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Author: Ryan Johnson, Daniel M. Peisner, CMI, Jason Parr CEO, Paul Johnson, VP

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When it comes to sales tax in the US, E-commerce sellers face a tremendous challenge.

Every state has its own rules and tax rates. Each state has its own idea of "nexus" or the point at which a business is required to collect tax in their state. Each state has their unique laws around the taxability of goods and services in their state.

Some states exempt food products, and/or clothing, and/or, medical products, and/or digital goods. And these rules are constantly changing and evolving. E-commerce businesses and their advisors are caught in a very difficult position trying to stay on top of everything in this rapidly changing environment.

That's where this Podcast is meant to help. We'll try to bring episodes each week that will help keep up with the changes and give you answers to specific stat tax scenarios that e-commerce businesses face.

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This Holiday season will probably set a new record of online sales. Not only is online sales just rising in popularity but, this global pandemic is still raging and demanding that we stay home whenever possible. This may put a lot of online sellers over the economic nexus thresholds requiring them to get registered to collect and remit sales tax. I'm sure that many will have enough stress trying to match the demand that their business commands and sales tax won't even be on their radar. That's why here at Peisner Johnson we want to take the sales tax stress off your mind and give you the piece of mind you need. Additional Questions Answered:What economic nexus thresholds do states have?What do I do if I meet the economic thresholds?How do I know if my product is taxable?Do I have to get registered immediately after I figure out I have economic nexus?What are my next steps to register for sales tax?If you haven't been on a What's NexT call with us yet now is the best time to schedule your FREE call to start getting your sales tax in order for 2021. Schedule yours here:
Our biggest goal here at Peisner Johnson is to bring peace of mind to those that have to deal with sales tax. If you sell products or services you are probably subject to some level of sales taxes. Sales tax laws are constantly changing. When you are out on the internet looking for the answers you need more often than not you come out the other end more confused and stressed out. We have created a simple process to help you with the not so simple subject of sales tax. It all starts with what we call a What's Next call. Today I have invited Jason Parr our CEO, Paul Johnson our VP of Operations, and Danny Wright our Director of Marketing and Sales to discuss what this FREE What's Next call looks like and how it can bring you peace of mind.Additional Questions Answered:What is a What's Next call?What will be addressed in this call?Will you be trying to sell me your services?If you haven't been on a What's Next call or you would like to get on another one schedule yours here: Paul's recent webinar where we addressed the three questions every business should ask themselves here:
Sales tax is like a suspenseful thriller. Whenever you think you can predict what will happen a new twist appears and you are back to the edge of your seat. I invited Paul Johnson back to today's podcast because he is always at the edge of his seat when it comes to sales tax. He is always up to date with the ever changing sales tax laws and is very knowledgeable. Come listen in as we discuss Tennessee's changes and what you need to do next.Additional Questions Answered:What was and what is Tennessee's nexus thresholds?Why are these changes in Tennessee significant?When will these changes come into effect?How do you calculate whether or not you meet the economic nexus threshold?Quick tip: Make sure and not overlook your physical nexus?If you would like to discuss if you need to register for sales tax under economic nexus thresholds let's chat. Schedule your time now.
With states opening back up I wanted to talk to Dan Peisner, CMI, to see  what we can expect states to do to recoup tax losses over the last few months. We have already seen a flurry of new laws and the restructuring of economic nexus laws. What more can they do?Additional Questions Answered:Are states going to be performing more sales tax audits?How can I prepare for a sales tax audit?What will states be looking for during these sales tax audits?Who will the states be going after?What are some mistakes businesses are making?What should you do first before an audit starts?How will ecommerce sellers be impacted?If you find yourself in a sales tax audit or you fear that your turn is next. It is never too late to get on a FREE "Wha't's Next?" call with us today. Schedule yours here:
The state of Washington has temporarily extended their VDA program they rolled out until November 30th of 2020. For some this could be good news, but for most it won't have any effect. Dan is or Director of Projects and definitely knows a thing or two about getting VDAs done. We talk about this program extension and how you may be able to use it to your advantage.Additional Questions Answered:What is this VDA Program?What makes it different from the typical VDA program?Who qualifies for this extended program?Who doesn't qualify for this extended VDA program?Can you ONLY get a VDA done during these brief VDA program dates?What do we cover in a "What's NexT?" call?If you would like to discuss your eligibility for a VDA you can schedule your free "What's NexT?" call HERE:
Most states already have marketplace facilitator tax laws with only a handful of states that haven't quite rolled them out. One of those states was Louisiana. I asked Paul Johnson our VP of operations to join me to talk about Louisiana's new marketplace facilitator tax laws and economic nexus thresholds.Additional Questions Answered:What makes the release of these laws in Louisiana significant?What are the parameters of the marketplace facilitator tax laws?What are the economic nexus thresholds in Louisiana?What makes marketplace facilitator tax laws so confusing?If a state has marketplace facilitator tax laws do you have to register to collect sales tax in that state?Can I deregister for sales tax in states that have marketplace facilitator tax laws?If you are concerned about your business or your clients business. A free "What's NexT?" call could be all you need to get the peace of mind you deserve. Just fill out this form to schedule yours today!
