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New Goldsmith music is just around the corner, and we have a new production report to fill you in on all the details! With the aid of his Kickstarter backers, Leigh Phillips has created two new recordings of previously unreleased Goldsmith scores written for The General Electric Theatre: “The Bar Mitzvah of Major Orlovsky” (which foreshadows such Jewish-themed Goldsmith works as QBVII and Masada) and “Sarah’s Laughter” (a tender, yet surprisingly complex, score marked by striking harmonica passages). Leigh joins your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark to talk about the origins of the project, the fundraising process, the challenges of reconstructing “Major Orlovsky”, recording the music with members of the City of Prague Philharmonic, mixing the music, and much more! Naturally, you’ll be treated to some choice excerpts of the new music along the way. Whether you’re a Kickstarter backer who’s eager for more details on the project or simply a casually curious listener, we think there’s much to enjoy here. So give the show a listen, and get ready for the arrival of two wonderful television scores!
Revised Description:Hey, it's an Odyssey bonus feature! If you look at the average runtime of our episodes, you may have concluded that we like to talk. It's true. In fact, we like to talk so much that sometimes we even talk outside the sprawling boundaries of the program itself. Sometimes, that bonus conversation gets recorded. And this time, we've cobbled some bits and pieces of that bonus conversation together for your eavesdropping pleasure. Before and after recording the Caboblanco Soundtrack Spotlight, your humble hosts Clark and David spent some time casually chatting with guest Chris Malone about... well, about soundtrack stuff. If you like soundtrack stuff (and we have a feeling that you do), you might enjoy the conversation.Note: If you are planning to use this show as accompaniment to this year's holiday fireworks display, we recommend starting your grand finale near the end when Chris says, "It's an interesting time at the moment," as the grand display of colorful explosions will help subtly accentuate just how interesting the moment is.
Trapped in a life that doesn't fulfill you? Struggling with the feeling that too many years have been wasted? Uncomfortable with being forced to confront your own mortality? If so, why not trade in your increasingly fragile body for a gloriously youthful one? With your vitality restored, you'll be able to participate in a host of high-energy activities, like painting, socializing, grape-stomping, and - best of all - listening to The Goldsmith Odyssey! This time around, your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark place the Soundtrack Spotlight on Quartet's new release of Jerry's Goldsmith's haunting score for John Frankenheimer's Seconds! They're joined by returning guests Chris Malone, who restored and produced this new album, and John Takis, who wrote the liner notes. You'll hear about Goldsmith's assorted thematic ideas, the challenges of removing dialogue from certain cues, the key differences between this release and the previous one, the different ways the film strikes certain viewers, and more! Lots of good stuff here, so contact The Company at your earliest convenience, settle into your thrilling new life, and press play!Seconds is here: to us:
Yes, the atomic podcast is terrible. But more terrible still are the effects of atomic podcast mutation. Hello, we’re your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark, and we want to warn you about something that could happen… something that does happen in our latest podcast. Observe the Soundtrack Spotlight: a miniature marvel of focused conversation on a single CD release. But if a Soundtrack Spotlight and a large group of guests were exposed to radiation simultaneously, the result would be terrible indeed. What began life as a simple chat about Intrada’s expanded release of Jerry Goldsmith’s charming, intuitive score for Joe Dante’s “Matinee” was shockingly transformed into a wide-ranging conversation on the entire Goldsmith-Dante oeuvre. For this very special show, we’re joined by none other than director Joe Dante himself, along with Dante’s longtime editor Marshall Harvey, liner notes writer John Takis, and Douglass Fake and Roger Feigelson of Intrada Records. Suffice it to say this is a can’t-miss production. Presented in AtomoSound: the new podcasting miracle that puts you in the action!As ever, here is your Matinee Odyssey Soundtrack Spotlight -Track List!Get the new Matinee CD!  It's really good.Where can everyone be found?  Joe Dante's podcast: The Movies That made MeJoe and Marshall (and others!) can be seen talking over movie previews at Trailers From HellJohn Takis writes liner notes for  Quartet Records, La-La Land Records, Intrada and used to do the same for GNP Crescendo and Film Score Monthly Records.Roger and Doug can be found on Intrada's website (and the old one is kinda fun!)And here's a link to that Dick Jacobs CD Marshall used to score MANT!The Goldsmith Odyssey?  
