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A (mostly) tech podcast hosted by Jeff Weisbein, an entrepreneur, blogger, tech guy, marketer, and early adopter. Jeff founded at the age of 13 and turned it into a successful online publication focused on technology. Each week, Jeff interviews different guests from the tech industry including founders, CEO’s, executives, journalists, and more to discuss important industry topics. New episodes released every Tuesday.

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Episode 26: We spoke with Jayna Cooke, CEO at the recently acquired EVENTup. We discuss why great mentors matter, the acquisition process, and how to get more women in tech. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 42: We spoke with Apu Gupta, CEO at Curalate, a social commerce company that turns any image or video into a storefront for brands like Whole Foods, Nordstrom, and Crate & Barrel. We discuss how Curalate was born out of the ashes of a failed startup, the best ways to leverage influencers, the editorialization of ecommerce, and more. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 41: We spoke with Alissa Fleck, Managing Editor at ICO Ranker, a site dedicated to providing honest in-depth ICO reviews and analysis. We discuss the current state of ICOs, what to look for when investing, and also spent time talking at length about crime and crypto including the anatomy of an ICO scam and which celebrities to be wary of. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 40: We spoke with Manny Medina, CEO at Outreach, a sales engagement platform that increases the productivity of sales teams. We discuss what it was like to be on the original team building Amazon Web Services, the unique way he realized it was time to pivot his HR company into Outreach, and what it takes to create an effective cold email. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 39: We spoke with Harj Taggar, co-founder & CEO at Triplebyte and one of the first partners at Y Combinator. We discuss his time at Y Combinator including how he evaluated startups and grew the program from 30 to 100 companies per batch. Plus, we talk ICOs and their benefits and drawbacks as well as whether blockchain will live up to the hype. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 38: We spoke with Mike Murphy, Deputy Tech Editor at Quartz. We discuss how Quartz determines what to cover, whether an iPad Pro can replace your computer, what are the best tech gifts, CES, and so much more. Also, a programming note: It has been such an incredible year and I want to thank all of our listeners and guests for tuning in every week. This will be the last episode for 2018 and we’ll be back with new episodes in early 2019. I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a happy new year! --- Support this podcast:
Episode 37: We spoke with Pete Wilkins, Managing Director at Hyde Park Angels. We discuss the best ways for entrepreneurs to pitch investors, what to expect when raising early-stage VC, and much more. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 36: We spoke with Amanda Lannert, CEO at Jellyvision. We discuss why pivoting your company is necessary sometimes, how to find product market fit, and how to survive long enough until you do. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 35: We spoke with John Higginson, CTO at Enova. We discuss how the role of a CTO evolves as a company grows, exciting new technologies such as blockchain, and making difficult technical decisions. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 34: We spoke with Taylor Lorenz, Staff Writer at The Atlantic. We discuss all different facets of internet culture—from YouTube stars and their drama, to teens using Instagram, to how to improve Twitter. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 33: We spoke with Jacob Babcock, CEO & founder at NuCurrent. We discuss the juggling act of building a startup while working as an attorney, the move from wired to wireless power, and what the future of wireless power will actually look like. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 32: We spoke with Nis Frome, co-founder at Alpha. We discuss how to build successful content marketing initiatives as well as new techniques and tactics content marketers should be using (but probably aren’t). --- Support this podcast:
Episode 31: We spoke with Sandi Lin, co-founder & CEO at SkillJar. We discuss learning how to sell, the keys to retaining customers, and the secrets behind making great hires. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 30: We spoke with Stacey Ferreira, co-founder & CEO at Forge. We discuss tips for how founders can successfully fundraise, the best way to ask for intros, and why millennials don't actually ruin everything. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 29: We spoke with Paul Teshima, co-founder & CEO at This episode is all about sales! We discuss the most important elements of scaling your sales team, the future of sales, and how company culture can impact sales. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 28: We spoke with Craig Vodnik, co-founder & CEO at cleverbridge. We discuss how he and his co-founders bootstrapped their company to profitability in two years, selling in the early days, and angel investing. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 27: We spoke with Jeb Ory, co-founder & CEO at Phone2Action. We discuss how technology and politics are converging, advice for fellow entrepreneurs, and overcoming the challenges of a SaaS startup. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 25: We spoke with Nick Cromydas, co-founder & CEO at Hunt Club. We discuss how he’s building a brand new type of recruiting company and how the Midwest is becoming a better place for entrepreneurs. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 24: We spoke with Theresa Payton, former White House CIO in the George W Bush Administration and current CEO at Fortalice Solutions. We discuss securing the president’s technology, keeping our voting booths secure, and much more. --- Support this podcast:
Episode 23: We spoke with Larry Gadea, founder of Envoy, a company solving office visitor registration. He’s also worked for Google and Twitter. We discuss figuring out pricing, company culture, and whether Twitter had a dedicated server rack for Justin Bieber. Also, a quick programming note: I’ll be taking a few weeks off from TechieBytes, but fear not, we’ll be back with more awesome interviews soon. So stay tuned! --- Support this podcast:
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