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These are audio versions of my favourite blog posts from Musings of KarlettaA: Musings from a female on the Autism Spectrum.
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Masking And Powering On

Masking And Powering On


This is a recording of a blog post on episode's post is "Masking and powering on when I didn't know I am Autistic".I published it during the #TakeTheMaskOff online event in 2018.Enjoy
Audio Blog Identity Shifts

Audio Blog Identity Shifts


Identity Shifts Questions for you, the reader/ listener:How connected are you to your sense of self? Is it a constant companian or an elusive identity?If you didn’t see and understand your reputation, how would your sense of self be impacted?What tools are in your toolbelt for times of losing your sense of self? You can read about my minor identity adventures in my memoir Elusive Identity.One of my go-to motivational songs these past couple of years, has been “My haircut will come back around” by Pinky Beecroft and the White Russians. In my book Elusive Identity I share lists that I have made, that helped me reconnect with who I am.Australian Kindle StoreUS Kindle StoreTags: audio blog, identity as an author entroponeur,belonging to a community,building a sense of self,building charactoristics,challenges,Construct,constructs,cycles,determination,determined,elusive sense of self,feeling confident and settled,feeling lost,feeling solid,loss of confidence,lost confidence,no identity, reputation,others think of me,self identity,socially awkward,that kindle memoir and poetry girl,The original blog post is at
Steps on my Recovery Journey "With practicing comes being willing to fail. For me the two go together like smoked salmon and avocado." It is 2016 as I'm writing this. I have been recovering from another bout of Depression. I have been dealing with a series of them since about 2004. Depression was part of my crash when I experienced Autistic burn out from about 2007/2008. You can read about how I became non functioning, socially exhusted, and burned out in my eBook Successful to Burnt Out.Free Audiobook podcastAustralian Kindle storeUS Kindle StoreTags: audio blog,Autistic burnout,depression and anxiety,how can I invest in my future?,Mental Health,recovery journey,steps I've taken to recover,Successful to Burnt Out eBook,what can I learn?,what can I practice?, benefits of a mental health plan,Depression,recovery journey,Anxiety,australia,Autism Spectrum,communication,cycles,Depression,feeling solid,heaps of writing done,honesty,Mental Health,my recovery journey,never ending struggle,personal,productive,self disclosure,steps I've taken to recover,templates and guide,understanding, memoir about illness and recovery, practicing and being willing to fail The original blog post is at
"It's nice not to be burnt out!I have been reticent to blog about Autistic Burnout.This is mainly because I have an eBook on it and I was afraid that I couldn’t come up with enough original content – that isn’t in the book.Right now it seems silly not to, so here goes my thoughts.Until I started getting stories from other women of their burn out experiences, I thought I was the only one who’d experienced it..."Tags: angry at work,Anxiety,ASD,Aspergers,Autism Spectrum,book,burn out,burnout,burnt out,Can't stand my job,can't stand working,challenges,Depression,ebook,Exhausted,exhaustion,Fear and crushing obligation,feeling lost,Hate work,lessons learned,Living with parents,lost,memoir,memoir about illness,memoir about recovery,Mental Health,Moving back home,recovery journey,social exhustion,Successful to Burnt Out memoir,survival,too many responsibilities,too much responsibility,uncertainty,understanding,weariness,weary,Worn out,Worn out Hate work,The original blog post is at"
In this blog post I’m writing about the process and benefits of writing my own Mental Health Plan. A number of people have told me to talk to my General Practitioner (GP) about getting a Mental Health Plan. I have done so a number of times, but the plans seemed basic and missing important information. Tags: benefits of a mental health plan,Depression,recovery journey,writing my Mental Health Plan,Anxiety,australia,Autism Spectrum,communication,cycles,Depression,feeling solid,heaps of writing done,honesty,Mental Health,my recovery journey,never ending struggle,personal,productive,self disclosure,steps I've taken to recover,templates and guide,understanding, The original blog post is at To keep updated with my blog posts and book releases you can join my email list
