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Author: Jayne Nakata

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The number one podcast for women living in Japan. Jayne Nakata, creator of "Jumpstart with Jayne" and the "The Women in Japan Mastermind", interviews women from all walks of life, living in Japan and making it work.
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This week I'm talking to Amanda O'Brien,  Designer at Jima Designs and 24 year resident of Osaka. Amanda believes that there are no coincidences in life and that everything will turn out OK in the end. Mostly, her story is a result of living this philosophy wholeheartedly. She studied Industrial Design in Australia and on a whim in her final weeks of study she jumped on a plane and arrived in Tokyo. It was the waning years of the bubble era. She looks back now and wonders how in hell she found an apartment and a job the very next day, even though the only Japanese she knew was “konnichiwa” and “arigatou”. It was tough living in Tokyo though, and she left within two years vowing to not return. After leaving Japan, she returned again to Australia and worked as a kitchen designer. It wasn’t too long however, before she packed up and headed to live in London. It was on her first day here, passing through the train station, that she met Yoshiko the woman who introduced her to her husband. After two years together in London they travelled extensively and then finally returned to Osaka. They have three teenagers. This is her 24th year here. The longest place she has ever lived.We talk about:How Amanda came to be in Japan - it's a doozie!How she started an architectural firm in Japan with her husbandFunny stories about name mix upsUsing an architect vs a house building companyA transformation that Amanda had gone throughBeing introverted and playing the extrovertCome and join us in the podcast club: of things mentioned in this episode:Website: jima-design.comIG:
A solo episode for you this week! I'm talking about a shock we had recently that means we need to move to Sweden one month earlier than planned! So today I'm talking about some of the lessons I learnt about"Letting others down" and trusting the process.
One thing I love about podcasting is getting to know all the wonderful women who are out there doing things in their own corner of Japan. Without this podcast I wouldn't get that chance! Melissa Uchiyama is a writer, a US National Board Certified educator, and mom who has made Japan her home for eleven years after growing up, getting her education, and marrying near the beaches of South Florida.In the episode today Melissa and I talk about: Her road to finding her feet in Japan How she created a writing camp in Tokyo  How we deal with "Bad Japan days"Creating a community around bakingHer new project “Eat en”: in this podcast:Best Living Japan: Writers Camp: Baking Classes: Links:IG: More info about Melissa:Melissa is on a mission to document and showcase the beauty found in kitchens throughout Tokyo with her big Eat•en project! She believes that value is found in the process of creating, making, and procuring that which feeds us, while also believing that our food provides a window into culture, heritage, and the soul of a person, people, or a family, she has begun a project that brings her into the real cooking and dining spaces throughout Tokyo, where she documents the people, stories, and craft behind each meal, drink, or snack.More to come soon!*If you have special food that reflects your immigration story or family heritage in Japan or anywhere in the world, and you are based in or near Tokyo, wanting to welcome Melissa into your home kitchen, she would love to hear from you!
We are very lucky to have Jennifer Shinkai joining us on this week's episode!Jennifer is from England and lives in Tokyo. She focuses on integrating ikigai (life purpose) into daily work, inclusion in a diverse workplace, resilient leadership development in times of change. In this episode we talk about:The  recent typhoon and floodingHow Jennifer came to be in JapanWhat is "ikigai"Points of You ® coachingWorkshops Jennifer has coming up :Finding your Ikigai with the IKIGAI Card Game Workshop - November 6th 1:30pm"Hello Points" Points of You® Academy Level 1 in Tokyo in English December 3rd you'd like to be featured in Jennifer's book, please contact Jennifer through her website if you'd like to share your story!Website:
I'm recording these episodes as I experience them in real time, as I wanted to share with you all the process of an international move (with 2 kids).  Even if you are not moving, perhaps you are going through some kind of transition or have one coming up! Today I'm talking about: How we have a choice to feel stress  How we can choose to "cross the finish line" when it comes to long transition phasesA chance I found for a "Fresh start" and a re-calibration of my morning routine A new routine I'm starting to get more quiet time in the evening - yay!There's even a fun moment when the doorbell rings in this episode, but I deliberately left it in there because whatever happens on the TWJ podcast, perfection is not one of my goals! You'll have to listen to find out who it was. To join the Reiki retreat, all the details are here: join us in the podcast club!
This week I'm talking to Alice Homes, I really enjoyed her take on how we can start to reduce our plastic consumption by focusing on one thing at a time! Now that sounds doable! We talk about:How Alice came to be in JapanHow she became involved in her current project with looknopuraOvercoming helpless feelings and taking actionHer tips for starting to live a less wasteful lifeA special offer for listenersFacebook: Blog: www.looknopura.blogspot.comLinks of things mentioned in this episode:Anita Moorjani books:Dying to be meWhat if this is heavenAlice Holmes. Educator, bilingual public speaker, general busy body, currently living in Miyazaki City, Kyushu, Japan. Alice, a New Zealander, has spent most of her life in Christchurch, New Zealand. She currently works part-time teaching English at the University of Miyazaki, volunteering with the Miyazaki Eco no Kai, and does freelance speaking engagements. Her hobbies include sewing, crafts, reading (nonfiction) and gardening.
This week things have been wildly busy and I decided to put the episode out live on my Facebook Page and record for the podcast at the same time! This week I'm talking about Different kinds of vision boards that you can makeA cool story about manifestation and my vision boardThe details of the Reiki retreat on 14-17th of November, 2019Look out for interviews with more fabulous women from our community coming soon, including: Alice HolmesMelissa Uchiyama Amanda O'Brien  andJennifer Shinkai! 
This week I'm talking to Joelle Kuiper, a New Zealander living in Saitama and now also an avid hiker.We talk about:How she came to be in JapanHow she took her first steps to join a new communityHow Joelle started writing articles for a publicationTaking the focus away from yourself, and focus on who your helpingMentioned in this episode:Mud Parks in Tokyo: Hike it baby Website:  www.hikeitbaby.com @shehikesjapanTwitter:  shehikesjapanBorn and raised in New Zealand, Joelle moved to Japan looking for adventure and never looked back.After her son was born, a friend invited her to join Hike it Baby where she found a supportive community to raise her son in.Joelle is now a volunteer Hike it Baby ambassador. She also writes for Savvy Tokyo magazine and teaches part-time.Joelle is always looking for trails to head out on with her young son and her camera, many of which turn into Hike it Baby hikes!
You may have noticed my IG feed has been rather obsessed with the #manusamoa team who have been staying here for 5 days for their pre World Cup Training camp. I didn't think I'd be so excited about this in the lead up to the event but going out and meeting the players and their staff, and creating that connection was just so much fun.This week I'm talking about some recent opportunities and the benefits of  - Taking up the opportunity to learn something new- What we miss when we make decisions based on "time and money" - Unexpected bonuses of leaving your comfort zone and unexpected new connectionsWatch this space, I'm manifesting a trip to a NZ or Samoa RWC game ;) Mentioned in today's episode: Reiki Retreat: Inspire You in Yumoto
Thank you so much for all the kind wishes and congratulations that have come through since last week's episode came out. If you haven't listened to that one, go do that now before you listen to this one! This week continues on from last week with an update on some big puzzle pieces that have started to fit together! I talk about how just a $65 investment in myself set me off on a new projectHow the all those puzzle pieces of life are fitting togetherWhat is a Marathoner vs a SprinterLet me know which one you are! Join us in the Transformations with Jayne Podcast Club! 
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