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Author: Nicholas Stokes

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The show with insightful industry stories and exploits from the events industry from the Olympics to Glastonbury.
2 Episodes
Field Dispatches returns with more stories and exploits from the events industry. Feedback and thoughts always warmly welcomed. In our latest instalment Chris Green talks the world’s best sporting experiences, work/life balance, being goal focused and intergalactic standards with stories from the Olympics, Tough Mudder and Japan. ⇩ Special Thanks & Links Below ⇩ Music and field recordings courtesy of: Audiobinger Dudeawesome Polymorpheva Rainsamba Genghis Attenborough Links: Tour of Britain London Olympics 2012 Rio Olympics 2016 Tokyo Olympics 2020 Tough Mudder Nocturne Cycle Series Revolution Track Cycling Series Red Hook Crit Cycling Revival Festival NASA JPL
The show with insightful music, sports and travel industry stories and exploits. Episode one and I catch up with the entertainer, producer, director and programmer (not to mention aerialist, comedian and the UK's best female knives-thrower) Annabelle Holland of Frenetic Engineering and Shambala Festival's The Social Club.
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