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Waste Matters - On The Air

Author: Alan Pennington and Jessica Ramey

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Join our hosts, Alan Pennington and Jessica Ramey and their expert guests as they share innovative waste reduction projects and ideas that are being implemented here in Marion County, Oregon. Every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 1:00 pm.
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When is repair revolutionary? When it fixes something broken for free! Authors Elizabeth Knight & John Wackman join Waste Matters to discuss the philosophy and nuts-and-bolts-ology of repair in general, and Repair Fairs in particular. Tune in!
Surprisingly, food waste is the # 1 item in our garbage!  Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality's Elaine Blatt joined Waste Matters to tell us about their efforts to reduce food waste throughout the state.
Travis Comfort of Republic Services Woodburn fills us in on recycling and waste reduction efforts throughout large parts of Marion County.
Have you heard about the 2050 Vision for Materials Management in Oregon? Jordan Palmeri of DEQ joined Waste Matters radio to tell us about efforts to help protect our planet by better managing our "stuff."
City of Silverton's Chelsea Starner tells us about their work to reduce waste, conserve water and energy, and move to non-toxic cleaners.  Listen in!
State Sustainability Officer Dave Wortman fills us in on the many efforts that Oregon makes to be one of the greenest governments in the U.S. Join us to find out what they're up to.
Did you know that dirty diapers make up 10% of our residential waste stream? Kaileigh Westermann-Lewis, founder of the Salem Cloth Project, tells us about her work to move folks away from disposable to cloth diapers.
Building a well community means creating a food system that increases access to those in need and reduces edible food from becoming food waste.  April Sandvig, the owner of Fiber + Blood, tells us about the Salem Free Fridge project and how you can connect or contribute.   Wanna recycle right? Click on
What does sustainable forestry look like? Locally owned Zena Forest is a textbook example of how it can be done.  Find out how, as Ben Deumling discusses the ways his family business makes sustainability a business reality.
Collecting trash is more than simply an environmental act. It builds community, is an act of kindness, and in Salem can create opportunities for our unsheltered neighbors. Tune into Waste Matters to hear DJ Vincent discuss the Church In The Park environmental and social justice program Trash for Cash. A community collaboration this program helps clean parks and campsites while giving participants dignified options to meet needs.
Can you imagine what a sustainable community might look like? Russ and Dave Beaton have and they've written a book, The Economics of Hope, about how it can work and what it might look like. Professor Russ tells us all about it on this week's edition of Waste Matters on the Air.
Elaine Holcomb of Journeys...a Center for your Soul explains what they do and how they have created a business space that is both thoughtful and green.   Tune in to hear tips and ideas on how to include sustainability in a wellness setting.
A large portion of the food grown in America is never harvested.  However, the non-profit Salem Harvest works with local farmers to pick those crops and get them to hungry mouths in the Mid-Willamette Valley.  Executive Director Elise Bauman explains how they do it.
With 29% of commercial garbage in Marion County being food waste, local businesses are becoming innovative in ways to reduce. Food Waste audits and resources are available with the EarthWISE business network and audit pros, Mary Alice Mossburger and Florence Hall, share the ins and outs of how it's done.
What does Earth Day and recycling have in common? Recycling legend, John Matthews, recounts Oregon's first Earth Day in 1970 and how it launched a 50 year waste reduction effort here and across the nation.
Master Recycler Lauren Ostrander discusses how she established the Recycle Donald Project to help spur her community to reduce waste.
Colman Crocker shares how the Good 360 program collects unsold goods from some of the biggest vendors around and redistributes them to the needy via local non-profits.  It's a good story, for sure!
Can a penitentiary also be a "green prison?"  Dept. of Corrections staff Chad Naugle and Melissa Varcoe discuss sustainability efforts within the Oregon corrections system. It's captivating!
How does one run a "sustainable event?" Maryann Brunner, owner of MLB Solutions, explains how up-cycling, reuse, and sustainability can all be incorporated into whatever event you plan to have.
Mount Angel Abbey's Brother Cyril Drnjevic relates how Pope Francis' document On Care for Our Common Home: Laudato Si` has impacted his work to reduce food waste in Marion County.
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