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The subscription business model is getting more popular by the minute it seems. Heck! we use a subscription model for our sales tax return services. The amount of things that you can subscribe to are absolutely staggering. Products range from physical items to software. The more you add to your subscription the more complicated it gets to determine whether or not you should be taxing your product or service. Today we talk about just that.Additional Questions Answered:What makes subscriptions so complicated with sales tax?Do subscription sale give you sales tax nexus?What items are taxable for sales tax in a subscription?How do I know how to tax my items or services?What do I do next if I have sales tax nexus?How do I know if I need to collect sales tax?If you run a subscritpion model in your business it is worth reviewing with us to make sure you are collecting the right amount of sales tax.  Chat with us live now!
Technology over the last few decades has immensely improved. 30 Years ago when Peisner Johnson was created, research has gone from paper leaflets in binders to the internet. Despite vast improvements sales tax technologies isn't "set it and forget it." Sales tax is complicated enough and ever changing that it will always need collaboration with sales tax practitioners.Additional Questions Answered: How long has PJCo been around?How can sales tax software help?Where is sales tax software a hinderance?Using sales tax software can I just set up my sales tax accounts and forget it?What does sales tax software not do?Has PJCo handle sales tax notices?Should my sales tax returns show that more sales tax than I actually collected?If sales tax software and automation solutions isn't quite what you suspected you are not alone. That is why we have the free "What's Next" call so we can help you decide what you need to do next! Schedule a "What's Next" call here:
We often talk about what the most costly mistake is when it comes to sales tax. That is ignoring your sales tax situation. Every month you ignore it the greater your liability increases. When the sales tax could have been collected from your customers it is now coming out of your pocket. There is another side that we want to talk about today that we call. "the greatest TRAGEDY of sales tax."Additional Questions Answered: Could I really end up in jail for failing to remit the sales taxes I collected?What if I have been collecting sales tax but haven't sent it to the state?Am I set up to collect sales tax correctly?Can a state force me to pay the tax after I have closed my business?How does Peisner Johnson Help?Can I collect the sales tax at the highest rate in a state and call it good?What are the solutions if I have collected sales tax but haven't remitted?If you are in this boat and are unsure of what to do next, book your free What's Next Call today and let's get you sorted out.
Compliance seems pretty straight forward, but some states are a little more complex than others. Collecting the right sales tax rate should be easy to figure out, but like most things with sales tax, it depends.... Today we discuss  a few different nuances that you may be subject to.Additional questions answered: How do I know I am properly collecting the right sales tax rate?Do states have different sales tax rates?How do I make sure I am collecting the right sales tax rate?What makes it difficult to know what rate I should collect?Should I be collecting the sales tax rate where my customer is located?If you are unsure if you are collecting the right sales tax rate or that you should be collecting sales tax at all get on a call with us here:
Due  diligence when merging or acquiring a business is a no brainer. What happens way to often is sales tax is overlooked or not looked at at all! Sales tax is often a major factor in business purchases and could really decimate your bottom line. We believe having an expert in the sales tax area can be an enormous benefit.Additional Questions Answered:What does due diligence for sales tax look like?How would a refund review help?How can Peisner Johnson help the buyer?How can Peisner Johnson help the seller?Why do we look at purchases?If you are looking to merge with, sell, or purchase a company it would be wise to get on a quick What's Next call with us to help determine if there are any red flags. You can schedule your call here:
Have you been in a sales tax audit? Have you ever wondered if you are paying too much sales tax on the purchases you make? Have you ever wondered if you aren't paying enough sales tax? You have probably wondered if your sales tax is even being handled correctly. A refund review could help you in every aspect. That is something that we talk about in this episode.Additional Questions Answered:Am I paying too much sales tax?Am I paying too little sales tax?Should I be self assessing sales tax on my purchases?What gets looked at during a sales tax refund review?Should I get a refund review during a sales tax audit?How Would a refund review benefit me during a merger and acquisition?If you have ever wanted to get a once over on your sales tax situation a refund review can be a good place to start. You can schedule your initial call here:
Getting registered to file sales tax seems pretty straight forward. But, in fact getting registered for sales tax is actually pretty complicated. Want to find out why? Listen in as we chat about the intricacies and pit falls and what you can do to avoid them.Additional Questions Answered:How do I know where to get registered for sales tax?How many different kinds of sales tax licenses are there?What is sellers use tax?What is use tax?Do I need a business license?What is the process of getting registered for sales tax?What do I do with notices?If you are considering getting registered for sales tax it might be a good idea to chat with an expert. You can do just that for FREE here:
2022 is upon us and we predict that this year will be the year of enforcement. With all of the states having enacted economic nexus legislation they will now start enforcing those laws. Understanding your sales tax responsibilities is not an easy task. There is a lot of information and a lot of the time it is difficult to discern which laws are appropriate for your business. We aim to take the guess work of what you should do. That is why we came up with these three questions. Come listen in and find out what they are.Additional Questions Answered:What should I expect when it comes to sales tax in 2022?How do I determine nexus?How do I determine the taxability of my product or service?Are digital goods taxable?If I sale solely on an online marketplace like amazon, am I responsible for collecting the sales tax?Why is it important to consider the method of how I sell my products?If you are wondering what may be in store for you in 2022 sign up for a What's Next call today and we can get you the peace of mind you need. Schedule your time here:
Have you been researching and investigating on how to best handle your sales tax responsibilities in 2022? You are not alone. You have probably found that there are a few different options, including,  automated software solutions and other full service providers like us, Peisner Johnson. Today we talk about what you can expect.Additional Questions Answered.What do I need to know to determine my sales tax responsibilities? How do I know if I am collecting the right amount of sales tax?What are my cheapest sales tax compliance options?What pitfalls are there with automated software solutions?How do automated software solutions calculate my sales tax returns?How does Peisner Johnson calculate my sales tax returns?How are notices handled with automated software and Peisner Johnson?Will stated audit my sales tax returns for correctness?Do I need to pay the estimated tax due on a state notice?What kind of notices will I get from states?If you are looking into your options and need help deciding what will be best for your situation. You can jump on a What's Next Call with us and we can help you through the decision process. 
