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Android's Dungeon is a podcast about board gaming, video games, and often times other things started by Jack and Joel in 2016 in Guelph, Ontario.

Whether you're new to the hobby or a seasoned grognard, there's something for everyone here.
92 Episodes
Jack and Joel were blown away by the new version of Pax Pamir, we hosted HN Kapaski and played what's sure to be a modern classic. 
We've been away for so long, but Jack and Joel are back and Marc has come along too. We cover the Pandemic Survival National Qualifiers and the end of Marc's campaign. 
Jack and Joel review the 13th ranked game on BGG, Castles of BurgandyJoel concludes Risk doesn't need to be played anymore.Updates on Gencon and Western Empires, crackdowns on Kickstarter
Jack and Joel host Marc and talk about all the great deals out during the Steam Summer Sale, did we buy any of them? Maybe...In the second half we talk about DM Styles in D&D and get caught up on Marc's campaign
Jack and Joel talk about some games, 2018 Kennerspiel De Jahres Quacks of Quedlinburg is getting real hot right now. The game is sold out but if you can find it, get a copy! It's a push your luck strategy. Make a fancy potion and get some puentes!Jack talks about his love for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Alex does not attend E3 and therefore doesn't have anything to report
Jack and Joel host another episode of this show! AD. Joel is working on a campaign and is digging into the Forgotten Realms content: Jack gave Concordia Venus another go, spoiler~ It's still great! Jack and Joel valiantly refuse to pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 even though it looks awesome, E3 releases some sweet sweet gaming news! 
Jack and Joel host Marc, who previewed the new Stellaris DLC, more of the same but maybe good? Joel talks about  Reiner Knizia and his popular title: Ra In the second half, we talk about Marc's new campaign in D&D and how great he is at all the things!Have you heard of D&D? 
Jack and Joel chat about their Pandemic Legacy, the second best game on BGG right now. Joel is going to Gencon in August and runs down the events he's registered for, and Jack gives a summary of the US V. China trade war and what it might mean for the cost of board games.
Heavy Games abound!Jack and Joel discuss the 1959 classic game, Diplomacy: In the second half, Here I Stand, the GMT card driven semi-Epic covering the wars of the reformation.
Jack and Joel had a slow week, but there was some classic SNES games, mainly Super Marios Bros.Jack tries Doki Doki Literature club which breaks down into a discussion on Japanese culture.Check out DDLC for free!
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