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A podcast about people being unreasonable on the internet. Specifically on's AIBU forum.

Our theme song is 'I Feel Fantastic' by Jonathan Coulton from the album 'Our Bodies, Ourselves, Our Cybernetic Arms' (2005) which is licensed under a CC BY-NC 3.0 license.
65 Episodes
"You disgust me, you sickening mummy's boy."We pitch a jukebox musical film about Billy Bragg's catalogue: Billy, get in touch if you're interested. We would also accept interest from Danny DeVito. We also immediately blow the chances of that film getting produced by the biggest media conglomerate in the world by laying into The Walt Disney Company and it's history of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, anti-unionism, and opposition to basic labour rights. Oh well. We also discuss the breast-y wrapping paper at Paperchase and the possibility of boob bubblewrap, whether an adult boy should share a hotel room with his mother, and we offer our standard advice of 'leave the bastard' to a woman whose husband finds her knitting "unattractive".
We rashly promised a bonus episode on the birds section of Mumsnet and here it is. We briefly discuss birds and bird-related issues including big poos, which bird to get for an elegant child, and how to keep birds from tweeting.
Sunday 8th December 2019 from 18:30 at the Boulevard Theatre, 6 Walker's Court, Soho, W1F 0BT.Go to for details and to book tickets.
"Would it be spiteful to release the hounds after the interview?"This episode is brought to you by where you can buy the concept of blinds. This week, midwives steal our morphine, we rush to the airport, we buy blinds for our naked neighbours, we use 'spite' as the reason for our hiring decisions at work and get into the legal ramifications of dismissing someone based on spite, we get gut feelings of deep deep yuck from someone who hasn't done anything wrong but who maybe runs a fight club for children, and we get search results for absurdly large (and "vividly shaped") fake penises when we search for T-shirts on Amazon. Standard Mumsnet.
"You won't believe what this jacked gander did next."Thanks to Flora this week for pulling their advertising from Mumsnet and, for Flora representatives listening, we are available for advertising and we are not a hate site. This week we tap into the zeitgeist by asking how to deal with a horrible goose, we hold hundreds of doors open for other people, we hold individual pet-owners to account for their environmental impact rather than, say, a few massive energy companies, and we unravel the mystery of the suitcase full of damp clothes. 
"Just post a picture of you going about your business but wearing a T-shirt that says 'My body; my choice' and people will tell you what choices they would make about your body."You know what we need? Men's opinions! This week, we solicit men's opinions on women's physical attractiveness. Great stuff and not problematic at all. We also discuss those beautiful and smooth seal models; Helen gets into her thoughts on roast-ownership and whether you should have macaroni cheese on a roast dinner; we lawyer up to get a refund on some clothing that doesn't flatter us; we wonder which Pied Piper-like figure took away all the Emos; and we determine what teenagers are into these days that aren't Zach Braff and Keane.Tickets are now available for our December live show at the Boulevard Theatre in Soho, London on Sunday 8th December at 18:30. Book now!
"Live in the group chat; laugh in the group chat; love in the group chat."There are some questions which have haunted humanity since the start of civilisation. 'Should you take part in a nude calendar at work?' is not one of them. As well as discussing collecting nude photos at work, we tackle a baffling third-person logic problem involving babysitting and invent a new union for babysitters, we discuss the byzantine internal politics of group chats and the anxiety of thinking there has to be another group chat that you're not included in, and the horrors of not being able to drive on the one weekend when students arrive in a university town. Keep an eye out for our official You Are Being Unreasonable nude calendar.
"Am I being unreasonable to ask who is the worst performer you've seen live?"This is the recording of our live show performed at the Chapel Playhouse in London as part of the Camden Fringe 2019. Thanks to everyone for coming and to the Chapel Playhouse and Camden Fringe for hosting us. For the summer holidays, we picked some holiday-related threads full of Mumsnet mishaps and confusions. We discuss what to do if an Ed Sheeran cover band plays bad Nirvana homages in the square under your holiday villa all night; teachers going on strike in the summer holidays outside a silent school with no-one attempting to go in; how to deal with the universal situation of an AirBnB host who keeps walking in on you when you're lying on the bed naked on a wet towel; and what to do on a holiday ten minutes from where you live. We also discover bilingual dogs and the perfect golf gift for any golfer with a penis.
"I would buy Potato Frownies... I don't want to grow up but I'm also not happy."It's Carbs Week on You Are Being Unreasonable as we discuss the fine distinctions between chips and various other types of potato products, we invent the Po-Table, a table made off and built for potatoes, and we discuss how to peel potatoes with the arm of an executed serial killer. We also get into anatomically correct dinosaur clothes for children, getting a photo with your EXtended family of exes, whether or not to tell your partner if you're working from home, and how to dress for an interview as a spooky undertaker. Oh, and the benefits of planet-wide voluntary human extinction. 
"We don't care about GDPR: we're rebels!"We have another fine collection of jumping off points for 'bits' in this week's episode of your favourite B-list podcast. In this week's jaunt through Mumsnet, we open the cupboard full of mismatched mugs that every household in the UK has, we offer a lucrative internship at a world-class bank cleaning out the store cupboard while singing, we provide the best way to avoid bad reviews (the secret is not to do any work and to offer free scones), and we debate whether Rob Stewart is an A-lister or not and move on to the impermanent and fleeting nature of all fame and fortune.
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