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Author: J&J

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Android's Dungeon is a podcast about board gaming, video games, and often times other things started by Jack and Joel in 2016 in Guelph, Ontario.

Whether you're new to the hobby or a seasoned grognard, there's something for everyone here.
99 Episodes
Jack and Joel host Harry to talk about Wingspan and John Company,  and Imperial. John Company is a legendary game! You gotta play it.
Jack and Joel host the show and Jack reviews Ragusa, do you like placing pretty houses and walls? How do you feel about fish?
Jack and Joel talk about deck builders and what we love about Valley of the Kings and Dominion.VotK - the second half it's all about IT 2 - spooky clown! and spells in D&D that are TOO GOOD!
Jack and Joel host Harry, we talk about games we like and all the popular ways to play tabletop RPGs that aren't D&D or Pathfinder.Harry gives a review of Inis
Jack, Joel and Harry get you caught up on all the hot new games out of Gencon! about a years worth of quality new games for you to go out and buy... Some you can't buy yet. Sorry!
Jack and Joel host Harry and we all discuss the madness that is 4 days of Gencon, as well as some of the more interesting of the 446 games released at the con. Western Empires was demoed, One Small Step, Letterjam and others.
We had so much Gencon content we had to split it into three shows, this episode introduces the convention as a general concept and explains the history of Gencon and the atmosphere.Jack calls Joel for a phone interview, sound quality leaves a bit to be desired.
Jack and Joel were blown away by the new version of Pax Pamir, we hosted HN Kapaski and played what's sure to be a modern classic. 
We've been away for so long, but Jack and Joel are back and Marc has come along too. We cover the Pandemic Survival National Qualifiers and the end of Marc's campaign. 
Jack and Joel review the 13th ranked game on BGG, Castles of BurgandyJoel concludes Risk doesn't need to be played anymore.Updates on Gencon and Western Empires, crackdowns on Kickstarter
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