Your friends want you to go out with them, but you keep turning them down. Your mother wants you to go out on a date with one of your old high school classmates, but the idea doesn’t interest you. Everyone’s worried that if you don’t get more proactive, you’re going to end up alone. What they don’t know is that you’re already seeing someone. Three people, in fact: David, Yavar, and Clark, the humble hosts of The Goldsmith Odyssey. Every Tuesday and Thursday, you steal away to a secluded spot to listen for a little while, keeping the volume low. Their latest installment spotlights the Studio One episode “The Desperate Age,” starring Barbara Bel Geddes as a young woman whose situation mirrors your own. The melancholy Jerry Goldsmith score seems straightforward and simple, but contains surprising subtleties and complexities. So double-check to be sure no one is watching, and press play!And here is your friendly, neighborhood Jerry Goldsmith's The Desperate Age Track list!
We’ll be back to our regular scheduled program momentarily. But first, a word from our sponsor!Leigh Phillips’s Kickstarter campaign:
Hyah! Hyah! Odyssey Ho! In our first regular episode of 2022, we join the long-running western series Wagon Train to discuss the episode "The Ah Chong Story," featuring a lively Goldsmith score that fuses eastern and western elements. In this one, your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark discuss the painful stereotypes that hamper the show's effectiveness, the creative ways Goldsmith finds to blend his assorted thematic and textural elements, and much more! Before the episode analysis begins, you'll also be treated to an exploration of an early Wagon Train soundtrack album featuring music by the likes of John Williams, Laurindo Almeida, and Roy Webb. If you've got a little time to spare, why not join the wagon train for a while? Our direction is westward, our pace is slow, and someday we aim to reach the land of 1962. Enjoy!And here is The Goldsmith Odyssey's Wagon Train - The Ah Chong Story track list!Please send your correspondence to out our friends at Settling the Score — their regular Jerry Goldsmith episodes at present include Episodes 8 (Planet of the Apes), 18 (Chinatown), 33 (The Omen), and 52 (Alien).And here is Settling the Score's Patreon page; support them here to get bonus episodes including Goldsmith’s Freud (1962).
We realize that we've been interrupting our Odyssey with a lot of Soundtrack Spotlights lately. To make up for that, this month we're interrupting the Odyssey with a new Odyssey Interview! Back in October of 2021, Yavar had an in-depth conversation with Retired Chief Master Sergeant Mike Davis, who served as chief arranger for the U.S. Air Force band for many years. Among Davis's numerous musical endeavors was a reconstruction of Jerry Goldsmith's "The Thunder of Imperial Names" (originally written for the 1957 radio production 1489 Words), which in turn inspired Goldsmith himself to re-examine his original piece. Over the course of this wide-ranging interview, Davis talks about his personal and professional encounters with Goldsmith, his own efforts as a composer and sole experience writing for film, his work with the U.S. Air Force Band, his role in the creation of Goldsmith's now-iconic "The Generals" Suite, the experience of working in Hollywood on a '70s Goldsmith recording, encounters with other legendary film composers such as Henry Mancini, Elmer Bernstein, and Richard Rodney Bennett... and much more! Lots of great stories and great music in this one, so do your patriotic duty and give it a listen!Here is your Odyssey Interviews Mike Davis Track list!Please send your correspondence to
Intrada's Kickstarter-funded re-recording of Jerry Goldsmith's Black Patch and The Man is almost here, and we've got something special for you to enjoy while you wait: the Odyssey's very first Production Report!"What’s that?"Glad you asked, ma'am. In this case, it means your humble hosts Yavar and David conducting an in-depth conversation with Intrada's Douglass Fake, Roger Feigelson, Jeff Johnson, reconstructionist Leigh Phillips, and conductor William Stromberg. You'll hear stories about how the project came together, details on how the recording sessions went, the financial realities of this sort of endeavor, and much more. Plus, you'll hear plenty of clips from the new album. It's not only an exciting update on this project, but an informative behind-the-scenes look at the many moving parts of re-recording a classic film score. Whether you're a Kickstarter contributor who's eager for new details or simply a film music fan who wants to know a little bit more about how these things work, this is a show you'll want to hear!Here's your handy Black Patch & The Man Production Report track list!Please send your correspondence to
