark, Richmonders! I bring to you another episode of RVA Tech Talks, this time a one-on-one with the distinguished Robby Demeria. In case you don’t already know the name, Robby is the lobbyist-turned-community-organizer who took the helm of RichTech and has, over the past years, transformed the organization into a vibrant, community-led, practitioner-first tech chapter […]
Hey guys! Welcome back another episode of RVA Tech Talk! This episode I give you Royal Jones, who had a successful career at Capital One before jumping to Snagajob where he’s currently serving as Director of DevOps. As a leader, Royal has a unique–even uncanny–ability to relax everyone’s nerves and slowly reel in a problem […]
Hey guys! Welcome to our 13th episode of RVA Tech Talks! This month I sat down with one of Richmond’s most interesting and thought-provoking entrepreneurs, Andrea Goulet. Aside from co-founding Corgibytes, a tech consultancy focused on teaching “old code new tricks”, and bringing new life into the “Mender Movement”, Andrea is vocal in the Richmond […]
RVA technobrats! Fasten up: this episode is a 1-on-1 with local tech guru Robert Fehrmann, who is currently the Field CTO at Snowflake Computing. Robert is one of most inspiring tech leaders I’ve ever met, owing to his great personality and his ability to simultaneously hold business value and gritty tech specs in his brain. […]
Enjoy this conversation with Brandon Linton, Solutions Architect at CarMax. Brandon is at once a product whisperer, veteran developer, and operations geek and has been at the center of CarMax’s transformation towards high-speed, high-quality product teams. References: Clements Vasters on Microservices (talk): CarMax’s ARM template demo (repo): The Pragmatic Programmer (book):
Next up: Chris McCord breaks down Quality Engineering (QE) into some easy-to-understand components and digs into the tricky question of how QE fits into modern engineering organizations.
Today I present Clay Westbay, an expert in cloud transformation and building excellent teams from the ground up. Clay is a fascinating guy with a ton of experience, so it back and enjoy!
This week, I was lucky enough to hear a Snagajob Tech Talk featuring one of Snagajob’s foremost software architects, John Gonyo. John’s talk, called the “Performance Primer”, is sort of part of the Snagajob engineering canon, as it were. Enjoy! P.S. If you want the deck to go with it, just message me and I […]
This episode I present to you Marty Bland, one of Richmond’s leading agile experts, who shares with me the secrets of his success, how he leads teams in the agile world, and how you can bring agile into your org’s waterfall culture.
Welcome back! This episode, I present to you 30 minutes of pure, unadulterated discussion with the legendary Jason Ford, who is a Principal Engineer (focusing on data management) at Snagajob. Also on the menu? Some awesome career hacks and a MongoDB 101. Enjoy!
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