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The number one podcast for women living life their way. Jayne Nakata, creator of "Jumpstart with Jayne" and the "The Transformations with Jayne Mastermind", interviews women from all walks of life, living in around the world and making it work.
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We are all living with a level of uncertainty that reaches far and wide. How is it going for you? Since the start of 2020, the Covid Pandemic has been on everyone’s minds. In March, things got real for many more of us. As I write this it is now September and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon, and winter is on the way in the Northern Hemisphere and so are rumours and fears of a second wave. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that I have to get better with living with uncertainty. Not just on the level of “What’s for dinner?”. In today's episode, I'm talking about: An example from my own life overcoming huge levels of uncertainty My top practical tips for how we can feel better right now One to one coaching: Want your podcast started for you? Contact me to find out more about how I help people do this.  Sarah Furuya's Legends Series: Watch here on Youtube:
Have you noticed that you've put on weight during corona?  Perhaps your body is not in the condition it was before?  Maybe you are using more caffeine, alcohol, television to get you through the day?   I found myself raising my hand to all of the above!!   It's hard not to immediately go down the path of "Bad girl!", "You have no self control!" the full range of nastiness we direct at ourselves regularly.   But what if you could learn one new thing about yourself or remind yourself about one thing that you might have forgotten?  That's what I'm talking about in today's episode. Watch here on YouTube:  Read here: Want to join the 1-1 coaching?
Click here to watch on YouTube Wow. That was some five months of craziness! If you have been wondering where the "Transformations with Jayne Podcast" has gotten to, I'm back to tell you all about it! In this episode, I'm talking about : - Our sudden covid repatriation to Japan - Our "Back to the Future" lifestyle in Japan - Four things that helped us to get through our time Covid exile You can check out the blog post that goes with this episode HERE, with some bonus photos of our "Show Era" living quarters.  If you think you'd be a good fit for the podcast, please get in touch with me, through this blog, or on instagram @transformationswithjayne I love to profile and talk to women like you, living your life your way, wherever you may be.
What can we do with this thing that is called "The Past". Should we forget it? Move on and don't look back?  Sometimes I think so, other times I don't.  In this episode I cover: - Some of the things that are useful to take with you from the past - A short exercise for finding the positive themes of your life - How "should" interfere with our real purpose By connecting the dots, we can see where we might go if we give up on those "should" things.  I'd love to hear from you if you've found a new "connect the dots" that helps you with your future direction! 
It's been nearly 9 years exactly since my world was turned completely upside down. One minute I was a first time mother expecting a baby and living a very usual life in a small town in Japan (just your average kind of life! ha ha!).  The next minute a massive earthquake and tsunami has set off the worst natural and man made disaster in the history of the world. My house became uninhabitable for a 7 months pregnant woman, I thought we'd lost everything. I had one small bag of clothes and the car we drove away from Fukushima in.  We thought we might never see our old life again.  Fast forward 9 years and here I am living a most unexpected life in Sweden. Not Japan at all.  This week I'm discussing how we can change the course of our lives with tiny seemingly insignificant steps forwards.  I also talk about a workshop I held for parents here in Sweden, despite the fact that I am "new" and despite that "I don't know much about Gothenburg yet"... I'd love to hear how you are not letting things keep you from trying. From taking a tiny step. They can set off a chain of events that will take you in a direction you never dreamed of! Woo hoo!  
Hello!!! This week's episode title speaks for itself: What's one thing that would improve your life? It might be an easy to answer question or not!  I talk about: - how we often don't notice areas for improvement - how we create barriers to keep doing what we've always done - ideas on ways you could improve your life by not doing something - how I've overcome my self inflicted barriers around grocery shopping! Small incremental changes add up to lots! I can't wait to see what I can achieve with the extra 2-3 hours of time I'm not wasting at the grocery store!! 
