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A podcast about subjects that affect people of color (POC) expats in Malaysia—from fun subjects to topics that we may not be all-the-way comfortable talking about. The podcast also features non-POC expats and locals who provide more information about things relevant to the POC expats. Say hi, email
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Initially recorded in 2017, we share a lot of cringeworthy stuff (that you should probably skip) about the dating scene for POCs in Malaysia. Shams, Ahlam, and Faithful also talk about and compare the 'high stakes' of dating in Saudi Arabia to the more open dating environment in Kuala Lumpur and the swiping culture in Kuala Lumpur. Also highlighted: the toxicity of expected gender roles.
Rumbidzai Lyn Kasinamunda is from Zimbabwe and is a customer experience and senior IT adviser based in Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWhat we talked about...Companies that make you go through the entire job application process with multiple assessments, then filter you out based on a call they make to you. Do HR executives even look at the candidate resumes at all?Would you prefer to be informed by the HR that the company is not looking for foreigners, only looking for locals or you think being in the dark is better?The experience hasn't been all bad, though. Between 2015 and 2018, she was based in Cyberjaya and going to work was a major highlight of her time.** Regarding people being deported, the interview was done in June 2019. I'm not sure what the situation is now. There's the story of Jeff who---like the MBA student who died in police custody recently---spent a week in police custody even though he had valid work documents.If you're a foreigner in Malaysia, do you have local friends? Do you think that you should have friends who are Malaysian?She talks about the black woman experience in Malaysia. Black women tend to stick to their people, "the dating pool is limited. But for black men, the dating pool is wider."
It's because you're black

It's because you're black


In which we talk about how you know if you are being differently because you're black or because you actually did something wrong. Oh, and we arrived late to this but we all talk about the begpackers who were getting notorious around Kuala Lumpur, and we called Al Ibrahim in to get his opinion.
Who's Zainab Olamiji? Why did she go from studying medicine to being a business development manager? Are jobs and careers the same thing? Or just how different are they? Did our parents care about their jobs or their careers? You'd have to listen to find out.
Stuff we talked about01.20 - Moving from Cameroon to Dubai to Malaysia04.39 - Work culture in Cameroon vs Dubai vs Malaysia07.00 - Culture shocks and medical certificates (MC)10.30 - The challenge of spouses getting into the job market in Malaysia14.25 - Renting a house as an African in Malaysia17.13 - Needing international vetting to open a bank account21.30 - Being followed at the mall26.30 - Some of the weird questions African expats get31.00 - Being an expat African husband and father in Malaysia32.32 - Long-winding sentence about family hangouts with other families36.40 - Have financial plans in mind when moving here... and more
One of the biggest insurance companies in Malaysia recently released a memo about its sanctioned countries and expats will start contributing to Sosco.
Stuff that we talked about:1:45 - She doesn't miss church2:04 - The point where I'm still not sure if she's Nigerian2:12 - Introducing Nasara Katuka, from Kaduna State in Nigeria2:23 - [Facepalm] Ignorance galore3:50 - She's a Business Developer4:04 - Background music from all the families playing at Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya5:10 - What's your story?5:38 - SHe studied Business & Management5:54 - Company closed and everyone had to "find their own way"7:55 - Nigerian expats in Malaysia and our reluctance to "go back home"12:02 - What does she do when she isn't working?13:53 - Al talks about his video project14:52 - Nigeria doesn't have an accent16:11 - Favourite and least favourite things about being in Malaysia. First on the list? Electricity21:00 - How much travelling do you do?24:05 - We find out that she models as well!24:47 - She's done a commercial for Harpic in May 2018 and a music video with DJ Policy's African Woman in July 2018. She also does photo shoots. Check out Sunday Girls on Instagram28:00 - Advice to other expats in Malaysia. Have a backup plan
Some of what we talked about7.34 - What impact do you expect the book have on readers?9.21 - What other experiences have you had in Malaysia?9.43 - Favourite place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Brickfields.11.13 - Where is home to you? For Tanya, it is wherever she feels comfortable in, whether it's Bali or Kuala Lumpur.15.29 - One of her greatest experiences in Malaysia is at the fireflies reserve at Kuala Selangor. The park is considered to be the largest colony of fireflies in the world.17.34 - Recommendations for a nature outing for expats in Malaysia?19.25 - What's a typical day for her like?21.20 - Rereading the book that changed her life—Life of Pi.22.10 - When we talk a bit about religion26.00 - Tatiana's TV show recommendation—The Good Doctor.26.40 - She's a Harry Potter fan!27.52 - When can we be expecting her next book?If you want to support Tatiana and/or her cause—improving the welfare of refuges in Malaysia—you can get in touch with her here.
It's been a while, I know, but we're still mostly here and we're trying to give you better content and stories.That's what Season 2 of the Other Expats Podcast is about. We're getting that started with Russian teacher and writer, Tatiana Shulgina who just launched her book, A Dream too Far, about how to provide refugees in Malaysia with effective education.This is just a trailer. The full audio will be coming soon. In the meantime, subscribe to the podcast and follow/like us on whatever platform you get your audio fix from. That's the support that we need.
While he may not technically be an expat yet, Olajide (Ben) Adejumo, a student of HELP University on a sports (basketball) scholarship from Nigeria, shares and experiences a lot of what expats do.In this episode of the Other Expats podcast, Ben talks about similarities and differences between living in Malaysia and the motherland, making friends, and dribbling on his extremely tight schedule.Show Notes:01.06: Who is Olajide? BTW, Olajide is Yoruba for wealth comes in the morning07.04: What adjustments did he need to make moving to Malaysia on a sports scholarship?17.11: "My social life is basketball," says Ben, who shuffles between basketball practice and games and studies21.00: The conditions that come with a sports scholarship don't allow for any laziness. "You constantly have to be on your toes."28.36: Being judged before we are known
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