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The Voice You Need

Author: Chris Jones

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I am a B2B Professional voicing messages that your customers will recall and act on. I do Narration, Commercials, Drama, and Promos, For Your Website, Social Media Campaigns, Business Presentations, or Audiobook. The podcasts cover many topics of interest. Support this podcast:
33 Episodes
Customer Service and Experience are two key factors in Automotive Repair. Steve Burch Sr and Steve Burch Jr provide an inside look at why they have been successful, and discuss their new repair shop along Dix avenue in Hudson Falls NY. Host and Producer: Chris Jones--- Support this podcast:
I have heard some just awful commercials on Radio and TV that, even if I needed their product, I simply will not go there due to the impression their ad left on me. I address this here... Some Quick thoughts from the car recorded on my Phone!--- Support this podcast:
I truly believe most radio is mediocre at best - My station does NOT suck!--- Support this podcast:
Is The Support of Your Significant Other important when running your own Business? I expand on that and talk about actually enjoying what you get up to do every day! These Topics are on many minds, as I have seen!--- Support this podcast:
DO YOUR OWN VOICEOVER! Here's how.. Support this podcast:
It is So important, from a Personal Happiness Standpoint, to follow your passion. Otherwise, Regret sets in... --- Support this podcast:
'Personal Favorites' Radio is on temporary shutdown due to the ROI being in the Negative. Update - backonline Late June 2019!--- Support this podcast:
Your lasting Impression has to be a good one! Support this podcast:
E3 2019 Coverage

E3 2019 Coverage


Chris Jones Gaming is Mirroring Electronic Entertainment Expo Coverage from Los Angeles, California. Chris talks about what he's doing and some of the games that will make an appearance this year!--- Support this podcast:
The Voice You Need!

The Voice You Need!


This Tells The story of a Public Relations Manager Needing a Voice for a 60 second Presentation.  --- Support this podcast:
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