Centuries (or possibly just a few weeks) ago, your humble hosts David, Yavar, and Clark joined forces with returning guest and Tadlow Thriller reconstructionist Leigh Phillips to create a haunting work of art: a podcast examination of the Thriller episode "The Grim Reaper" and the moody, threatening Jerry Goldsmith score that accompanies it. In the decades (or was it days?) since, the episode has been passed down from listener to listener, and legend has it that nearly all of them have been horribly, gruesomely, violently entertained. Press play if you must, but be warned... if you don't turn back now, you might be entertained, too.Track List - Episode 33 - Thriller - The Grim Reaper (1961)0:00:02 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - There's No Curse!0:01:20 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - End Titles 0:24:58 - Bartok Concerto for Orchestra, Sz. 116 0:29:24 - Thriller - "The Cheaters" - End Titles (Miriam’s Theme)0:39:30 - A bit of our Mr. George coverage0:42:40 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Prologue pt.1 0:49:08 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Prologue pt.2  0:54:40 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Roll Call  0:59:12 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Unexpected Guests  1:12:33 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Do You Know What This Is 1:19:12 - Star Trek: The Next Generation -  "I, Borg" - clip from the episode  1:20:53 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - 06 - The Painting Told Them1:23:54 - The Twilight Zone - "The Big, Tall Wish" - 02 Good Friends1:23:31 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - End of a Dull Story1:25:48 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - A Sudden Shock 1:27:30 - Freud - Case Histories1:27:57 - Seconds - Restless Hours1:28:06 - Seconds - Rehabilitation / Strange Arrival1:28:32 - Freud - Case Histories1:30:06 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Neck Attack 1:35:58 - Thriller - "The Cheaters" - Miriam’s Excursion pt.11:40:19 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Here's To Crime 1:42:42 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Back From Commercial  1:43:30 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Watching1:44:12 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Staying On  1:52:27 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - False Confessions 1:54:41 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Corpse Leaving1:58:51 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Paul vs. the Grim Reaper2:05:44 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - There's No Curse!2:10:31 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - Reaped2:12:49 - The ‘Burbs - Clip from the film2:15:01 - Star Trek V: The Final Frontier - Clip from the film 2:24:22 - Thriller - "The Grim Reaper" - 04 - Unexpected Guests  Please send your correspondence to
Yet another Soundtrack Spotlight! Our forces have been spread thin, our rations have been depleted, and we are so sleep-deprived that none of us can remember which day of the week it is. We remember the year, though: it's the Year of Goldsmith, which continues apace with the new Music Box release of Jerry Goldsmith's brilliant score for Ridley Scott’s Legend. Your humble hosts David and Yavar are joined by two insightful film music historians: Paul MacLean, who wrote the liner notes for the original Silva Screen expansion, and Jeff Bond, who wrote the liner notes for this new edition. They discuss the fascinating and messy history of the project, each writer's approach to tackling the liner notes, the differences between the way Goldsmith's music is used in the director's cut of the film vs. the European cut, and much more! This one digs a little deeper than your average Spotlight, but we think the material deserves it (and as usual, there are a host of illustrative excerpts from the new album along the way). So ringle-rangle your device of choice and give it a listen!Legend Soundtrack Spotlight - (annotated) Track ListPlease send your correspondence to
Hey, nice costume! Here's a little treat for you: the second and final part of David's Odyssey Interview with composer Leanna Primiani. After discussing the benefits of studying sheet music and Goldsmith's deep understanding of how to use an orchestra, David and Leanna dig into an wide-ranging examination of Poltergeist: the specificity with which the characters are drawn, the ways in which Goldsmith's compositional approach mirrors that of John Williams, the benefits of having a substantial amount of time to write a film score, Goldsmith's ability to find musical beauty in horror films, and much more! Numerous fascinating, under-appreciated aspects of one of Goldsmith's most iconic horror scores are examined here... it's a conversation you don't want to miss. Okay, kids, be safe out there, look both ways when you cross the street!The Ivory Wave music: the Poltergeist soundtrack (yes, you still can, and at normal CD prices!) Poltergeist soundtrack discussion to happen October 30, 2021: score (in print - sheets of music, hundreds of sheets of music): send your correspondence to
It's time for a new Odyssey Interview! David sits down for a conversation with composer Leanna Primiani, who previously appeared alongside members of the Odyssey team on Score Masters: Celebrating John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. In the first installment of this two-part interview, Leanna tells us all about her score for the new short film Ivory Wave, which is being performed live to picture this week at the Nightmares Film Festival. Additionally, Leanna talks about getting her start in the world of film music, why she's drawn to the horror genre, the surprising virtues of temp tracks, the creative use of electronics in her music, the importance of musical training, and more! Much more, in fact: join us later on this month for part two of David and Leanna's conversation, which digs into the marvels of Jerry Goldsmith's score for Poltergeist. Enjoy!The Ivory Wave score pre-save link:'s IMDB: website: festival: send your correspondence to
