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A New Jersey Based Podcast About Small Business, Parenting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Life and Social Media called Rockstar Podcast. Hosted by Lorenzo of , Aggie of Stopit Solutions and Mariano of, the 3 of us combine every day life, parenting mixed with business and humor to try and help inspire and educate. Support this podcast:
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We sit with Jenna Gaudio of Vydia and discuss many topics which include where she grew up, her love of travel and coming home, Bennys vs Non-Bennys, her acting class and jumping to a senior class at college, the portrayal of females within the film world, how "intensity" is seen coming from a woman in the workforce vs a male's "intensity". We also talk about her start and journey to her current position at #Vydia, #ArtistRelationships, stereotypes at the workplace for a woman, and a ton more of amazing info! We also talk about her scare with a recent #bloodclot and how that affected her and her work and personal life. Please note, Jenna is passionate also about #running and her membership / leadership with the Jersey Shore Women in Technology, be sure to look them up! Jenna, drink your water!--- Support this podcast:
In Episode 151, Mariano left us for Atlanta for a week but me forge on. We talk about Aggie's Starbucks naming issue, the alphabet vulgarity chart, lorenzo's 3 month jury duty experience, what happens when you get called for jury duty, Lorenzo's brief experience in criminal justice, watching cable , does checking your apple watch for text make it look like you are bored during a meeting, who does the laundry, Aggie's eyes open to the notion that lorenzo proclaims many women over 35 watch True Crime shows and the JoJo Siwa bows. We also talk about how to handle kids watching YouTube, where they watch it and how often. We also talk about the Sitcom vs RealityTV concept, and posting photos of grilled chicken and asparagus. A true hodgepodge of lightning round topics, hope you enjoy!--- Support this podcast:
In our Sesquicentennial Episode we talk to Mariano about his Date Night with wifey, Aggie's negotiation with her Doctor, Lorenzo had a #ParentFail, our sleep patterns, CPAP machines, where we get our inspiration and "stealing" your competition's work, ideas and much more in our 150th Episode! Hope you enjoy!--- Support this podcast:
The Champ is back! Our first returning guest nearly 10 years later, Erik Kent of and We talk about how Aggie now took Mariano's spot of getting all the good info before the episode starts! #FriendshipBracelets, Erik's journey with his wife Beth from the beginning of getting the info for their own wedding 20+ years ago and how that evolved into #NJWedding (thanks John and Diane) to now having 3 children, and then into their current venture #NJParenting, handling and providing Testimonials as an important resource for parents and wedding couples. Then the episode takes a left turn into the world of #Rutgers and Mariano and Lorenzo just sit there while Aggie and Erik swoon over their College unification. We also discuss Erik and his wife working in a small office on Cranford, NJ's town website, doing #TradeShows and #Expos, his tactics on #marketing, how to become affiliated with and even the #BalloonFestival and much more, hope you enjoy!#weddings #njbrids #justengaged #parentingtips #parenting101 #njparents #parenting #parentingideas #parentingexpo #ParentingLove  #parentingwin #parentinghelp #Parenting411 #parentingtip #parentingblogger #Parentingadvise #parentingkids #parentingandlifestyle #ParentingLevelExpert #njwedding #njweddingphotography #njweddinghair #njweddingmakeup #njweddingphotographer #njweddingceremony #njweddingvideos #njweddingphotogtaphy #njweddingexpo #njweddingmusic #NJWeddingPhoto #njweddingofficiant #njweddingvideography #njweddingvenue #njweddingplanning #njweddinginvitations #njweddingvideo #njweddingflorist #njweddingvideographer #njweddingphotographers #njweddingvenues #njweddinghalls #njweddinghairstylist #njweddingphotgrapher #njweddingdj #wedding #bridesmaids--- Support this podcast:
 We talk about Movies, meeting people who haven’t seen #GladiatorMovie #Seinfeld #EndGame #Avengers and #ItsAWonderfulLfe. Lorenzo gets judgmental, Mariano is bougie and Aggie is frustrated with technology life. We talk #movies we like, Aggie’s iPhone from 2008 has shit the bed, getting a #beeper, communicating with #AppleWatch and phasing out phone calls, saving voicemails, #inboxzero and the #gtd method. We also cover all things emails, response time, setting a time to check email vs having it open at all times. Has Social Media helped or hurt the email process for work and life. Finally a wonderful Wedding Anniversary to Aggie and her plans to wild-out in NJ and what is each of our drinks of choice and some books Aggie and Mariano reads because apparently Lorenzo doesnt read and it hurts Aggie’s heart a bit. Hope you enjoy! Find our podcast episodes everywhere you listen. AnchorFM, Spotify, iTunes and more and of course at!--- Support this podcast:
Aggie, Mariano and Lorenzo sit with Jay Webb of the Indie Street Film Festival happening in Red Bank, NJ. We talk living in New Jersey and the Garden State’s perception to the outside world. All things Indie Street Films, film distribution in today's social media market, how Jay met his wife and about their company, Surf Costa, his clothing line based from the costa rican lifestyle. We also cover what to expect at the Film Festival, how to submit your film for next year and the process to determine which films make it to the festival. Finally we cover different styles of films Jay is viewing, budgets for films, whether Social Media content is considered "art / film" and meet Cassie from Social Sidekick and her role in the festival. A bonus closing with a typical Mariano moment bonus clip. Hope you enjoy! Find our podcast episodes everywhere you listen. AnchorFM, Spotify, iTunes and more!--- Support this podcast:
Aggie, Mariano and Lorenzo tackle the world of Clients. How we handle Reviews and Feedback, quantifying if you are doing a good job. The intangible feeling of knowing if your business is successful. Executing on your Client needs. Communicating with your Client that is comfortable to you and not based on protocol. Micromanagement in client relationships and helping clients see things through their client eyes, not their own. Helping clients get past the minutia and see the greater journey. Allocating a client idea into the proper placement or campaign. Buying Comments and Likes on Instagram? Buying Reviews on Amazon? Traveling to Italy in August during Fer Augusto. Hope you enjoy!--- Support this podcast:
RP 145 - Let The Kids Play

RP 145 - Let The Kids Play


Aggie is Jet Lagged from her trip to #Vegas for “work” for a conference for #SHRM. What does Florida smell like? The Bone Spur from Episode 144 resolved. #Utah law exempting parents from neglect if their kids play outside. The main question is whether it is easier to be a parent today or in the 70s and 80s when our Parents were raising us. How many #kidsactivities do your children do and balancing that as #BusinessOwners. Do you plan or have kicked your kid out on his/her 18th Birthday? Lorenzo discovers the #GoodWillStore. All this and more! Our podcast can be heard on #anchorfm #spotify #iTunes #soundcloud and of course at #RockstarPodcastDotCom--- Support this podcast:
Mariano, Aggie & Lorenzo discuss Lorenzo taking his kids ipad away,  a new found study about growing a bone horn in your shoulder from using devices to much, our kids ipad usage,  the Cinnamon Toast Incident, the wasteland we all call Facebook, is it the platform or the human that has caused the social media negativity. This and much more in a multiple topic thought provoking episode. Find us on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud, AnchorFM, Stitcher, Facebook and at Support this podcast:
Mariano & Lorenzo talk about shady business practices via Mariano's issue at Avelient, contacting a company that is pretending to be you, get copied by competitors, Mariano going to picnics and some how we got on to the topic of Climate Change. Find us on Facebook and at New episode every Monday and be sure to follow Mariano's brother, Paolo @psdifabio --- Support this podcast:
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