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Welcome to the Epic Human Podcast with Joe Blair, a venture capital investor based in San Francisco. The podcast will feature extraordinary people from all walks of life (e.g. startup founders, VCs, thought leaders, professors, athletes, artists, & more)!
21 Episodes
Cam Woodsum is Founder & CEO of Nomad Impact Ventures, a remote startup lab that starts, grows, and invests in impact-focused internet businesses. Cam is a digital nomad - a tech entrepreneur who lives and works wherever he wants. He’s lived all over the world and generally lives life on his own terms. This is Cam’s second time as a guest on the Epic Human Podcast - the podcast’s first returning guest! The original podcast we recorded two years ago (S1 E12). In this episode, we discuss Cam’s entrepreneurial successes, failures, and lessons learned. Cam shares some of his founding insights, such as launch early, often, and anonymously. Cam recounts his struggles with adult acne and how he finally overcame it this past year. We also get on update on Cam’s ever-evolving personal philosophy and why it’s so different than that his that of his contemporaries. You can find Cam on- *Instagram @camwoodsum ( *Twitter @camwoodsum ( *Youtube ( *Online
James Wells is VP of Corporate Development at Sanctuary AI, a company building & scaling embodied artificial general intelligence (AGI). In this episode, James and I discuss the differences between various types of artificial intelligence and opine on the future of the relationship between humans & intelligent machines. James is also an accomplished survivalist, yogi, ironman, & meditator In this episode, we cover James’s highly unique experiences Completing a wilderness survival course in the middle of nowhere Running an ironman race with almost no traditional training (as in running, biking, or swimming) Learning and struggling through meditation practice and the impact it’s had on his personal & professional life This episode was kind of stitched together over a few recorded conversations we had, and the final product is exceptional. I think anyone could get something out of our chat. You can find James Wells on LinkedIn (feel free to say hi) You can visit Sanctuary AI at
Ruben Harris is CEO at Career Karma, a marketplace connecting job training programs and qualified applicants. Ruben is also a Co-Host of the Breaking into Startups podcast, the podcast featuring inspiring stories of people who broke into tech from non-traditional backgrounds In this episode, Ruben and I discuss the future of education and how to address that massive skills gap that exists both in the US and around the world. We also go deep into Ruben's incredible past, starting with his passion for music as an accomplished cellist, how he transitioned to finance, and then the miraculous way he hustled his way into technology and Silicon Valley. Ruben is incredibly humble and honest as he shares his mistakes, successes, and tangible advice for others finding their own way. One poignant quote from our chat: “Inbound is what happens when outbound is your DNA” -You can find Ruben on twitter @rubenharris ( and @Career_Karma ( -You download Career Karma at
Katherine Maher is CEO and Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that manages Wikipedia - the multilingual online encyclopedia, based on open collaboration through a wiki-based content editing system. Wikipedia is the fifth most popular website in the world and gets more than 18 billion page views per month. In this episode, Katherine and I discuss Wikipedia’s role in the era of "fake news," the recent NorthFace/Wikipedia controversy, how her organization is looking to grow and diversify the editor community, and what the future holds for Wikipedia, including risks and opportunities. We also go deep into Katherine’s background, covering her atypical academic experience, her early career path, and how she became CEO of one of the most important technology platforms of our time. As with every podcast, I also asked Katherine about her personal philosophy, where she shared a personal story of a time she experienced failure, some advice for young adults seeking to make a difference, and a few quotes that inspire her. -You can find Katherine on twitter @krmaher -You can watch her “Sum of All Knowledge” talk she delivered on Google’s corporate campus at
Tom Masterson is Founder and CEO of Unburden Care, a company that alleviates the burden associated with providing unpaid care through efficient, economic, and sensitive use of technology and social networks. Tom has an electric background, spanning tech, strategy, design, operations, marketing, and sales. In this episode, Tom and I discuss the chronic challenges that caregivers face and how he’s trying to help them. You can find Unburden Care: -On their website -Or on Instagram
Season Two Kickoff

Season Two Kickoff


Welcome back to Season Two of the Epic Human Podcast! In this episode, we recap Season One and share some of the exciting changes we’re making for the second season. We also reveal the epic human who originally inspired the podcast! For the longer story, here’s my Medium article on the topic: It’s good to be back!
