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Author: King Armand

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Ask, learn, and truly help to intervene & prevent domestic Human Sex Trafficking. Hear directly from a former pimp and now reformed survivor advocate Armand King. He uses his past to help pave a greater future for those males and females that may be following the same path that he did. With over 2 decades of experience directly involved with gangs, pimps and prostitutes Mr. King is on a mission to help others help others. This weekly podcast might make some mad, some glad, and some sad but one thing is for sure, it is needed. Ig: @MrArmandking, FB & Li: Armand King ,
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Virtual Book Tour 2020

Virtual Book Tour 2020


"More Than A Book" Series 1. The raised in pimp city virtual book tour has gone across this country educating and informing those on the truths about domestic urban human sex trafficking. Take this moment to dive into my California tour. Thank you to all of the lived experience experts that helped make this tour possible. And for all of those who have not attended stay tuned for a special event coming soon.
On this 50th episode of Raised In Pimp City I continue on the path of understanding. The way to get true understanding and clarity to to communicate . This communication between Timea and me was truly in enlightening Timea Eva Nagy Payne is an international speaker , best selling author, social advocate, and Survivor leader. This episode she digs in to me with In depth questions.
When true communication happens understanding is possible.
"I wanted to shoot you"! I've been interviewed many times but I must say this was the most intense. Wait maybe getting cross examined by a Federal prosecutor might beat this. Either way join in on a exclusive interview by a group of advocates, educators, and HST survivors. This interview goes beyond the surface.
When it comes to training about the ins and outs of the “game” this is about as deep as you can get in a safe inviting environment. Listen close to the 3rd part of this mini series but catch up on the previous 2 first if you haven’t already!!
When it comes to training about the ins and outs of the “game” this is about as deep as you can get in a safe inviting environment. Listen close to the 3rd part of this mini series but catch up on the previous 2 first if you haven’t already!!
Taking a deep dive into how 5 individuals entered into the game. Unique stories from different sides of the issue. Listen and learn as they speak their truth.
COVID-19 & The Game

COVID-19 & The Game


As calls are coming in left and right to both me and my sister Jaimee Johnson we had to do an emergency podcast. Airing tonight at 8 PM the podcast about how this situation is not only impacting the world as a whole but how is this directly impacting those fresh out of the game, those working In strip clubs, survivor leaders, and the potential of those reentering the game. Join us tonight and hopefully we can invoke thoughts and solutions.
Journey with me and some of my closest friends as we break down the game as in depth as possible. This is part 1 or a four part segment I will be sharing with the public ! Get your pen and pad ready along with an open mind.
The final chapter of our San Diego conversation series. At this point all I really wanted to do was talk solutions. We had a great mix of community minds and lived experience peeps in the room. At times the conversation gets diverted but I try my best to bring it back. Check it out and let me know what you think 🙏🏾. Leave a comment or share this podcast with a friend. It’s all love at this end!
We Need 2 Know !! This conversation completes our 4 part series here in San Diego about the impact Human Sex Trafficking has on Communities of Color. In this conversation we discuss the current state of the law and how it’s applied to black and brown communities. We also start a well needed discussion on direct solutions to help the community.
Message from the Youth

Message from the Youth


I always love to have real dialogue with the next generation!! This talks really inspire me and I hope it inspires them also . ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾
One Life

One Life


Mini episode: Reflection Sunday! One life to live and you don’t get to choose how you go. Be happy and grow.
Lived Experienced Experts Jaimee Johnson and Adrianna Griffen join me in Stockton California for a conversation on how human sex trafficking impacts communities of color. This episode is a second half of a conversation recorder on the Rebel Roze podcast by Jaimee Johnson,
My Survivor Sister Jaimee Johnson joined me in Stockton California as we continue the conversation of Human Sex Trafficking and it’s Impact on Communities of Color.
Sometimes being raw & uncut can hit you in the gut like a mac truck. Leaving you screaming out wtf!!
Sunday morning at church service is not usually the place where gangs are discussed and definitely in as much detail as this. It takes a tremendous pastor to lead this type of conversation. A conversation he chose not to lead alone but with a lived experienced expert Crip Gang Member and a lived experienced expert Blood Gang Member.   If you were interested in learning more about the current state of American Black Gangs tune in here and get the uncut truth from people who have lived it and done it.
Book Coming Soon

Book Coming Soon


Raised In Pimp City the book will be out soon!! Pre sale starts October 29!!
Having a real conversation about sex trafficking documentary Filmmakers.
Last Sunday Survivor leader Cierra Robinson and myself were interviewed on stage live Sunday morning at one of the biggest Black churches in San Diego. The subject was Human Sex Trafficking and how it affected the community surrounding the church. A community that I came from.  On this podcast Cierra and I debrief about our experience conducting this conversation with our personal community.
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