I want to talk about raising awareness. Or maybe Self-Identity. My sister has become a networker and voice in a community of people raising awareness of Down Syndrome. She’s even got a popular blog called Parker’s Place. Her journey is a bittersweet thing for me, because she’s surpassed my expectations for myself. Proud of her – god yes! Delightfully surprised? Hell yeah! In awe of the ability of one person to make a difference? Bring it on! She is a wonderful, articulate writer and a tiger protecting her family. I am very glad to know and be related to her. She wrote a post recently which is… god… gratifying?, acknowledging things I feel but written differently? You should read it. Every now and then though I get a twinge of disappointment. ‘I should be doing that…’ Tags: ASD,Autism Spectrum,elusive sense of self,self identity,Aunty Karletta,building a sense of self,cycles,determined,determination,feeling lost,goals,losing a sense of self,Passion in life,rebuilding,recreating a sense of self,regaining a sense of self,steps I've taken to recover,uncertainty,what can I learn?,what can I practice?,wishing, The original blog post is at To keep updated with my blog posts and book releases you can join my email list
Realistic goals: A talk on realistic goals, willingly failing and practicingThis is a talk I wrote in one of my good weeks while experiencing Autistic Burn Out. Using this method as a baseline has helped me on my recovery journey with depression and anxiety.I am available for public speaking and leading workshops in Brisbane. Available for Autism Acceptance / Awareness month.You can contact me at contact@MusingsofKarlettaA.comParallel Workshop: “Your year in review and new goal setting”Audience: People with Autism, Depression & AnxietyKeywordsRealistic to youPracticingBeing willing to failTags: ADHD,Anxiety,ASD,Aspergers,australia,Autism Spectrum,Autistic burn out,Autistic burnout,being satisfied,being willing to fail,challenges,cleaning,Cleaning issues,Construct,constructs,cycles,Depression,depression and anxiety,explanation and examples,failing,failure,goals,habits,honesty,hope,hope emerging,intentions,learning process,lessons learned,long term outlook,loss of belief,loss of confidence,loss of trust,Mental Health,my recovery journey,never ending struggle,noticing patterns,observing,overwhealmed,practicing,productive,public speaker,public speaking,queensland,Realistic goals,rebuilding,recovery journey,steps I've taken to recover,struggle to complete tasks,taking a risk,too many responsibilities,too much responsibility,turn it around,uncertainty,understanding,unmotivated,watching,what can I learn?,what can I practice?,willingly failing,Worn out,The original blog post is at
Sneak Peek at memoir “Elusive Identity”My Memoir "Elusive Identity: The Autism Spectrum and Recreating a Sense of Identity". is out now on Kindle. If you are interested in providing feedback on an advance copy of future books, please join my eMail list. Make sure to tick the box "I want to be a Beta Reader".Tags: back to my birth gender,being male was a construct,book,building a sense of self,building charactoristics,building charactors,chameleon,charactors,Construct,constructed gender,countanance,decision of a child Confidence,faking,gender dysphoria,gender identity,lived as a male,losing a sense of self,loss of belief,loss of confidence,loss of trust,lost belief,lost confidence,memoir,pretending,rebuilding a sense of self Back to birth gender,recreating a sense of self,regaining a sense of self,rewriting,self identity,self publishing,Shallow and cheerful,sneak peek,trans,Try on a way of being,was a transman,was trans,was transgender,went back to being a girl,went back to being female,writing,The original blog post is at
Learnings from a former Youth Advocate: Writing In my late teens I went to a youth conference that got me all fired up about youth advocacy. I had finally found a passion in life. A job that I wanted to do. Getting the voices of youth heard by policy makers and change makers. The eBook I wrote when I was 22 is "Fill in the Gaps: Guide to Community Event Management" Tags: Business and project planning, communication, community, Cookies Brisbane Youth Magazine, learning process, Passion in life, writing, Youth advocacy The original blog post is at
Learnings from a former Youth Advocate: Public SpeakingWhen I was about 18, I started giving short speeches to raise awareness of youth homelessness.Tags: ASD,Aspergers,Autism Spectrum,Brisbane,ebook,gender dysphoria,homelessness,lessons learned,public speaker,public speaking,transgender,The original blog post is at
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