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Welcome to the Know Yourself podcast! I'm Dan Udale and I've struggled with anxiety and PTSD since I was 16. I'm here telling you my story because I absolutely love and am passionate about shining a light on mental resilience, mindset, and self awareness. I feel this way because of the major impact the tools I have learnt have had on my life and I want to share it to get a conversation going that can cultivate individuals understanding who they are, what their triggers are, that it is ok to feel depressed/anxious/lonely, and that you aren't alone out there!
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Hey podcast fans! Thanks for checking out this episode, our guest today on the show is Aoife Kinsella (Pronounced EE-FF-A) , Aoife is an integrative therapist residing in London who is originally from Ireland. Aoife shares with us what it is like for someone to have online therapy as Aoife has recently trained in that, Aoife walks us through what an integrative therpaist is, what to expect from counselling sessions, we also talk about the role a therapist has to play as a business person and a therapist at the same time which was interesting. I hope you enjoy the episode and please hit me up with any feedback on twitter @knowyourselfpod or instagram @dudale92.
Welcome to episode 89 of the podcast, I appreciate the ongoing support and love! In this episode I go deep and personal as I describe the build up to my first panic attack, what it was like to have one, and restarting a new therapy journey with CBT. I hope you get some value from this episode and it is able to give you some insight if a loved one has panic attacks, or helps you understand more about yourself if you have them too :)
Internally in my own head I’ve been pessimistic and negative until the last 12 months ago where I really started to shift my perspective in life towards positivity. Up until that point I was tired of platitudes and bumper sticker remarks about positivity until I realised there is some practicality and concreteness to positivity. So this episode is me sharing my life before changing my mindset and the principles that I think anyone can pick up and adopt into their own lives to help them everyday! I hope you enjoy the episode and please hit me up on Twitter @knowyourselfpod with any feedback :)
🚨Brand New Podcast Interview🚨I’ve been trying my absolute best to get Neal Conlon on the Know Yourself Podcast for a while, we both had scheduling conflicts, wrong time and wrong place, and it felt like we not get the chance to talk. I was really lucky that I was able to get something booked in with Neal, and let me tell you I’m so glad that I did!There’s a certain wisdom that comes from Neal, I mean he is a former Marine... but something more than what he experienced during 2 tours of the Middle East, and travelling around the globe. It’s a sense of humility and a depth of character which immediately struck me.I feel like there is something we can all learn from someone like Neal who explains what it was like to come out of the US Army into civilian life, the transition, the challenges, picking up a brand new career stocking up vending machines, all the way to becoming Senior VP of a Cyber Security form where Neal travels the globe!It’s truly amazing how journeys can become full circle, and I really think that this is a story that can benefit a lot of people, so it would mean the world to me if you can first of all check out Neal’s Instagram @iamnealconlon and secondly check out the brand new podcast episode where I interview Neal!Link is - Available on Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Google Play Music - and much more platforms! Link in bio also! #personaldevelopment #army #selflove #empathy #selfawareness #selfcare #selfdevelopment #career #grateful #mindfulness
It’s finally recorded, and posted!A lot of you have been asking me for a while how to start your own podcast, this always makes my day when people ask me because I’m able to give back and introduce people to such a wonderful medium of content!Podcasting can be intimidating, people use a lot of big words, and it can seem like an insiders club if you know what you are doing. Here’s the secret though, I don’t know what I’m doing.What I will tell you in this podcast episode though is everything I have learnt to date. I will teach you which podcasting platform to start on, I will teach you how to market your podcast, I will teach you where to podcast artwork made, I will teach you how pillars of content work, and how you can use your podcast to make a blog and much much more! I literally share all the goodies!It meant a lot to me doing this episode and I’m really passionate about what I’ve done so if you get any value out of this podcast episode please refer onto a friend or family member as it would mean a lot to me to be able to help out more peeps!You can listen to Know Yourself on Apple Podcasts - Google Play Music - Spotify - - and much much more! #podcast #podcasts #podcasting #mentalhealthawareness #empathy #selfawareness #selflove #selfcare #selfdevelopment #positivity #howto #knowyourself
I have done what I think is my favourite EVER solo podcast episode, I was in the zone for some reason tonight and dropped some major gems about self care and journaling that I wanted to share with you all, I got a little bit excited I’m not going to lie and wanted to release the episode tonight!😌So here it is! I talk about why self care matters to me, and the different ways that people deal with things. This helps me go onto explain how in my training to become a therapist I had to journal every single week and it forced me to confront things about myself that I had avoided in the past which was something that I loved and hated at the same time!🤔I had an epic conversation with and she taught me the value of writing short journals, and I think I might have even taught Sarah about the value of my epic long journals, so it was a win/win! This is where I started experimenting and I’ve managed to figure out a way of journaling that’s manageable and easy to do each day, called the five minute journal!😍This is a practical podcast episode and I’m proud of all the info in my head that’s come together to make something super useful and it would absolutely mean the world to me if you could take a listen and pass it on to a friend if you think it brought value to you🙏🏻#selflove #grateful #gratitude #emotionalintelligence #mentalhealthawareness #selfworth #kindness #positivity #empathy
Know Yourself - Episode 84 - Anxiety & Panic Attacks - I chat a little bit about my experience with Anxiety and PTSD to advise on some of my techniques to combat and help myself when an anxiety or panic attack hits 🙏🏻
Can you believe it guys? It’s been a year today since I started Know Yourself in my Kitchen!!! I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has listened religiously to the podcast and has been so supportive it means a lot. If you haven’t already, hit me up on twitter at @knowyourselfpod or Instagram @dudale92 to say hello so I can thank you 😄 I appreciate your attention and time and here’s to more years 🙏🏻 I hope this podcast helps someone like my dad did for me 😌
I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity last year in November to go to a Time To Change event in Redditch where I got to speak with one of the Mental health champions on stage in front of a live audience! The interview is around 20 minutes and we cover off vulnerability with men, Burning out, and sharing stories about both of our backgrounds. After 20 mins we open up the floor for Q&A and take some questions from the audience which was really cool. I hope you enjoy this episode and thank you so much for listening 😊
Hi guys! Thanks for checking out this episode, it’s in response to some feedback I got in the comments section of Instagram asking if I could do another video on conditions of worth, I stripped the audio from that episode to make this podcast episode so I hope you enjoy, any questions hit me up on twitter @knowyourselfpod or @dudale92 on Instagram 🙌🏻😊
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