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A podcast about people being unreasonable on the internet. Specifically on's AIBU forum.

Our theme song is 'I Feel Fantastic' by Jonathan Coulton from the album 'Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms' (2005) which is licensed under a CC BY-NC 3.0 license.
57 Episodes
"I would buy Potato Frownies... I don't want to grow up but I'm also not happy."It's Carbs Week on You Are Being Unreasonable as we discuss the fine distinctions between chips and various other types of potato products, we invent the Po-Table, a table made off and built for potatoes, and we discuss how to peel potatoes with the arm of an executed serial killer. We also get into anatomically correct dinosaur clothes for children, getting a photo with your EXtended family of exes, whether or not to tell your partner if you're working from home, and how to dress for an interview as a spooky undertaker. Oh, and the benefits of planet-wide voluntary human extinction. 
"We don't care about GDPR: we're rebels!"We have another fine collection of jumping off points for 'bits' in this week's episode of your favourite B-list podcast. In this week's jaunt through Mumsnet, we open the cupboard full of mismatched mugs that every household in the UK has, we offer a lucrative internship at a world-class bank cleaning out the store cupboard while singing, we provide the best way to avoid bad reviews (the secret is not to do any work and to offer free scones), and we debate whether Rob Stewart is an A-lister or not and move on to the impermanent and fleeting nature of all fame and fortune.
"Is it ever really a victory if at some point you have to eat McDonald's nuggets in a toilet in secret?"We're popping round for a quick yoghurt this week with some fresh Mumsnet threads for you. We discover a coven of witches eating McDonald's at work and investigate how to get away with nuggs theft. We discuss whether people landed on the Moon (they did) and then get into the shape of the Moon. We assess the idea of family passes for the NHS like at Alton Towers and ask our GP to do a vasectomy, look into our hearing, give us a smear test, and do a full health check in 20-30 minutes. Finally, we look into the economics of delivering a misdelivered package of nuggets to a neighbour versus the economics of delivering a box of popcorn at 100 miles per hour.
"The second best revenge is lesbian erotica..."We're celebrating 50 episodes (sort of) with a surprisingly sweary and bawdy episode. We ask if you should ever give the police an alibi for your partner and what crimes you would not accept from them: shankings? refusing to pay VAT? murders? What should you do with a horrible young sexual harrassing man at work who keeps mentioning his large and serious penis? What if it were a witch sexually harrassing you instead of a young man? What if it were a sad clown? Should you reference your husband's role in your own CV and why would you want to do that? And what would you do if an old companion wrote you into their self-published lesbian erotica?
We're celebrating 50 episodes with a bonus clip show! This is 50 minutes of the best bits from 50 episodes of the You Are Being Unreasonable podcast. Featuring clips from:003 - In which pantsuits are considered and the greatest wizard is discovered006 - In which fresh milk is opened and Hugh Jackman puffs himself up009 - In which we scream in the Sistine Chapel014 - In which the Stink Judge decides when we can eat026 - In which we attend the worst dinner party in history030 - In which we investigate the ancient art of tyromancy032 - In which we invent the outbound phonesex line033 - In which we get possessed by haunted hand-driers035 - In which we pay Coca-Cola to raise children as a job creation scheme039 - In which we start a new centrist podcast047 - In which a dentist tells us raisins are bad for teethYABU Live 13th December 2018 - In which we do a festive live podcast recording
"They think that inviting someone to a wedding is akin to punching them in the face."We're in the run-up to Fringe season now and we're practicing for our live show by... well, doing what we always do: looking at threads of Mumsnet's AIBU board and chatting about them. This week, we determine who is and is not a table-nabber and outline the plans for a new cinematic franchise, Rogue Dad starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx, we discuss the politics of using a giftcard to split a restaurant bill and how to burn through £10,000 on giftcards like Brewster's Millions, we talk about texting intimate details of your life to a stranger you met in a shop and ask the eternal question, What Would Tommy Wiseau Do?, and we discover that non-human entities and abstract concepts can be 'cheeky fuckers' and ask if weddings are CF.
"If only we could utilise your gagging on an eggy struggle."Coming to you from the UK heatwave, we have some scalding hot takes from Mumsnet's AIBU board this week we spend this episode listening when people tell us who they are. In this episode, we overhear our Creationist neighbour shouting about Creationism at his wife in the garden, we ask at which jobs it is appropriate to wear flip-flops in the summer, we unravel the byzantine mysteries of a 'simple story' of two women and two ugly guys, we list the words we don't like, we do a close reading of 'Horrid Henry' and his sex cult, and we meet a woman who travels the boards talking about owning half her mum's house.
"I want the baby to have a monogrammed smoking jacket... I want the baby to look like Hugh Hefner otherwise what's the point?"Hopefully this week's episode gives you a good ol' boost in the fanjo as we continue what is definitely a serialised podcast with a strong season-long arc. We ask which kind of mysterious conspiracy could have sent unexpected letters all in braille, how to handle visitors who don't like your attention-seeking dog, whether dentists should intervene in people's supermarket shopping, and what is the absolute best present to give to a newborn baby for Christmas? Is there a secret Illuminati-club for blind people? What kind of art would a baby want for Christmas? Is a dog stronger than a baby? Are the raisin sections of supermarkets getting too big? Why do we keep talking about Gillian Duffy, the bigoted woman? Why did she say everything?Tickets are now available for our live show at the Camden Fringe 2019 on Thursday 15th August 2019 from 08:30 pm at the Chapel Playhouse at 308 - 312 Grays Inn Road, London, United Kingdom, WC1X 8DP. Go to to book tickets.
"If Generation X was so anti-capitalist then why does capitalism still exist?"Weighty issues abound this week as we accidentally stumble across some actual anti-capitalism on Mumsnet but it turns out to be a web of bad takes. We learn what the Life in the UK test thinks are important indicators of Britishness and discuss the essence of British weekends. We also discuss whether or not you should tell a complete stranger to leave their partner, whether or not it's normal to not eat hot meals, and Simon reviews the latest films in the genre of 'cello drama'.Tickets are now available for our live show at the Camden Fringe 2019 on Thursday 15th August 2019 from 08:30 pm at the Chapel Playhouse at 308 - 312 Grays Inn Road, London, United Kingdom, WC1X 8DP. Go to to book tickets.
"The day you were born was the only day you'll show up to a room full of people naked."So we really earn the 'explicit' tag this week as we discuss lewd song lyrics, blokes on the train effing and blinding, men weighing themselves completely naked, and whether it's reasonable to leave an adult sleepover to go and have sex. Don't let children listen to this. We also get into the differences between polo and water polo, putting your bare bum on the seat in an Uber, the implications of the ULEZ zone in London, the social etiquette of leaving a party, a textual analysis of 'Face Down A-- Up' by 2 Live Crew, and the various travails of Ben across the threads.
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