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Author: Enrico Schaefer

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We are drone lawyers who understand the business, intellectual property and FAA compliance aspects of sUAS. If you are a drone pilot, service provider or enterprise looking to integrate UAV into your operations, we have you covered. If you are looking to grow your drone business, this podcast is for you. Subscribe to our podcast on any of the platforms below or your home device by searching "Drone Law Pro"
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Did you know that there is a lawsuit filed for declaratory judgment by a group of drone pilots against Genessee County for passing an ordinance prohibiting drone use in the park?  Well now you do!  And we have it covered at Drone Law Pro Radio. In this episode we interview Jason Harrison, our friend from a Fed 2019  episode who was handcuffed and issued a ticket for flying his drone in a Genessee County, Michigan park. The police accidentally activated the drones camera and microphone before confiscating the drone, leading a a video and audio recoding all the way from the park into the police station (click here to check out the footage). Now Jason has been left no choice but to start a lawsuit by the Michigan Coalition of Drone Operators to declare the ordinance invalid under MCL 259.305 which precludes municipalities in Michigan from regulating drone use or ownership. Want to know more? Listen and share this story of community action by drone pilots fighting back against unlawful laws and regulations seeking to ban drone use. 
Jason Harrison is a Part 107 pilot who was handcuffed and ticketed for operating his drone in a park located in Genesee County, MI.  He fought the ordinance and convinced the prosecuting attorney that the local ordinance was a violation of Michigan Law, which precludes municipalities from regulating the operation of drones by citizens.
As autonomous vehicles continue to evolve and become more prevalent, the risk of injury or property damage increases. What should you be thinking about in order to reduce your litigation risk? Matt practices product liability litigation with a strong focus on automotive, autonomous vehicles, aviation and drone law. As an FAA certified private pilot, he leverages his flight knowledge and technical training to defend major product manufacturers in complex product-related claims.
Want to learn how to use aerial photography and videography to tell stories? In this episode of From the Ground UP, we interview Terry and Cher Brown from to learn how passion and prior expertise, matched with drones, can provide the professional work product to your drone service customers.
Wondering how to get your drone service business off the ground? "From the Ground Up" is a program designed to get you the insights you need from successful drone service providers.
Every drone service provider wants to what being a professional drone service provider is more than owning a drone and flying in GPS mode. If you want to provide quality services, you need to be a better pilot, to understand the software and apps at a higher level and continually improve the value proposition for customers. In this episode of DLP Radio, you will gain valuable insight into all of these subjects and more..
Interview with Colin Snow from Sky Research and www. and Isabella Gustave from about the 2018 DRONE MARKET SECTOR REPORT. What are the hot areas for drone service providers right now and in the near term? What is the current state of the sUAS market for drone-related services? Listen and learn in this episode of Drone Law Pro Radio.
Tomer Kashi the CEO of is on the show today talking about the drone insurance their the groundbreaking SkyWatch app. Create a safety record to reduce rates, purchase ala carte coverage of more than $1 million dollars, obtain monthly insurance for drone operations and leverage big data to your competitive advantage. Tomer gives us the inside scoop on a industry leading technology that is competing head to head against Verifly.
Want to learn about what is happening 'on the ground' with sUAS operations for surfing and sporting events? Here is a look behind the curtain of
Want to know what is happening on the ground with sUAS? At InterDrone 2018, we speak with drone service providers who are already making it happen. Ron Angle from Angle Drone Solutions provides insights from his sUAS business.
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