Connecticut has recently released an amnesty program for the next few months. Amnesty programs are not all created equal. Listen in as we chat about whether or not Connecticuts amnesty program will work for you.Additional questions answered:What is an amnesty program?What is a VDA?What are the terms of Connecticut's amnesty program?How do I take advantage of the amnesty program?You can find more information about the amnesty program here: www.getrightct.comIf you would like to discuss if this program is right for you sign up for a call here: 
As digital goods and subscription items become more popular you can bet that states will be looking to cash in on those things. Listen in to Jason, Paul , and Danny speak on the taxability of digital goods.Additional Questions Answered:What is a digital good?Are services taxable?Since when have digital goods been taxed?How do I know if my product or service is taxable?If you sell digital goods or services you may need to be collecting sales tax. Get on a What's Next call with us today to get your peace of mind here:
We have noticed that Illinois has increased their sales tax audits significantly. I few of our clients are currently under audit or have received a letter of intent to audit. Illinois probably won't be the only state to do this. Listen in as we discuss what your options are.If you are under audit and would like to talk to someone about strategy you can schedule your What's Next call here:
Dropshipping is making easier for anybody to get into the ecommerce space. The concept of dropshipping is pretty simple. When it comes to sales tax dropshipping can be confusing and frustrating. I gathered the whole team to help understand dropshipping and what your sales tax responsibilities could be.Additional Questions Answered:What is dropshipping?How does dropshipping work?What are my sales tax responsibilities when I dropship?Where do I collect sales tax from?Do I need a resale certificate?How do I get a resale certificate?If you use a dropshipping method and are unaware of your sales tax responsibilities let's schedule  a What's Next call here:
Florida was one of the last to sign in economic nexus and marketplace facilitator tax law legislation. Along with the legislation they also, almost quietly, released a sales tax amnesty program that remote sellers could take advantage of. I invited Dan Peisner CMI, and Paul Johnson our VP of Operations to come chat about this amnesty and who could benefit from it.Additional Questions Answered: What is a sales tax amnesty program?What are the terms of the amnesty program?How often to sales tax amnesties happen?Who can take advantage of the sales tax amnesty program?How do I get started with the sales tax amnesty program?If you would like to chat about your situation and if this amnesty program makes sense for you schedule your What's Next call here:
Economic Nexus has been the talk of the sales tax town ever since the 2018 South Dakota vs Supreme Court (Wayfair) Decision. What we have found is that Physical Nexus often goes overlooked. Physical nexus was established decades ago and still remains relevant.  What we see happening is businesses are hitting economic nexus thresholds but had physical nexus  years ago and should have registered for sales tax back then. Today we talk about just that. Additional Questions Answered:What is economic nexus?What is physical nexus?What triggers economic nexus?What triggers physical nexus?What do I do if I discover I had physical nexus years ago?Can I have physical nexus and not economic nexus?Can I have economic nexus and not physical nexus?If you are unsure of your nexus, now is the time to find out. Schedule your Free "What's Next?" call here:
It has been 3 years since the Wayfair Vs South Dakota decision was made in the Supreme Court. Since then states have been rushing to implement economic nexus and marketplace facilitator tax laws to capture sales tax revenue from remote sellers. Today I invited Paul Johnson our VP of Operations to talk about Missouri finalizing their economic nexus and marketplace facilitator tax laws and other changes states have made over the last few years.Additional Questions Answered:Which states have yet to establish economic nexus laws?When was the last time sales tax was brought up in the Supreme Court?When will Missouri's economic nexus laws come into play?      - Read the legislation here: states come after ecommerce sellers?What has changed since the Wayfair VS South Dakota Supreme Court Decision 3 years ago?Are all online marketplace facilitators required to collect and remit sales tax for sellers selling on their platforms?What do I need to do once I determine my nexus?How do I determine if I have nexus?What is a "What's Next Call?"If you want to talk about where your business is at in regards to the Wayfair decision get on a free What's Next call with us today! Schedule yours here now :
