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Lit & Lucid Podcast Series aims to educate the consumer on various cannabis laws and regulations, best practices for consumption, and more. Discussing how entrepreneurs are utilizing the cannabis industry to pursue their dreams.
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Tune in to Episode 71 with Jackson Tilley, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Communications for Organa Brands as he discusses his recent memoir Billion Dollar Dimebag. Jackson provides a millennial’s perspective on the cannabis industry, his personal and professional journey, as well as a historical account on the cannabis industry in the U.S.If you are looking to enter the industry or would like more information about this booming industry we highly recommend reading Billion Dollar Dimebag!Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Season 7 brought to you by Seed & Smith Dispensary.--- Support this podcast:
Tune in to Season 7 opener with Seed & Smith Dispensary in Denver, CO. We sit down with Robbie Wroblewski and Mike Lempert of S&S to learn more about what differentiates their dispensary from others in Denver. S&S focuses on consumer transparency offering a special glimpse into how cannabis is grown, harvested, extracted, processed, and packaged in their free 40 minute guided tours. We touch also touch on what consumers should look for when purchasing products at a dispensary and more on the importance of #WhatsInMyWeed during the ongoing concerns around the vaping crisis.Episode 70 was recorded live in the Seed & Smith Dispensary available via YouTube.Special thanks to Seed & Smith for sponsoring Season 7 of the show. Check out S&S’s guided tours, the dispensary, and recent launch of the DART vaporizer made with C-Cell technology and paired with S&S distillate.#consumertransparency #cannabisindustry #DenverCannabisCommunity #DenverDispensary #SeedandSmithDispensary #cannabispodcast--- Support this podcast:
Tune in to Episode 69 to learn more about how to implement CBD into your pet’s health and wellness regimen. Learn from Co-Founder Jeremy Feldman and Brand Director David Nichols about the inspiration behind their brand and how our pets too can utilize CBD for their health and wellness! Animals, just like humans have an Endocannabonoid System that helps the body maintain homeostasis. If you are looking to incorporate CBD into your pet’s routine check out Pet-Ness online where they specialize in dog and cat tinctures and treats.--- Support this podcast:
Tune in to the Lit & Lucid Podcast Sesh II where we give our listeners an added bonus episode in the season!In this “Sesh” learn from Spa Manager, Mark Infusino of Hand & Stone Massage and Spa in Englewood, CO. Mark dives into the science behind the effectiveness of massages and how implementing CBD into your massage can be beneficial for your body. Hand & Stone just started offering CBD massages in various locations across Denver. Stay tuned on Instagram as one lucky guest will receive a FREE massage from H & S Englewood.Sesh II streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Support this podcast:
Tune in to Episode 67 to hear from Ben Chair, Board Chair of the Cannabis Certification Council about the upcoming Cannabis Sustainability Symposium on October 4, 2019 in Denver, CO which brings together industry executives, advocates, scientists and thinkers together to envision a sustainable future for the cannabis industry. Ben also touches on the importance of #WhatsInMyWeed in the midst of the increasing concerns around vape cartridges and the potentially dangerous inputs and lack of regulations surrounding these products.If you are interested in learning more about #WhatsInMyWeed and what the CCC stands for in terms of consumer transparency and organic practices in the cannabis industry check out Episode 32 of the show.--- Support this podcast:
Tune in to Episode 67 to hear from the Founder of Steve’s Goods, Steve. Steve’s Goods specializes in full spectrum CBD and CBG products online and in stores across the U.S.Steve recognized the need for quality CBD  in 2016 after being introduced to the health and wellness benefits of the products. He also realized that there was a lack of quality products and research on the subject. Steve’s Goods has evolved into a truster supplier in the industry for consumers as well as offering wholesale solutions for companies. Steve’s Goods has spent a great deal of time and energy on research and development and has been taking strides to educate on both full spectrum CBD and CBG products.We are proud to have Steve’s Goods as our Season Sponsor for the last two seasons!Check out Steve’s Goods online and on social media to learn more about all of their offerings.Podcast Episode streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Support this podcast:
Are you feeling frustrated by the sheer number of CBD products coming online and unsure who to trust?Tune in to Episode 66 with Maryam Henein, Founder of the Honey Colony who offers tips to consumers looking to purchase CBD products. We had the pleasure of meeting with Maryam at the World CBD Expo in Pasadena, CA this past August.Honey Colony is an online data base for health conscious individuals looking for valuable resources to further their own health and wellness goals. Honey Colony cross-pollinates with companies who uphold high-quality standards that value planet, humanity, honesty, and fair-trade practices.Streaming now on ApplePodcasts, Spotify, and Anchor.fmSeason 6 brought to you in partnership with Lit Dispensary and Steve’s Goods--- Support this podcast:
We had the opportunity to connect with Katie at the World CBD Expo in Pasadena, CA on Saturday August 17th.Tune in to Episode 65 with Katie Devoe of CBD Nationwide as she discusses the importance of a legitimate CBD manufacturing source. Katie is a serial entrepreneur who has utilized her passion for the plant to help educate others on the importance of knowing the source of your product manufacturer and how to bring a successful business to market.Streaming now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Anchor.fmSeason 6 is brought to you in partnership with Lit Dispensary and Steve’s Goods--- Support this podcast:
Tune in to Episode 64 to learn from Brenda McChesney Mino about her company Healing Power of Hemp product line that is being offered online and at Flourish Aveda Wellness the nation’s first fully integrated Aveda and CBD Spa, Salon, and Wellness Studio in Centennial, CO. Brenda’s past health issues led her to hemp-based CBD products which sparked her interested in creating a reputable and affordable product line. Today her business has flourished into operating a wellness salon and spa, publishing a 90-day hemp wellness guide, a hemp-based cookbook and more.If you are interested in trying out the Healing Power of Hemp Product Line use code “litlucidpodcast” for 15% your next purchase.Season Six is brought to you by Steve’s Goods and Lit Dispensary.--- Support this podcast:
Tune in to Episode 63 to learn from Jessi Rae of CannaGrow a bi-annual, two-day educational expo dedicated to the art and science of growing cannabis. This event is held on August 17-18th in Palm Springs, California. The expo brings together cannabis growers, grow managers, extractors, and grow enthusiasts to explore the latest cannabis cultivation technology, tools, and techniques. Jessi shares her journey through the cannabis industry as well as offers tips to entrepreneurs looking to enter the industry.If you are interested in learning more about cannabis cultivation check out the CannaGrow Expo!--- Support this podcast:
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