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Mark Adam Rambles On

Author: Mark Adam

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Thoughts and ideas from a random guy on the internet. Some GTD stuff, some sports stuff, a lot of random stuff! Fun, right?!

As an extension of his "Car Thoughts w/ Mark Adam" project (, this mental health outlet helps him keep his brain in order.
11 Episodes
181208 Decompress

181208 Decompress


Decompressing for the day.
181120 The big sick.

181120 The big sick.


180506 Hockey is life?

180506 Hockey is life?


Hockey, Kraft Dinner, Jim Hughson and the Jets, and how fast kids grow up. Mark Adam is a little bit all over the place today.
Just trying to keep my poop in a group. 💩
180502 Sweet tech!

180502 Sweet tech!


Podcasting is awesome and easier than ever. I've actually started a new one. Also, my daughter (3yo) wants her own YouTube channel. Thoughts?
180501 Back to basics

180501 Back to basics


Randomness including an adorable story about my 3yo daughter.
Tasks still need doing at home and the weekend is when I try to get those in.
Talking about the tools I use most for GTD.
Mornings are hard. Plan ahead, if you can. • Celebrate "Single Tasking Day" with me! #markadamGTD • 3rd times the charm? No more excuses! #markadamGTD • Supper time. One thing at a time. #markadamGTD
The GTD process. Get ready. • Make your bed. Start the day with a win.
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