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Loosen Up Your Painting Podcast

Author: Malcolm Dewey

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Join visual artist Malcolm Dewey with tips and advice on how to improve your painting. For beginners to advanced you will learn new ways to grow your painting fun and enjoyment. Find out more at
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Is your creative time being sacrificed because of the state of the world or economy? If so it is time to get back to your creative work. Feed your soul, inspire your fans and friends and improve your skills. You could even launch your creative side hustle. Whatever you want you can achieve by taking action now. Small things lead to big things. I will share my experience with you in this episode and see how easy it can be. Read more on my blog at and watch more videos here.
Meet the fastest indie #comic book creator! Fish Lee shares his amazing journey as a comic book creator. Overcoming severe illness before turning his art skills to comic book illustration and writing. Fish discusses how to develop your skills and then market yourself in the business world of comics. Inspirational and entrepreneurial advice. Listen to the interview in full.   🎨More about Fish Lee: ✅Start your Free painting tutorial:
Do you want to take the leap into an art career? Where to start? What is the best way for you? My special guest, Fiona Valentine, is going to help you shed light on these big topics. From growing your creativity to taking the first steps into your art business. How to price your art? What you should tell your children if they want to start an art career? This is a great chat with an experienced art mentor. Find out more on my blog at
You will learn a few great tips and tricks that will help you solve the problem of tight, overworked paintings. A few tips you may not heard of before too like mindset adjustments that are important. These tips are easy to apply once you incorporate them into your process. All of these tips, and more, can be found in my course How to Loosen Up Your Painting.
Join me with special guest Michaell Magrutsche as we explore finding your true value as a human and artist. For too long the system of modern commerce and media has stifled creativity. Methods of measuring success have destroyed the traditional value of creativity and dehumanized artists. Only by recognizing the limits of external systems can we reconnect with our true creative potential. What does this mean for you as a creative person? Your happiness and fulfillment! Find out  more at
Feeling stuck, bored or frustrated? Creative people often describe themselves as "insanely lucky." They're constantly surprised by their good fortune, and it feels like luck, because they don't understand how something creative happens without effort. But that's wrong. Creative ideas aren't random. You need to take certain steps to get the creative work going. You probably do this without thinking until one day that creativity dries up. You are stuck and now what? Here are tips you can use today to free your creativity up again. Discover the Artist's Live Channel and boost your painting creativity today.
What happens when artists reconnect with their inner voice? When artists become self aware and create with full consciousness? Michaell Magrutsche, artist, writer and coach explains why artists have super human powers. Unfortunately most have been disempowered by systems imposed on artists. In this illuminating interview Michaell will provide new insights so that artists and society can see the true value of art and creativity. Find out more at
What can we learn from leaders of the past about coping with stress? Winston Churchill discovered painting during times of personal crisis. It changed his life so much for the better that he fell in love with painting. This pastime stayed with him for the rest of his life. He even wrote a short book about painting called Painting as a Pastime. In this episode I take a look at interesting discussions raised in this book and how we can adopt the lessons learned by Winston Churchill too. It is an illuminating book and I am fascinated by the common spirit we all share as artists. The Art Spirit. Find out more at
How can artists and creatives find the focus to achieve business success? World uncertainty, financial pressures and distractions can keep this objective out of reach. My special guest, Sonja Smalheer, has dedicated herself to helping artists succeed. Find out more plus a Free download from Sonja here.
Enjoy this look into the world of Swarez Art. Ed, the artist behind Swarez Art, is based in England. His vibrant and energy packed abstract paintings are popular all over the world. But I discovered him via his YouTube channel. The entertaining live demonstrations are fun to watch. You will be inspired by Ed's joy for painting no matter what style you prefer. Creativity is the heart and soul of Swarez Art, the paintings and the business. Ed talks about his approach, work ethic and aims. Find out more in this episode.
In this episode discover why painting and creativity is essential for your health during times of crisis.  We discuss: 1. The Value of Painting in troubled times 2. How Painting can Boost Your Self Esteem 3. How Paintings Can Help You Feel Better 4. How To Paint and create Happiness Unanimous Conclusion? Get off your phones, computers, tablets and TV and pick up a paint brush and join the growing number of happy people who paint. Don't believe me? Take a listen now. The visit and get your free painting course. Easy!
Are you worried about your style of painting? Is it necessary to change your style to meet the current trends? In this episode I take a look at what makes a painting great. What you should focus on to take your own paintings to higher levels.
Do you face the dilemma of deciding whether to copy another artist's painting or not? An artists asked this question recently. In this episode I take a closer look at this issue. Why is copying a problem and how to solve the issue. Also when copying is good for you too.
More about my new course for acrylic painters. Why I encourage beginners to use acrylics. Also my early stages of fine art painting and how acrylics helped me. More details here:
Welcome to Loosen Up Your Painting Podcast. A brief introduction about what this podcast is all about and what you can expect in the future.
Without great composition your paintings will never look as good as they could be. Get composition right from the start and see the difference in your painting. What about using photos as a reference? How to change your approach to photo references so you do not fall into the usual traps. I dissect my approach to composing from photos to help you improve your painting process too. Find out more with this video: Start your FREE Painting course on the first steps to composition.
As artists suffer losses from the world lockdown they may be looking to take their business online. But how many understand that this route is like building any business? It takes hard work and action. Plus learning new skills. Is it worth it? In this first episode in a business series I will be looking at important steps to take to give your online art business a better chance of success.
The first in a series of podcasts about improving your paint color. In this episode I talk about: The benefits of using a limited color palette; How experimenting with warm and cool versions of color opens up opportunities; How Claude Monet explored color through his series paintings; Why using thick paint is important More on the subject of color temperature in future episodes too. Give your ideas on vibrant color mixing too or ask questions for inclusion in future episodes. More on my blog at:
How to loosen up your painting style? Here are the top suggestions to try out. See the article and videos on my blog at
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