Eric Anderson is a Principal at Scale Venture Partners, a Bay Area venture firm that specializes in enterprise SaaS, developer tools, and infrastructure. Eric is a former product manager at both Google and Amazon, a former engineer with GE’s rotational leadership program, and a lifelong entrepreneur. Eric founded DocPro (, the "Uber for office work." He’s also a dedicated family man, as a father of four fantastic children. In this episode, Eric shares his unique experiences growing up as a one of six siblings, discovering his passion for science and “making things” as a kid, facilitating union conflicts as a young engineer, breaking into the world of cloud computing with some of the largest tech titans of Silicon Valley, and eventually transitioning to a career in venture capital. Follow Eric on Twitter @ericmander and his firm @scalevp Or visit Scale Venture Partners at And check out DocPro (, the "Uber for office work"
Greg McNeal JD/PhD, is a tenured Professor of Law and Public Policy at Pepperdine University and co-founder of AirMap, the world's leading airspace management platform for drones. Greg holds a Masters in Public Administration from American University, a JD from Case Western, and a PHD in Public Administration from Penn State University. He is a published author, having written 28 scholarly papers, 10 law review articles, a book on the Trial of Saddam Hussein, and is an active contributor at Forbes on the topics of public policy, transportation, and the future mobility. In this episode, Greg discusses his humble beginnings and his encounters with countless people throughout his life that told him his goals were unachievable. And every time, Greg proved them wrong. Greg’s life story is a tale of ambition, passion, and grit. Follow Greg on Twitter @GregoryMcNeal or at his personal website Or check out Airmap at
Mike Sirkin is a father of three amazing children, which makes him a hero in my book. He also happens to be a super successful and accomplished lawyer, but this episode isn’t about all that. In this episode, Mike and I discuss what it means and what it takes to be a dad in the modern era. We talk a bit about our own upbringing and about our joys and challenges of becoming dads ourselves. Mike is an incredible thoughtful and articulate human, and I really enjoyed going deep on this topic! Follow Mike on Twitter at @SMichaelSirkin
Cam Woodsum is the Founder of Nomad Impact Ventures, an e-commerce startup lab that builds for-profit impact businesses while traveling the world. He believes in living life to the fullest while also making a global impact. The majority of his organization's profits are funneled into an impact fund that invests in mission-oriented companies focused on climate change, healthcare, and education. Cam is also the Founder of both Bill Slasher and FanBump. Cam’s unique lifestyle lets him travel the world continuously AND make a difference. *** Follow Cam on Twitter or Instagram at @CamWoodsum, or check out his blogs at and
Sydney Thomas is a venture capital investor and head of operations with Precursor Ventures, a San Francisco-based pre-seed venture firm. Sydney is also the creator and host of the Be About It Podcast, a podcast featuring entrepreneurs who are building companies that serve “real people". In this episode, Syndey tells about growing up in San Diego, her early career in government & public service, and her path to venture capital.   - Follow Sydney at @sydneypaige10 and and her Be About It Podcast @thebeaboutitpod   - And checkout Precursor Ventures at @precursorvc or at
Patrick Sagisi is a venture capital investor with DBL Partners, a San Francisco-based venture firm focused on delivering double bottom line returns, both in terms of financial and societal benefits. Patrick is a 3-time Olympic swimmer representing his native birthplace of Guam. In this podcast, Patrick explains how his extraordinary self-discipline has allowed him to excel in athletics, academics, tech, and now venture capital. Follow Patrick at @PSagisiDBL and visit DBL Partners at
Ken Harbaugh is running for Congress in Ohio’s 7th district. Ken is a former Navy pilot, Yale Law School graduate, and President of Team Rubicon, an international non-profit that deploys American veterans to provide disaster relief services all over the globe. Ken has dedicated himself to a life of service in a wide range of capacities, and is now seeking to apply his skills and talents to the United States Congress. In this podcast, Ken walks me through his early years as an kid in a military family, discusses his own winding career path, and why he wants to serve Ohio like no one ever has before. His campaign slogan is “Country over Party,” and Ken truly believes - even in these polarized times - that we all have more in common than we may realize.   Follow Ken’s campaign on Twitter @TeamHarbaugh and online
Ray Li is a musician and entertainer with Veserium, an electronic music duo that performs a live show unlike any you’ve experienced before. Veserium creates sound from thin air using only motions and gestures, allowing fans to experience the music on an entirely different level, being able to see and hear the sounds as they are being created. Ray is a former engineer and left a white collar career to move to Las Vegas and start Veserium with his best friend Michael. In this podcast, Ray discusses his how he personally developed the core Veserium technology, the difficult decision to leave his white collar engineering career to move to Las Vegas a pursue a life as a musician and entertainer, and what it’s like day-to-day following his dream of reimagining audio and visual entertainment. Ray also graciously provided the intro music for the Epic Human Podcast, so we are super grateful and excited to bring you this episode! Follow Veserium on Twitter @Veserium and online at
Chris Anderson is Founder and CEO of 3D Robotics, a drone software company digitizing the construction industry. Chris is a New York Times best selling author, former Editor in Chief of WIRED magazine, writer at the Economist, physicist, and research scientist at Los Alamos Labs. Chris walks us through his incredible life, which includes a battle-of-the-bands with REM, managing the most important and influential magazine in the tech world, and accidentally starting the largest US drone company in history, which eventually evolved into a software solution that’s transforming the construction tech industry. Follow Chris Twitter @chr1sa And follow @3DRobotics and visit them at And follow his DIY autonomous car community @DIYRobocars and visit them at
Andrew Byrnes is a venture capital investor at Comet Labs, an AI and intelligent machines focused seed investor based in San Francisco. He is a former cleantech startup founder, high school teacher, marketing exec, wildcatter, fiction author, sushi roller, and local TV show host. Andrew’s circuitous life path is as fascinating as it is hilarious! *Follow Andrew’s firm on Twitter @CometLabs and visit to sign up for their newsletter
John Gray is an expert in social media manipulation and “fake news” bots. John is also Co-founder and CEO of Mentionmapp Analytics, a company focused on protecting social profile reputations. In this podcast, John explains how technology is used to deceive and manipulate us, who is behind this activity, and what (if anything) can be done to stop it. *Follow John on Twitter @grayspective *And find Mentionmapp Analytics at or on Twitter @mentionmapp
Gaurav Jain is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Afore capital, a pre-seed stage venture capital firm based in Silicon Valley. Gaurav has proven his unusual ability to succeed as both an entrepreneur and a venture capital investor. In this podcast, Gaurav shares some of the non-intuitive "benefits of short-term thinking" when building your career. *You can follow Gaurav on Twitter @gjain *And you can find Afore Capital at or on Twitter @AforeVC
Claire Coder is CEO & Founder of AuntFlow, an innovative menstrual products company. Claire recounts dropping out of college to follow her dreams while overcoming countless obstacles. Claire is what I call a “Born Hustler," a person who was destined to build companies.
Mike Vernon is Director of Key Accounts for Global One Pet, a leader in the pet nutrition & specialty product industry. He is a sales savant with uncanny emotional intelligence. In this episode, you'll learn about how Mike kickstarted his sales career, the techniques he uses to make a lasting impression, and his advice for the salesperson inside each of us.
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