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It is important to love The Prophets Practices --- Support this podcast:
It is important to connect with how we spend our money how we are guiding the people around us but Allah places in our lives to make sure I define spiritual wealth is fully activated. --- Support this podcast:
Connecting to our divine spiritual lineage takes time and we have to be able to see the signs. If we are not able to do so we will miss out on a plethora of knowledge that allows us access to women of the book women on a journey, Women on Allahs journey --- Support this podcast:
When we acknowledge our connection to the great mothers, we recognize our strength and power of being black Muslim women it is so important that we are able to honor it and thank Allah for it every day. --- Support this podcast:
We have to understand the safe spaces we need to be in in order to heal our Divine feminine light as well this episode connects with the three things that we need to know in order to become a beacon of light for ourselves in the darkness by relying on Allah and Allah alone. --- Support this podcast:
Isn’t important that we have support in order to connect to divine feminine light and knowing what that looks like means we need space to develop. We need to trust what I body mine and heart is telling us because they are all sensors that the creator has put in us to bring us closer to our Divine Feminine Light. We also need to know what are the tools available to us and the frameworks available for us to live in it consistently --- Support this podcast:
It is so important that we connect with our divine feminine energy knowing what that is and not dismissing it because we think we have an idea. Knowing that it is just being a believing woman is the main foundation for being Divine feminine light. --- Support this podcast:
Love is our weapon our power our truth use it with caution --- Support this podcast:
Uplifting our feminine light means we have to check ourselves when we are out of it and when our environment is not calling for us to be in that.. Being respectful of ourselves and receiving all Allah has to offer by Receiving with gratitude --- Support this podcast:
For this second part of repentance and got consciousness I really wanted to reflect on what it means to truly have God consciousness and how that shows up when it comes to repentance I am still learning and struggling with some things as I am human but I hope that this helps anyone so that they know that they are not alone. --- Support this podcast:
It is so important for us to be able to seek repentance without our egos but returning to things that we sought repentance from is a whole Nother science how do we prevent it? I’m still figuring that out. --- Support this podcast:
Allah is Al Malik the master and ruler of the day of Requital. Allah is the knower of all and we must learn that life will not go as we want but how how Allah wants. --- Support this podcast:
It is so important that we understand what we are saying when we are reciting Quran here we go over the third verse of Al-Fatiha. Disclaimer I’m not a teacher or scholar but I love to reflect on revelation and how it connects to my existence. May Allah make our character be like the Quran amen --- Support this podcast:
We are reflecting on the revelation that is the Quran all month and beyond I hope that this is helpful for those who are trying to really embody what the Quran means as I am not a scholar Shaykah or an Imama. I want us to reflect on revelation together and embody it so our characters can be the Quran. --- Support this podcast:
Al-Fatimah I cannot share enough the Importance of reflecting on revelation. I’m so grateful to be able to do that because Arabic is in my first language, but I highly believe that it is a beautiful one that has so much truth in it. It is a language that holds intact our faith that God perfected. --- Support this podcast:
It is so important that we are aligning with our hearts and what it is saying to us it has an intellectual way of existing and we have to listen to it it can guide us to peace or you can guide us to Chaos. Purifying it is key so that it directs you in the place of your tranquility. --- Support this podcast:
It is so important to have different tools to utilize for your preparation of Ramadan and I hope these tools that we mentioned in this episode really help steer you in the right direction inshallah --- Support this podcast:
I’m giving you these five ways to basically prepare for Ramadan but it doesn’t stop here, don’t forget to tune in from more Ramadan prep on young black Muslimah podcast. --- Support this podcast:
Like I said before divorce is an easy I really want you to understand though that sometimes you have to. Not for any minute reasons some things can be worked out. Always go to your local Islamic leaders and scholars to support your decision . Most of all trust in your heart because Allah has place intellect in it. --- Support this podcast:
In my experience divorce is never easy just be patient with yourself and recognize. For some people divorce is a door of hope. --- Support this podcast:
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