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This is Lit & Lucid…

Your after work, de-stress, smoke sesh podcast.

Every week your host’s Lit & Lucid take you on a journey! A journey to discover the truth and find the balance. We get deep on those thought provoking topics that ooze out of the cannabis universe, but also keep it real by illuminating important issues and people in today's culture. So kick back, consume your favorite cannabis products and get cozy in the lit & lucid lifestyle.
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Tune in to E.131 featuring Christina DiPaci, Founder & CEO of Paradiso, one of the largest independently owned craft-cannabis farms in California. With a background in fine arts, Christina tells us more about the creative process in creating this brand that evokes a vacation from the everyday, a blissful retreat from the ordinary. We talk about Christina's journey in the cannabis space learning from the OG's in the industry in Humboldt County, CA and the level of creativity it takes day in and day out to make it. Being a women-owned company, focused on providing consumers with high quality craft-cannabis is definitely one the fore-front for Paradiso Gardens. Learn more about this brand, their sister brand, DoveTail and where to find them on the latest episode. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Season 13 of the show! Kicking off the season with George Jage, CEO of Jage Media. George has a proven track record in cannabis working for MJBiz Daily and Dope Magazine. He previously spent ample time in Las Vegas running trade shows as well as creating the first World Tea Expo. Today George's team is excited to announce MJ Unpacked (Oct 21-22, 2021), the first cannabis trade show in Las Vegas focused on cannabis retailers and THC CPG's. We chatted about the differentiations between this trade show and the well-known MJ Biz Con event taking place the same week in October 2021. MJ Unpacked is focused on offering a more personable experience for attendees to connect, collaborate and access capital. We even heard there's a gong in the middle of the trade show floor where you can celebrate every time you make a deal! George's energy about the cannabis industry and his vision for this event is truly infectious. If you are looking for a change of pace from the typical Vegas experience all of us cannabiz folks have come to know so well this event is for you! We even heard the band is back together ;-) *hint hint* --- Support this podcast:
In 2014, Mike attended his first cannabis conference, it was in that moment that he realized many of the skillsets he had acquired as the President of United Natural Foods (UNFI) could be replicated in the cannabis industry. From that day on Mike focused all of his attention on the new industry founding HERBL in 2018, which is now California’s largest cannabis distributor and supply chain management company. Tune in to E.129 as we discuss the future of supply chain management and distribution in the cannabis industry. Mike educated us on the parallels between the natural food and cannabis industry, as well as key features that allows HERBL to service 98% of California’s storefronts. We talk about their recent partnership with Cookies, and what HERBL was offering that could help a large brand become even more successful. We finish up the episode discussing alcohol regulations and how some of those policies could transfer over to the cannabis industry as we start to look towards federal legalization. If you are interested in learning about a very imperative piece to the cannabis industry’s puzzle this episode is for you! We really learned a lot from Mike and hope you do too. --- Support this podcast:
Nikki Steward took a leap of faith 8 years ago when she decided she would become a Chef. At the time she had no formal education as a culinary artist, instead she used her background in Pharmaceutical Sciences and pure grit to create The High-End Affair. This change in careers has led her to cook for many well-known celebrities and athletes including DJ Khaled, Snoop Dogg, Dave Chapelle and more. We sat down with Nikki to discuss her passion for cooking with cannabis and the unforgettable, high-end experiences she’s created over the years. Recently Nikki teamed up with PAX Labs on a special plant based recipe collaboration to celebrate the release of PAX’s new Era Life vaporizer. She created four super simple, vegan recipes that are perfect for summer and pair perfectly with PAX! We finish up the episode chatting about her role in Chappelle Summer Camp which has been keeping her busy the last few weeks. Stay tuned until the end where Chef Nikki recommends a banana pudding recipe that is sure to turn heads at your next summer BBQ. --- Support this podcast:
Our latest episode features return guest from E.51, Scarlet Ravin Founder of White Fox Medicine and Psilocybin™ love medicine as we discuss transcending your higher self through plant medicine. As a Star Seed Alchemist Spirit, Scarlet expresses her deeper connection to the universe noting that when you tap into your own higher energy field you too can take your life to the next level. In her latest book Psilocybin Transmissions Scarlet provides insight into the beautiful dance between insight and wisdom utilizing mushroom plant medicine as a tool. Through Psilocybin™ love medicine Scarlet has also created micro-dosed Love Drops and Euphoria chocolate to help guide your path of healing. We discuss the higher calling that led Scarlet down this path in life and the ups and downs she's faced as she's moved through her journey of offering the healing message of plant medicine to the masses. If you are interested in connecting further Scarlet has created Naked Starseed Mystery School on Patreon to help you release patterns and behaviors guiding you back to your own vibrational state of remembrance. If you are ready to take back your power this episode is for you! --- Support this podcast:
We sit down with Gary Heferle, Founder/Owner of Fresh From the Farm Fungi in Denver, CO to chat all things mushrooms! Between Gary’s education background in medical technology, his work as a cannabis cultivator and working for a cannabis testing facility, this knowledge gave him the confidence to start Fresh From the Farm Fungi where he cultivates a wide variety of premium quality gourmet mushrooms. Gary tells us about the similarities in cultivating cannabis and mushrooms and how many of the processes and equipment used for cannabis can be utilized for fungi. We chat about the growing popularity of mushrooms in the U.S. from cultivating your own, cooking and eating mushrooms to utilizing psilocybin for one’s mental health. Gary widens our perspective on the sheer potential of mushrooms and we hope he does for you too! Mush love. --- Support this podcast:
It’s not often that we find social equity programs in the cannabis space providing real-life actionable results for those affected by the War on Drugs. In today’s episode we had the opportunity to chat with Kevin Ahaesy, CEO of ECO Cannabis in Oakland, CA, about their commitment to ensuring 50% of their staff in this vertically integrated business are formerly incarcerated individuals. Kevin tells us about why he felt the need to support those affected by the War on Drugs and how his program goes far beyond just providing jobs. Kevin is committed to mentoring many of the individuals who come through his door to ensure future successes for start-up businesses. We discuss the importance of this social conscious businesses model, as it provides tangible results cutting through the bureaucracy that many of these social equity initiatives have promised in the past. If you were affected by the War on Drugs and you’d like to learn more about how you can get a job through ECO Cannabis or more about Kevin’s good work in the industry give this episode a listen! --- Support this podcast:
In Toronto in 1972, 20 young women took part in one of the weirdest scientific experiments in their country’s history. For 98 days 10 of these women were to smoke cannabis every night to help Canada’s government determine if legalizing cannabis and thus smoking weed on a regular basis would kill their economy. Unfortunately the findings from this experiment were never published leaving the women involved in the study confused, still wondering today what happened with all of that data? We sat down with Doreen Brown, one of the women who took part in the study as well as Director/Writer of the film, The Marijuana Conspiracy, Craig Pryce to learn more about what really happened during those 98 days in isolation. Doreen provided first-hand insight into how she felt during that time, especially as the study ramped up the cannabis potency. Craig discussed the political climate, speculating that the study results were likely never released because they didn’t meet the government’s agenda at that time. This story sounds suspiciously like many of the experiments that took place in the 50’s and 60’s in the U.S. with MKUltra. We discussed the similarities with Ken Kesey, what took place during the Beat Movement, and the release of drugs into the community in the 60’s that eventually led to the War on Drugs in the 70’s. If you are looking to open your mind to some of controversial studies that our government has conducted this episode is for you. The Marijuana Conspiracy is now streaming on Digital and On Demand – smoke a joint and be prepared to be mind blown by this video and story! --- Support this podcast:
Stillwater Brands' is leading the way in Colorado with their water-soluble cannabinoid-infused products. We sat down with Drew Hathaway, Senior Food Scientist at Stillwater to learn more about this propriety technology. Drew taught us about the technical aspects of making cannabinoids water-soluble for their well known RIPPLE dissolvable powder. Stillwater Brands has also teamed up with Colorado State University to research the bio-availability of this product and how the absorption affects the body on a more technical level.  We finish the episode discussing their latest product release of infused gummies and what makes them different from competitors. If you are a Colorado consumer and want to learn more about Stillwater Brands this episode is for you! If CBD is more your jam, you can find the same technology being used in their Caliper CBD products. --- Support this podcast:
Niambe McIntosh is the daughter of, Rastafarian and cannabis advocate, Peter Tosh. Peter is well-known for being a founding member of The Wailers as well as his songs "Legalize It" and "I am that I am" amongst others. Niambe sat down with Lit & Lucid to share the tragic story about her brother Jawara educating us further on The War on Drugs, and shining light on ways we all can help this fight. Jawara followed in his father's footsteps as an advocate and musician. Unfortunately, Jawara found himself in a legal situation after being stopped by the police having found cannabis in his car. What seemed like a situation the family would get through at the time turned into a living nightmare. Jawara was facing 10-20 years in prison for his cannabis charge in Bergen County, NJ. Being scared of the Bergen County court system Jawara took a 6-month plea deal in January 2017. While serving time Jawara was brutally attacked by an inmate in which he suffered life-threatening brain injuries causing him to go into a coma, being unable to speak, walk or talk from that day forward. Niambe and her family stayed by his side day in and day out caring for his every need, helping him with basic motor skills while trying to come to terms with what had happened to their dear brother. Unfortunately, despite all their best efforts and prayers Jawara lost his life in July 2020. The Peter Tosh Foundation was created to continue the work Peter tirelessly advocated for in Jamaica including cannabis legalization. Today Niambe is passionate about advocating for prison reform, social equity, expungement efforts, and legislation that will truly change the War on Drugs. Tune in to the latest episode to learn more about Justice for Jawara and how you too can become more educated and help stop the War on Drugs. --- Support this podcast:
There's not many people in this world who can say they are one of the world's foremost connoisseurs of cannabis, except David Crosby. We had the honor of sitting down with Crosby (singer/song-writer/musician), 2-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer and founding member of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and The Byrds. David tells us about how he's utilized cannabis consumption to help with his writing process and to help inspire the hundreds of songs he's created. We talk about how he's been a successful musician for over five decades with cannabis always being a constant in his life. David provides insight into what it felt to play at Woodstock in 69' and one of the memorable stories he remembered from that day. As a leader of the counterculture in the 60's David is still very passionate about global warming, anti-war rhetoric amongst many other passions that still play out in his daily life. We wrap up the episode talking about Mighty Croz Cannabis Brand created by Crosby and Steven Sponder focusing on high quality cannabis teaming up with cultivators and companies that share their vision. We'll have to be patient for the debut of Mighty Croz as Crosby and his team are waiting for federal legalization to release the brand to the masses. Until then you can catch up on one of the 5 new albums David has released in the last 6 years! --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to Season 12 of this Lit & Lucid Journey! We kick off the season with fellow podcasters, Mary Jane Gibson and Mike Glazer of Weed + Grub. We learn more about how they started the podcast, and the initial ideas that evolved along the way to today’s show about cannabis, culture, comedy, cooking, and calling shit out. We chatted about the munchies and some of the best munchie foods there are out there, including Jarrod’s favorite, Reese’s eggs, and Mary Jane’s favorite roasted chicken recipe by Barefoot Contessa. Mike and Mary Jane tell us more about how cannabis plays a role in comedy and more on the daily grind of writing jokes. Mike providing authentic insight into what it truly takes to be a comedian, getting creative support from Mary Jane on the reg. We finish up the show with a vulnerable conversation about the importance of therapy and how it’s helped us all become better people giving us the skills to balance life’s daily challenges, especially in 2020! --- Support this podcast:
Jenny and Seth have been creating music and performing together since 2001 offering their space to other visionaries, musicians and artists. After a decade of being part of the underground music scene in Brooklyn Seth and Jenny were ready for a change of pace. Seth began creating his own ambient music to help him relax. During the same time period Seth and Jenny began training with Master Energy Practitioner, Lisa Ishwari Murphy learning all about vibrational healing powers of sound. Emerged Dynasty Electrik where Jenny and Seth offered packed sound baths in LA to celebrities, yogis, artists and those just looking to unwind. Understanding the healing powers of sound is imperative in understanding the science behind sound baths. We discuss how sound can benefits one's mind body and spirit and how the different vibrations affect your energy channels and help bring you into alignment. Jenny expresses the importance that sound baths are accessible for all people no matter their background in meditation or yoga and can be used by anyone looking to destress. We explore the topic of utilizing cannabis in a sound bath and the benefits that the plant medicine may provide one during the sound emersion experience. Seth also tell us about their consumption of Bhang, and the benefits this traditional mode of consumption has brought them. Lucky for all of us they moved their offerings online with a weekly Friday night sound bath streaming on YouTube for all to enjoy. Give the episode a listen and enjoy the high vibrations from Dynasty Electrik's sound bath! --- Support this podcast:
Native Leaf Co. has created a natural way to roll by utilizing what nature has to offer. They've sourced natural hemp leaves crafted to perfection to provide you with a sustainable, natural wrap to smoke your herb in. We sat down with Founder, Sidney Quitorio to discuss the inspiration behind the brand and how his product came to be. Coming from the tech industry to cannabis Sidney was a passionate about creating an all-natural experience for the consumer. Through much R&D and testing countless wraps himself Sidney crafted this wrap to provide the smoothest taste free of chemicals. We chatted about how many consumers use the wraps as a traditional means of creating cannagars and more on the culture and art of rolling up herb. As a gift to our listener's we'll be doing a giveaway for the Native Leaf's Abel & Lucy wraps - stay tuned for more details on our Instagram as you too can be part of the Lit & Lucid Lifestyle! --- Support this podcast:
Introducing anna, the first AI-powered checkout solution for the cannabis industry! We had the pleasure of seeing anna in action at Kind Love Dispensary in Denver, CO while sitting down with the CEO and Founder Matt Frost. Matt told us about the business school project that sparked the idea for anna and the journey he went through in order to make this dream a reality. Anna is meant to be a more efficient method of shopping at a dispensary in addition to the traditional budtender shopping option. For those who are frequent consumers, introverts or just looking for a new way to shop the anna vending machine is the way to go. We chatted about the the regulatory and software requirements needed for creating a self-serving vending machine for the cannabis industry. Matt tells us about the future expansion of anna as more states continue to legalize cannabis. If you are lucky enough to live near a dispensary that offers anna give it a try and let Matt know what you think! --- Support this podcast:
Tune in to Episode 116 featuring Shelby Hartman Co-Founder and CEO of DoubleBlind, biannual print magazine that covers untold stories about psychedelics across the globe. Shelby tells us about her journey as a reporter and how her passion for investigative reporting led her to start DB with Co-Founder and friend Madison Margolin. Shelby shares the creative process involved in producing the magazine, from selecting the artists and artwork featured in the issues to the timely stories covered in the psychedelic space. We talk about DB's educational offerings including online classes on How to Grow Your Own Mushrooms, Webinars about How to Become a Psychedelic Therapist and much more. We wrap up the show discussing the future of psychedelics and the various hurdles the movement will face with upcoming legalization. Get your own copy of of DoubleBlind Magazine here. Give us a review if you like what you hear!  --- Support this podcast:
Tune in to E.115 featuring Sweetleaf Joe, Founder of Sweetleaf Collective cannabis non-profit that's been around since 1996 in San Francisco. Joe's organization has been working tirelessly for low income, veterans, seniors and terminally-ill patients in California for over 20 years providing them with compassionate cannabis free of charge. Learn more about the history of compassionate cannabis in California starting with Dennis Peron and Brownie Mary, and Joe's journey in continuing the movement forward. Joe tells stories about many of the hurdles their organization has faced in providing free cannabis to medical patients over the years. We discuss Sweetleaf Collective's critical role in correcting a major oversight in Proposition 64 passing SB 34 to allow their organization to prosper as a non-commercial cannabis company. In order for Sweetleaf Collective to provide plant medicine to their patients they have teamed up with Green Unicorn Farms, ALTRSM CBD flower to support their mission. You can purchase your own CBD flower here with 100% of the proceeds generating funding for Sweetleaf's patients. We wrap up the show with a very touching story about a terminally ill cannabis patient who saw much success from this program. This story and countless others showcases why the work of Sweetleaf Collective is so imperative to the medical community encompassing the true essence of the undeniable benefits of the cannabis plant. --- Support this podcast:
Front Range Biosciences was created as a partnership with farmers, combining progressive R&D with modern agriculture to grow crops with successful yields. Tune in to E.114 featuring Dr. Jon Vaught, CEO & CO-Founder of FRB as we discuss the innovative work they are doing in the cannabis industry to create more stable plant varieties for cultivators in both the hemp and cannabis space. Jon tells us about some of the common problems they are looking to solve with their research as well as new technology on the forefront for their industry. We also chat about FRB's exciting role in sending cannabis into space through a SpaceX mission to research the effects of microgravity on the plant. Recently FRB announced that they were the first genetics company to launch a line of THCv products. This is an exciting announcement for consumer's focusing on specific experiences as THCv has been known to aide in appetite suppression, as well as create energizing, less psychoactive experiences. Due to the various reported effects plants that are high in the THCv cannabinoid have been deemed to be "skinny" or "diet" weed. Learn more about releasing cannabis into space and the new frontier of THCv on the latest episode of Lit & Lucid! --- Support this podcast:
Kim Stuck started her career with the City of Denver becoming the first cannabis regulator in the space back before anyone really knew how to regulate this new industry. After working alongside manufacturers, cultivators, retailers and legislators for many years she decided to branch off onto her own creating Allay Consulting. As a consultant Kim is able to work with clients to find solutions to their compliance problems while being able to offer insight from her past experience working as a regulator. Kim recently moved to Oregon expanding Allay Consulting's cannabis consulting services and expanding the business into psilocybin compliance. While regulations are still being written in Oregon, Kim hopes to be part of that process being able to offer the same skills sets she's provided to the cannabis industry now in the psilocybin space. Learn more about decriminalization of psilocybin that took place in Oregon in Nov 2020 and Kim's predictions for what we can expect for the psilocybin industry in years to come. --- Support this podcast:
Tune in to Episode 112 featuring Libby Cooper Co-Founder and CEO of Space Coyote specializing in infused joints. We chat with Libby about what makes their joints unique from utilizing sun-grown cannabis, being conscious of the packaging, and collaborating with top-notch extractors in California to provide an out of this world experiences for consumers. Libby tells us about how Space Coyote came to be and the vibe they are looking to attract with their brand. Space Coyote has hopes of normalizing concentrate consumption as well as showcasing the psychedelic experience of cannabis consumption. We finish off the show chatting about the idea that we could possibly be living in a simulation and the concept of "manifesting." If you are in California Get Glazed with the Space Coyote infused joints! --- Support this podcast:
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