This week I'm interviewing one of my wonderful clients: Minori Hanashima. Minori is an account manager and translator in the PR industry in Tokyo and a long time fan of the Transformations with Jayne Podcast! I love having people on the podcast who have been a listener and now are a contributor! We talk about: How she built a network around her interest in translating. Her transformation from stressed sick to happy and satisfied with her life The reason behind her previous lack of confidence  and how she is now The change in her thinking habits that decreased her stress levels Her guiding word for the year and why she prefers that over goals There is so much value in listening to someone who is actually going through their transformation, I hope you will find some great inspiration in her story. You can find out more about joining the Transformation with Jayne Mastermind here: I look forward to hearing from you!  Photography by Sunshine Ink
This week I'm interviewing Jacqui Miyabayashi, fellow New Zealander and the creator of North South Stewart. You'll have to listen to find out more about: 🧣How Jacqui started her first online business to where she is today 🧣The value of experimenting 🧣Being your own influencer 🧣Overcoming fear and leaving your comfort zone So much good stuff in this episode and if you are dedicated listener you will recognise her as my first ever guest on the podcast almost exactly two years ago!  More on Jacqui: I'm a New Zealander who has lived in Japan for over twenty years. My husband and I have two teenaged kids and we live just south of Osaka. I am a business and marketing strategist for English-speaking entrepreneurs and business owners in Japan. I absolutely hate being cold and for that reason, I recently opened a new business with my husband, we are importers and retailers of New Zealand wool accessories. Links: Listeners can find out more about my consulting services here: And follow our new winter woollies store on Instagram:
Solo episode this week and I'm talking about how one of my gurus Jim Fortin reminds me: "We speak our lives into existence". We know that the words we use with ourselves and others is important but we often also forget this!  This week I'd love you to challenge yourself to notice what kinds of words you are using and what you are "speaking into existence". The Transformations with Jayne Mastermind is opening this month (February 2020) and will close to new members on the 23rd of February. To register for a 1-1 call with me to see if you would be a good fit, make sure you head to:  to read all about the mastermind. I have more wonderful guests coming up in the next few weeks so I hope you will listen and share the podcast with your friends and family! 
This week I'm interviewing Jodi Harris from World Tree Coaching! Jodi Harris was born in the United States, but from a very early age was fascinated by the idea of living in other countries. Since her first study abroad experience in 1997, she has lived in Spain, Japan (twice), Northern Ireland, the Dominican Republic, Madagascar and now Belgium. We talk about: What it's like to live in Madagascar How long it generally takes her to settle into a new country How mindfulness can help us in times of transition The 3 Rs of mindfulness Thriving vs surviving overseas A little more about Jodi: She is an ICF accredited coach, trained clinical social worker, Personal Leadership Senior Facilitator (a mindfulness-based cross-cultural communication framework) and writer. She has a BA in Spanish and a BA in English both with a focus on secondary education. In 2003, she shifted her career from education to pursue a Masters Degree in Social Work with a focus on Clinical Social Work and Peace and Conflict Studies. With over 15 years' experiencing working with globally mobile communities, she's supported immigrants to the United States, trauma survivors, serial expats, diplomats and members of the military and their families, and Peace Corps volunteers. Jodi has a deeply rooted belief in each individual’s inherent ability to thrive and overcome challenge. Through her company World Tree Coaching, LLC, Jodi offers coaching, training and facilitation, and online courses which support expats and other globally mobile individuals in fostering resilience, cultivating everyday mindfulness practices and finding a safe place to grow no matter where their feet are planted Links: Website: Facebook page: Instagram: LinkedIn: Facebook group - Globally Mindful:
Hello!  This week I'm announcing my Word of the year for 2020 and how I came to choose it this time round. If you struggle with goal setting or find goals to be heavy and arbitrary, then perhaps a word or theme to guide how you want to act and feel could really help!  Also, the Women in Japan (and the World) Mastermind opens its doors again for round 3 (wow! Round 3 I can't believe it!) starting March 1st, 2020 and running until September 30th, 2020. We'll take a break for some of July and August so you can enjoy your summer so don't worry about that! Sign ups close on February 23rd, 2020. If you'd like to find out more or be considered for the Mastermind, make sure you listen to this episode and then message me.
If you are feeling like you are on a bit of a hamster wheel with how things are going in your life with your family and work, then this episode is for you! Jo Ebisujima is a British-born Japanese-living multi-passionate entrepreneur and bestselling author who lives among the rice paddies just north of Tokyo. She helps entrepreneur moms get organized at home, with the kids and in their business so that they have more time to build their empire. She uses an unconventional but effective combo of Montessori (for wrangling the kids) and Kaizen (for baby steps in business and life) to help you get stuff done. We talk about: How Jo started her business and how it's transformed over the years Montessori, Kaizen and the "Swiss cheese technique" Productivity Jo’s challenge for 2020 and how she's stepping out of her comfort zone You can find Jo here: Website: Wonder Mum Success Club:
Hello!! First episode of the new year today! Today I'm talking about some of the things that have helped me decide what I'm going to focus my energy on in 2020. Grab a piece of paper and as you listen jot down the things that pop into your head: What did you love about 2019 What are you going to do more of in 2020 I've been experimenting with how things will go now that I'm in Sweden. I've decided that I will definitely be continuing with the things that have brought me so much joy.  1) My Women in Japan Mastermind (we might need a new name...ha ha!) 2) Live events  3) Podcasting!  Things I'm going to work on more this year.  Just the one thing.  Fitness and health. Listen to the episode to hear more about the #sasukeonnachallenge !  What did you love in 2019 that you are going to do more of in 2020?