Getting compliant with state sales tax requires informed counsel. Somebody that can help identify your nexus and what you should be paying. Somebody more specialized than your CPA. In this podcast, I invited Jason Parr, our President/ CEO, and we’ll look at why you need both.What does Peisner Johnson do?How does Peisner Johnson work with CPA Firms?What are some services that Peisner Johnson offers?What ongoing support can Peisner Johnson offer?How can a CPA partner with Peisner Johnson?If you are looking to know what your sales tax liability is or you are a CPA or accountant and you would like to make sure your client is compliant. Sign up for a FREE WHAT'S NexT call here:
Many companies will discover that they have a physical or economic presence in a state and decide to get registered in a state or multiple states. What we often see is that at this point when they attempt to do these registrations that there are questions that they are unsure of how to answer. Sometimes they will push through and it turns out that they applied for the wrong tax license. And a whole big mess ensues. It's no question that with new nexus and sales tax laws, getting registered for sales tax is more complex than ever. I invited Paul Johnson, VP of Operations here at Peisner Johnson, to answer some frequently asked questions about getting registered for sales tax.Additional Questions Answered:How do I know if I need to register for sales tax?How do I register for sales tax?What is the difference between sales tax and use tax?What is sellers use tax?What is the difference of an out of state seller and an instate seller?Do I register for sales tax for a past date?Do I register for sales tax using today's date?If you discovered that you need some help getting registered for sales tax we are here for you. Just sign up for a "What's NexT Call" here:
If you are selling on a marketplace facilitator platform (Amazon, EBay, Walmart, Etsy, etc), you may be registered to collect sales tax in too many states. Sales tax laws are constantly changing and states are making concessions for businesses doing sales strictly on marketplace facilitator platforms. Along with sales tax changes, nexus is also evolving. What caused you to get registered to collect sales tax may no longer be a factor now. While hosting different webinars and podcasts I get a lot of questions about marketplace facilitator laws. More specifically, why sellers should get registered to collect sales tax in the first place if 95% of the states have marketplace facilitator laws requiring the marketplace facilitator to collect and remit sales tax on items sold on their platforms. I invited Paul Johnson, our VP of Operations here at Peisner Johnson, to explain what is going on and what your options are.Additional Questions Answered:How many states could I potentially de-register to collect sales tax in?How many states have marketplace facilitator laws?What factors are considered when deciding whether or not to de-register to collect sales tax?Can I de-register to collect sales tax if I sell on my own website as well?What happens if I decide not to de-register to collect sales tax?What if I haven't registered to collect sales tax anywhere yet, can I avoid registering to collect sales tax?What are the consequences of not getting registered to collect sales tax if I have nexus in a state?If you would like to talk about whether or not you can de-register, you can schedule your free consultation here:
The Wayfair and Supreme Court decision that was made back in 2018 has caused 1000s of businesses to have sales tax nexus and have the obligation to get registered. Another repercussion that is often not addressed is that getting registered in some of these states could also trigger income tax nexus. You could possibly be responsible for remitting income tax as well. I recruited Dan Peisner, CMI to address this issue and to answer all of the questions that we have encountered.Additional Questions Answered:What states should I be looking at for income tax?What thresholds are there for income tax?Public Law 86-272 what is and what protections does it offer?What does PL 86-272 not protect me against?Are there any whispers of change?If you have sales tax nexus you may be liable for income nexus. If you are unaware of what your nexus footprint is you can schedule a free consultation with us here: you would like to watch the video of this episode go here:
A NEXT review can help you to determine just how big your potential state sales tax liability is. Depending on the size of the liability, and some other conditions, will determine how you should handle it. Join us as Dan Peisner, CMI, discusses what your options are.Additional Questions Answered:What is a VDA aka voluntary disclosure agreement.How do I get a VDA started?What are the states provisions?Can you negotiate and what is negotiable?Will states waive taxes, penalties, or interest?What is the benefit of getting a VDA over going with an amnesty program?How do I file back taxes?What does a VDA Process look like?How fast can I expect the state to turn the VDA around?If you are worried about your sales tax liability and you don't know what to do about it. Or, maybe you don't even know what your sales tax liability is. We can help you. Schedule your FREE What's NEXT call with us today.
One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, "I have a business where I have sales in multiple states but I am not sure where I should be collecting sales tax." I completely understand, especially when so much of the information online can be confusing or contradicting. I invited Dan Peisner back with me to answer this question and talk about what is you need to do NEXT.Additional Questions Answered:What is a NEXT Review?What is it exactly do you look at in a NEXT Review?How do we determine nexus and why is it important?Why is taxability an important factor?How long does a NEXT Review take to complete?What do I get out of a Next Review?We always start our NEXT Review with a Free consultation. To schedule yours go here:
