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Author: Boshia Raejean

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My Show is An Experiential Self Help Guide, For Black girls, Hip Heads and Spiritual beings interested in Islam or already Muslim. Each one Teach One Support this podcast:
141 Episodes
I thought it only right to involve you way more of the season and I hope that you are open to the possibility that we can talk together as black Muslim women it is Our world for the taken so let’s own it. --- Support this podcast:
There’s going to be a lot more of your participation involved in the season of Young Black Muslimah thank you guys for last season it was phenomenal. --- Support this podcast:
It is imperative to speak your peace to was your mind body and heart --- Support this podcast:
Back it and feeling lavish love your soul pray you become or stay whole --- Support this podcast:
As I have grown I have seen the importance of connecting with oneself to be able to get the best person I can possibly be. To not only recognize the beauty and someone else but to see that beauty as a reflection of your own. --- Support this podcast:
This series will continue on my YouTube but I will answer questions about my divorce aftermath if you have anything you wanna ask don’t forget to DM young black Muslimah on ig. --- Support this podcast:
We have to be clear with our journey and know that it is a place of reference not residence --- Support this podcast:
it’s so important to understand your journey and how it works for you not against you. --- Support this podcast:
Sometimes you have to reflect if this is good it bad for you --- Support this podcast:
I really wanted to be clear about something, I learned a lot from my marriage and divorce. --- Support this podcast:
Follow your heart honor it --- Support this podcast:
Be consistent weekly then move to daily trust me it's for the best --- Support this podcast:
It is so important to recognize when you have to get back up and stay consistent but taking much-needed R&R can motivate you to be even more consistent than you have been in the past. --- Support this podcast:
Ep 126: The Rebirth

Ep 126: The Rebirth


It’s so important to go through the ashes to rise like Phoenix, o by the way it’s my day. --- Support this podcast:
Sometimes you need a break from it all and it’s so important to have that for yourself so that you can grow and expand in level up. Trust in what your mind needs in your heart and follow through connect with the divine creator in the greatness in you. --- Support this podcast:
Just a Chat about My Experience  with Polygamy and why I stopped thinking about it as an option  --- Support this podcast:
My Story Part 1

My Story Part 1


This is the first of many episodes that I needed to cathartically express in order to honor the reason why I made this podcast to purge and learn from my experiences as well as a reflection and space for us to talk  --- Support this podcast:
Be a person of love sacrifice and abundance --- Support this podcast:
Remove all that blocks your heart from being clean and pure full of light. And open your heart to understanding its darkness is and forgiving yourself and healing throughout the journey of your life. --- Support this podcast:
Ep 116: Heart Sight

Ep 116: Heart Sight


Eye sight and mind sight will never compare to Heart Sight --- Support this podcast:
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