Hello again from Sweden!  We've heading into our third week in Sweden and starting to hit our stride a bit with things! This is the last episode for 2019! I'll be back after the winter holidays with more interviews for you!  In this episode I talk about: - Rookie mistakes of living in a Nordic country - Dreading or looking forward to Christmas and New Year? - Creating new traditions and giving up outdated ones I'd love to hear what you are giving up doing at this time of year! It's easy to add something new but harder to give up what no longer works for us.  Have a wonderful winter holiday and look out for the first episode in January! 
Well, we are finally here!! After a sudden change to our moving schedule and three weeks to move, we made it here surprisingly stylishly!  In today's episode I'm talking about: Our move to Sweden How trusting helped us get through a usually extremely stressful time What's happening next for the Transformations with Jayne Podcast I'd love to hear from you all about what you'd like to hear more of in the future. Please drop me a message on instagram or on FB!
This week I'm taking some time to discuss the learning I've had from creating live events for women here in Fukushima Prefecture.  I talk about  The dissonance between what you think you want and what you and the world actually needs My top five tips for creating and leading live events Feedback from my most recent event I hope that this episode will inspire you to go out and create something, no matter the size because it's so needed.  Start somewhere, anywhere is fine! It doesn't have to be and it won't be perfect the first time around. That's ok because you are already ahead of 90% of the other events that are still just ideas in someone's head.  Stay tuned for more updates as we hit the move to Sweden! 
This week I'm talking to Amanda O'Brien,  Designer at Jima Designs and 24 year resident of Osaka.  Amanda believes that there are no coincidences in life and that everything will turn out OK in the end. Mostly, her story is a result of living this philosophy wholeheartedly. She studied Industrial Design in Australia and on a whim in her final weeks of study she jumped on a plane and arrived in Tokyo. It was the waning years of the bubble era. She looks back now and wonders how in hell she found an apartment and a job the very next day, even though the only Japanese she knew was “konnichiwa” and “arigatou”. It was tough living in Tokyo though, and she left within two years vowing to not return. After leaving Japan, she returned again to Australia and worked as a kitchen designer. It wasn’t too long however, before she packed up and headed to live in London. It was on her first day here, passing through the train station, that she met Yoshiko the woman who introduced her to her husband. After two years together in London they travelled extensively and then finally returned to Osaka. They have three teenagers. This is her 24th year here. The longest place she has ever lived. We talk about: How Amanda came to be in Japan - it's a doozie! How she started an architectural firm in Japan with her husband Funny stories about name mix ups Using an architect vs a house building company A transformation that Amanda had gone through Being introverted and playing the extrovert Come and join us in the podcast club: Links of things mentioned in this episode: Website: IG:
A solo episode for you this week! I'm talking about a shock we had recently that means we need to move to Sweden one month earlier than planned!  So today I'm talking about some of the lessons I learnt about "Letting others down" and trusting the process.
One thing I love about podcasting is getting to know all the wonderful women who are out there doing things in their own corner of Japan. Without this podcast I wouldn't get that chance!  Melissa Uchiyama is a writer, a US National Board Certified educator, and mom who has made Japan her home for eleven years after growing up, getting her education, and marrying near the beaches of South Florida. In the episode today Melissa and I talk about:  Her road to finding her feet in Japan  How she created a writing camp in Tokyo   How we deal with "Bad Japan days" Creating a community around baking Her new project “Eat en”: Mentioned in this podcast: Best Living Japan: Tokyo Writers Camp: Bilingual Baking Classes: Other Links: IG:  More info about Melissa: Melissa is on a mission to document and showcase the beauty found in kitchens throughout Tokyo with her big Eat•en project! She believes that value is found in the process of creating, making, and procuring that which feeds us, while also believing that our food provides a window into culture, heritage, and the soul of a person, people, or a family, she has begun a project that brings her into the real cooking and dining spaces throughout Tokyo, where she documents the people, stories, and craft behind each meal, drink, or snack. More to come soon! *If you have special food that reflects your immigration story or family heritage in Japan or anywhere in the world, and you are based in or near Tokyo, wanting to welcome Melissa into your home kitchen, she would love to hear from you!
We are very lucky to have Jennifer Shinkai joining us on this week's episode! Jennifer is from England and lives in Tokyo. She focuses on integrating ikigai (life purpose) into daily work, inclusion in a diverse workplace, resilient leadership development in times of change.  In this episode we talk about: The  recent typhoon and flooding How Jennifer came to be in Japan What is "ikigai" Points of You ® coaching Workshops Jennifer has coming up : Finding your Ikigai with the IKIGAI Card Game Workshop - November 6th 1:30pm "Hello Points" Points of You® Academy Level 1 in Tokyo in English December 3rd If you'd like to be featured in Jennifer's book, please contact Jennifer through her website if you'd like to share your story! Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:
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