For this episode I invited Paul Johnson our VP of Operations here at Peisner Johnson. He has been running our sales tax returns services for the last 5 years. I invited him to come  talk to us about what happens if you end up having to file your sales tax returns late because of the Covid-19 pandemic.Additional Questions Answered: How do states handle natural disasters Do states grant waivers of penalty and interest?How do I get a waiver of penalty and Interest?How many times can I file for a waiver of penalty and interest?Are states giving relief for businesses?How complicated is it to file a waiver?Get up to date information on how states are granting relief check out our blog here: you need help filing your returns or your waivers and are concerned what to do next go here:
If you are registered for sales tax in Texas you may have been getting notices that you should be filing the Texas Franchise Tax return. You may be asking yourself what it is and what you need to to do with it, if anything. Today we are discussing with Dan Peisner what you need to do with this notice.Additional Questions Answered: What is the Texas Franchise Tax?When is it due?How do I know that I have to file it?What do I do with the notice?What happens if I don't pay it?What are the penalties?What nexus thresholds requires me to pay the franchise tax?If you need help filing your franchise tax return just fill this out and let us help you out.
Each week I will be highlighting a new state and will be going over their nexus laws, thresholds, how to register for sales tax, how to collect the sales tax, and how we can help you.Topics Covered In Order:Sales and Use tax overview.     - Sales Tax     - Sellers Use Tax     - Consumers Use TaxWhen you should collect the tax in Alabama.What happens when you don't collect the sales tax.What gives you nexus in Alabama.How to register your business for sales tax in Alabama.How to collect the sales tax in Alabama.Sales tax exemption certificates.Filing your sales tax returns.Using Peisner Johnson to help you.Get a Free consultation here:
Today's tip is all about economic nexus and physical nexus and deciding which applies to you. I frequently get questions around the lines of, "now that economic nexus is a thing do I need to even consider checking whether or not I have physical nexus?" Short answer "HECK YES IT DOES!"Make sure and check out our article on the new economic nexus ruling HERE.If you would like us to help you determine your Nexus Footprint fill out this FORM and we can start with a Free Consultation.
Sales tax audits are happening more and more frequently. As more business are susceptible to economic nexus laws states are looking to obtain as much revenue as possible. I  want to share as many tips as I  can. I  get all my tips from our Ultimate Guide To Fighting A Sales Tax Audit. If you would like to look ahead you can download here for free.If you are under going an audit or fear its only a matter of time get a free consultation here.
We recently attended the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in Salt Lake City. As I walked around and checked out all the different booths, and the cool Arcade setup where they had a Super Smash Brothers tournament, I wondered about sales tax. I spoke with as many people as I could to discover what their company does. I would then ask them about sales tax, and of course they weren’t sure what they did for sales tax. I don’t blame them, they aren’t the ones in charge of the sales tax in their business. I wondered though, what the sales tax nexus implications were for being an exhibitor at a trade show. This is what I learned.Additional Questions Answered:What is physical nexus?What is economic nexus?How can attending trade shows trigger physical nexus?If I don’t have economic nexus am I exempt from physical nexus?Do all the states have the same sales tax laws?What activities can trigger physical nexus in a state?Do I have to get registered in the state where I am exhibiting in a trade show?What are my options when I need to get registered for sales tax?If you attend trade shows and you feel you may have exceeded some of the thresholds you can schedule a free consultation HERE.
Marketplace Facilitator Laws have been around for a few years and I can’t say that it's any less confusing now. I get a lot of questions, and have many conversations, about marketplace facilitator laws, and sometimes I get confused myself. We live in the age of information, thanks to the internet, and all this information can get complicated. I hope that in today’s episode I can make things less confusing.Additional Questions Answered:What is a marketplace facilitator?How does a marketplace facilitator give me sales tax nexus?What are marketplace facilitator laws?Can we expect all states will enact marketplace facilitator laws?Won’t it be easier once all marketplace facilitators collect all the sales tax in all the states for all third party sellers?If you would like to schedule a FREE consultation and see if a NEXT review is for you please fill out this quick FORM.
2018 was a big year for sales tax. No one could have predicted that sales tax would have gone all the way to the supreme court. 2019 Saw some unprecedented amount of sales tax changes. We now have two separate forms of nexus, physical and economic, to worry about. I can’t and won’t try to predict what will happen in 2020 but I want to give you a few things to look at going into the new year to help you to determine your sales tax footprint and get you going in the right direction for 2020.Additional Questions Answered:Does it matter if my products are taxable or not to help determine whether or not to get registered for sales tax in a state?How do I know if my products are taxable?How do I know if I have physical nexus?How do I know if I have economic nexus?How do I know if I should register for sales tax in a state?How many states should I register for sales tax in?Should I do a voluntary disclosure agreement (VDA)?What can Peisner Johnson do?Top Ten Nexus Creating ActivitiesIf you would like to discuss your particular situation you can schedule your Free Call here:
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