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Welcome to the Alan Madden Rose podcast, where amazing things happen.
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Is it because he doesnt know any Good Guys? Cannot fathom a person with morals? Or is it old timers?
Talking to the boy about birthdays(on his 9th birthday) and the solar year
8 months after passing me over for a job, they emailed me to tell me I wasnt chosen, then did it again two days later... how bad do I suck, had to tell me twice?
Iran and the Saudis were in peace talks, the general was returning Irans reply to the Saudi proposal. That is what Trump had to stop
How Come Our Drones Can’t Hit White People?
lebaron blackout on view
Colonia LeBaron killings backstory, less hand wringing plz
Quid Pro Quo Is Extortion, Non Latin Speakers
Govt shutdown to derail impeachment?
How Ya Spinnin’ being booed at World Series?
Is Catch n Kill why Repugz are terrified of Trump? Cindy McCain quote got me thinking... who else do David Pecker and AMI have dirt on?
Trumpy’s We Got the oil, was for Putin and his Oligarchy,
Republicans, Traitors To Future American Soldiers..
Could Some Repubs sit out Impeach vote over Kurds?
Republican Rebel Faction Only Needs A Leader Now
Non Trumpzarro version, or, what really happened, with Ukraine, Biden, Aid, Trump and Shokin
Maj Repugz Refuse to believe Trumps own admissions on call.
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