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The number one podcast for women living in Japan. Jayne Nakata, creator of "Jumpstart with Jayne" and the "The Women in Japan Mastermind", interviews women from all walks of life, living in Japan and making it work.
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You may have noticed my IG feed has been rather obsessed with the #manusamoa team who have been staying here for 5 days for their pre World Cup Training camp. I didn't think I'd be so excited about this in the lead up to the event but going out and meeting the players and their staff, and creating that connection was just so much fun.This week I'm talking about some recent opportunities and the benefits of  - Taking up the opportunity to learn something new- What we miss when we make decisions based on "time and money" - Unexpected bonuses of leaving your comfort zone and unexpected new connectionsWatch this space, I'm manifesting a trip to a NZ or Samoa RWC game ;) Mentioned in today's episode: Reiki Retreat: Inspire You in Yumoto
Thank you so much for all the kind wishes and congratulations that have come through since last week's episode came out. If you haven't listened to that one, go do that now before you listen to this one! This week continues on from last week with an update on some big puzzle pieces that have started to fit together! I talk about how just a $65 investment in myself set me off on a new projectHow the all those puzzle pieces of life are fitting togetherWhat is a Marathoner vs a SprinterLet me know which one you are! Join us in the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club! 
Hello! You don't want to miss this week's episode. BIG ANNOUNCEMENT IN THERE! So just go listen! I get right to the point. This week I'm talking about:- A BIG change happening in our family, my initial shock and overcoming negative thoughts- How we make big decisions as a family- Some plans for the future regarding this podcast and Jayne's coachingI'm super excited about this next phase and looking forward to hearing your tips and tricks as we go! Don't forget the Women In Japan Mastermind is starting again on September 15th, 2019.
 This week I'm talking about how we can get back into the groove post Summer vacation. ⁠If you are struggling then this is the episode for you! ⁠I also talk about the Women in Japan Mastermind which starts September 15th, 2019.⁠Also mentioned: ⁠-What is a mastermind⁠-Who needs a mastermind⁠-What kind of things can you achieve as part of a mastermind⁠If you'd like to join, please DM me on Instagram @jaynenakata⁠or Facebook at Transformations with Jayne⁠ 
 The Transformations with Jayne Podcast will be taking a break until after the summer holidays! The next new episode will be in September. This week's guest is Louise George Kittaka, from New Zealand. Louise George Kittaka is a writer, editor, university lecturer and cross-cultural training consultant. She was born in New Zealand and majored in Japanese and Economics at the University of Waikato. She also has an MA in Intercultural Studies from SUNY Buffalo.Louise is ‘mum’ to a son, two daughters and three very fat, spoiled cats. After coming to Japan on work training, she subsequently met her Japanese spouse and settled here. She was hired as the first full time non-Japanese employee for Benesse Corporation, Japan’s largest educational publisher, and later worked in the USA as a researcher at Vanderbilt University. As a freelance writer and editor for Japan’s educational publishing sector, she has contributed to numerous textbooks, study courses and national English exams. She is a regular columnist and features writer for the Japan Times newspaper and Savvy Tokyo, an online community for international women, and contributes to various other English media, including BBC Storyworks, GPlus Media, Campaign Asia and Kansai Scene. We talk about:How Louise came to be in Japan and the wonderful story about meeting her husband. Having children studying overseasUnexpected things that come up with having kids studying overseasBecoming a freelance writer in JapanLouise and Melody Cook will be releasing a book on Educational choices for international families in Japan: Summer 2019. A link will be added when available.Japan Times: Tokyo: Community(日本語)
This week is a solo episode, discussing those blue or down days we all have and some of the things I've been doing to get through them. Yes, I too have some real ripper days where I just want to throw my computer out the window and zone out with Netflix. Mentioned in this episode:Transformational Reiki Retreat with Silke Tyler: Women in Japan Mastermind opens for enrolment in September 2019.
Join the Podcast Club on Facebook here: This week I’m interviewing Helen Otori, from the UK and a resident of Japan for 30 years. She now runs her own English school: White Rose CCC in the Kishiwada area of Osaka. Helen has experienced being the “first foreigner in town” arriving in Ishikawa Prefecture as an ALT, and then finding her way to Osaka, raising a family and starting a business from home. LOADS of gold in there for anyone wondering what it might be like in the future with kids going on to study overseas after majority of schooling in Japan. We talk about:Crazy Japanese festivals, including the Kishiwada Danjiri FestivalHow Helen came to be in JapanHow she started her own English schoolSuffering from burnout and how she recovered Helen’s ideas and dreams for the future! Links of things mentioned in this episode:’s recipes: White Rose C.C.C
Join the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club.This week I'm talking to Elizabeth Ralph about how we can improve our money mindset. Everyone can get a lot of benefit from this, even if you are not a business owner. Elizabeth comes from a corporate background in finance, but has learnt from her own experiences as an entrepreneur how hard it is to sell when you are the product. We talk about:What “Money Mindset” isThe biggest mistakes people make when making financial decisionsHow we can turn the tables on our money stories to help us see our own valueHow can we start to change our relationship with moneyOne of the biggest red flags she see with women in businessFind out more about Elizabeth:Website: www.elizabethralph.comFacebook group called Financial Story ( 
I'm talking to short term resident Kimberly today. I was touched that she reached out to me to be on the podcast and it was very interesting to hear her perspectives as someone who is still fairly new to Japan and trying to make a life here for a very short time. About Kimberly:After 17 years as a self proclaimed "Corporate Cog” in companies in California and Chicago, Kimberly Gimbel took a year off to Live in Japan with her researcher husband and their toddler.  This first time Stay at Home mom has been moving every 3 months, experiencing expatriate  life in Tokyo, Kyoto and soon Sapporo. She documents this and her interests on Instagram as @pecaninjapan   Due to unforeseen circumstances she’s going to need to go back to America early in September and is beginning the transition back to the workforce, as essentially a single mom after having a gap in employment. She also has problems with follow through and motivation.   We talk about:How Kimberly came to be in JapanWhat life is like for a short term expat in JapanWhat living in Japan taught her Returning to the workforce after being away overseasAdvice for women who are about to move to Japan for a short timeLinkedIn:
Hello! In this week's episode I'm talking about how we can "recalibrate" as we head towards the halfway point of the year. Mentioned in this episode:Jayne's Sumo wrestler snood! Victoria Close's jewelry brand: Bikudesigns Helen Iwata's style transformation Helen's style coach, Aya Jean Corin Kanazawa, stylist in TokyoDo come and join us in the Podcast Club! 
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