Quick-Show Notes:In this episode of The Millionaire’s Lawyer, JP, Jason Parr, and Paul Johnson discuss:Jason and Paul mention how things have greatly changed in the Tax world over the last few years.E-Commerce has made a great impact on how the government and states are looking at taxing businesses.Sales TaxTax on a transaction6% to 12% depending on the jurisdictionDifferent per stateHuge deal, aka, Margin Killer, if the sales tax is unpaidCan ruin selling your business should you not be compliantIn 2018 there was a Taxation case in the Supreme Courts in regards to where corporations are required to be registered and compliantJason and Paul state how important it is to have confidence regarding your taxation and make sure you have all jurisdictions covered in which you may be collecting tax.Collaboration builds confidence, outsource what you are not an expert in“What’s Next?” CallDo I have Nexus?Is what I have taxable in that jurisdiction? / Fully-taxable or partial?How do I sell?Market place FacilitatorIf you are using a place like Amazon, they do this for you.Each state taxes differently, Jason provides the example of SupplementsIn some states, the Supplements are fully taxableIn others, they are only partially taxable.You are responsible to know this.Jason and Paul mention that there is software out there to help trackThere are Monthly and Quarterly remittancesMake sure you are set up now for when you need to get there, prepare for the growth ahead of time.Manage where you are and set up the automation for that, and then when you expand add that into the automated system.StateAndLocalTaxScott LeTourneauBoth Jason and Paul feel like the Government is going to become a little bit more aggressive in regards to the corporations that are not compliant, and even those who are yet to be registered in the correct jurisdiction.Remain consistent in your Core ValuesIt is hard to successfully multi-task, slow down and become really good at one thing.Key TakeawaysFrom this episode of The Millionaires Lawyer with Jason Parr and Paul Johnson:You have to be registered and compliment in every jurisdiction your clients areTax laws have greatly changed over the last three years with the introduction of successful e-commerceTaxes are not something you are able to push offIf this is a situation that you are dealing with don't hesitate let's chat! Schedule your What's Next Call here:
In a recent article from CPA Trendlines it states that 98% of small businesses are failing to fully comply to their sales tax responsibilities. Also, on top of that 71% of accountants falling short on helping their clients be sales tax compliant. Despite everyone knowing that sales tax is a requirement there are still many accountants and CPAs that are unaware on how they can help their clients. We work a lot with accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs and I asked the team to come and talk about what a partnership with us looks like.Additional questions answered:How does Peisner Johnson help with sales tax?Do we compete in an accountants world?Why is it important to have sales tax knowledge?Where can I get educated in sales tax?Do I need to provide sales tax services for my clients?A What's Next Call is for everyone, this includes accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs. Schedule your free What's Next Call with us here:
They are called many things like; sales tax refund review, a reverse audit, or sales tax recovery project etc. No matter what you have heard it called or maybe you have never heard of it. It is important to know what it is, who would benefit from it, and why you should conduct one for your business. Today I invited Paul Johnson to talk about just that and why we include it on almost every one of our subscription contracts.Additional questions answered:What is a sales tax refund review?What are the benefits of a sales tax refund review?Why should you consider a sales tax refund review?Why would there be sales tax need to be refunded to me?Who would benefit from a sales tax refund review?When would it be beneficial to get a sales tax refund review?How does a sales tax refund review work?If you have considered getting a sales tax refund review done or you have never heard of it now is the time to get on a FREE What's Next call to see if this is an option for you. Schedule yours here:
Because of economic nexus physical nexus often gets overlooked or even forgotten. With the pandemic a lot of businesses have allowed their employees to work remotely. Also, with todays technology, remote working is here to stay and will only become more popular in the future. This will trigger companies to have physical nexus and will require them to get registered for sales tax wherever they have employees. I invited Jason, Paul, and Danny to talk about this and more.Additional Questions Answered:What should I be looking at to determine nexus?Should I be concerned about physical nexus?What does a Free What's Next Call consist of?Does inventory cause nexus?Does every state have physical nexus laws?What do I do if I do have nexus?If you haven't explored your potential sales tax nexus schedule your FREE consultative discovery call here:
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