La-La Land's wonderful Goldsmith at 20th series keeps rolling along and so do our Soundtrack Spotlights! This time, we're taking a look at Volume 4, which pairs Goldsmith's strikingly different scores for the aviation-themed films Tora! Tora! Tora! and Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies. Your humble hosts David and Yavar are joined by special guests Jeff Bond (who wrote the liner notes) and Chris Malone (who performed the substantial restoration on Ace Eli), both of whom offer plenty of juicy behind-the-scenes info. You'll hear about the considerable audio quality upgrade Ace Eli has received, Ace Eli's unusual path to the big screen, the musical diversity and dramatic effectiveness of Goldsmith's eclectic Ace Eli score, and more. Yessir, if it's Ace Eli details you want, you'll get plenty of 'em here!The guys also mention Tora! Tora! Tora!Enjoy!Links!GOLDSMITH AT 20th VOL. 4 – ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES / TORA! TORA! TORA!: LIMITED EDITION (2-CD SET)Spielberg Completist: ACE ELI AND RODGER OF THE SKIES (1973)The Making of THE OTHER (1972)Please send your correspondence to
Suppose a dying man should choose just one podcast as his gift to the living. What sort of a podcast would it be? Well, that of course would depend upon the man himself. If he's a very good man, he might leave a very good podcast. A very evil man... well, his gift might be called... The TMZ Podcast. And a genial, slightly playful, music-loving man who simply wants everyone to have a pretty good time for a couple of hours? There's a chance he might serve up this episode of The Goldsmith Odyssey, in which your humble hosts Yavar, David, and Clark examine Jerry Goldsmith's moody, suspenseful score for the occult-themed Thriller episode "Dark Legacy." We think you'll like it. Did we make a deal with the notorious demon Asteroth in order to ensure that you'll like it? You'll have to listen to find out!Please send your correspondence to
One day, new Goldsmith album releases will slow to a steady trickle, and these Soundtrack Spotlights will follow suit. However: today is not that day! Varèse Sarabande has released a new Deluxe Edition presentation of Jerry's under-appreciated score for Love Field, and we've got all the details (and lots of album clips) for you in this brief but informative show. Your humble hosts Yavar and David are joined by film music journalist Tim Greiving, who wrote the liner notes for this release. The guys discuss how this new album allows the listener to better understand the architecture of Goldsmith's score, other scores from the era that belong to the same musical sound world as this one, the production struggles that caused portions of Goldsmith's score to be replaced by blues piano compositions from Bill Payne, and more! So give it a listen and we’ll have another 1, 2, or 39 Spotlights headed your way soon. Enjoy!For your reference, here's the always helpful and informative Love Field Soundtrack Spotlight track list.Please send your correspondence to
It's a special team-up episode!ANALYSIS TEAM-UP: Your humble hosts Yavar, David, and Clark are joined by musicologist Dr. Reba Wissner, author of A Dimension in Sound: Music of The Twilight Zone!WEIRD TEAM-UP: Together, they examine the Thriller episode "Terror in Teakwood," in which an esteemed classical pianist forms a strange relationship with the contents of a mysterious teakwood chest! COMPOSER TEAM-UP: That episode features tense, suspenseful music by Jerry Goldsmith, and his work is joined by solo piano compositions from Cesar Giovannini!YOUR VERY OWN PERSONAL TEAM-UP: Finally, we encourage you to join forces with your electronic device of choice to listen to this podcast! It's three hours of solid, collaborative entertainment!Please send your correspondence to
Maybe you've heard of Cabo Blanco. Then again, maybe you haven't. It's a remote fishing village off the coast of Peru. It's also the name of an underwhelming movie, starring Charles Bronson and scored by Jerry Goldsmith. Despite Jerry being there, the film certainly didn't find its way onto any best-of lists that we know of. Nevertheless, this is the edge of cinema where legendary scores are born. La-La Land has reissued and slightly expanded that score, and we'd like to tell you about it. Oh, by the way, our names are Clark and David. That’s our guest there in the studio: Chris Malone, who mixed the new album. Giving us all the details on the wonders of CaboBlanco.Here is your always helpful and informative CaboBlanco Soundtrack Spotlight Track List!Please send your correspondence to
Clark and David pass around the collection plate on behalf of Intrada's Goldsmith-themed Kickstarter. If you feel led to contribute, click here: Black Patch / The Man (Jerry Goldsmith) New Recording!
We're pleased to present our very first haunted episode! Returning guest Leigh Phillips joins your humble hosts Yavar and David for a discussion of the Thriller episode "Mr. George," which tells the story of a young girl's mysterious spectral guardian, and features a Goldsmith score built around an exquisitely tender main theme. Leigh has a good deal of unique insight into this one, having reconstructed and re-recorded selections from this score for the first volume of Tadlow's wonderful Thriller series. Additionally, using our groundbreaking new P.E.P. (Paranormal Editing Process) System, David is able to weave commentary from Ghost Clark (who is much like Regular Clark, but a ghost) throughout the episode. Click the "apparate" button on your listening device of choice and enjoy!NOTE: early on, we mishear the name of an instrument called a "mark tree" due to Leigh's charming accent. Therefore, throughout most of the episode we refer to this chimes-like instrument as a "mock tree" — our apologies! Learn more about the mark tree here.Here is your Goldsmith Odyssey - Thriller: Mr. George Track ListSend your correspondence to
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